Roundup of Top 10 Vacation Destination Style Guides

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People dream of all kinds of different vacation destinations. From the most popular cities in the world to coastal towns on the shores of the ocean, to the mountains and deserts that range across this world from one side to the other. Falling in love with a vacation destination and choosing to decorate your home in that style can be a really fun adventure in itself. Now you can have that same vibe and feel of your favorite spot on earth right in your home. Check out our roundup for some of the most popular vacation decor examples.


Top 10 Vacation Destination Home Decor Guide Roundup (in alphabetical order)

  1. Beach Cottage Style
  2. California Inspired Style Guide
  3. Desert Style Guide
  4. Disney Themed Home Decor Guide
  5. Latin American Home Style Guide
  6. London Themed Style Guide
  7. Midwest Themed Style Guide
  8. Mountain & Woods Inspired Style Guide
  9. New York Inspired Style
  10. Rio De Janeiro Style Guide


Beach Cottage Style

Cohesive coastal beach designs are formed by combining natural textures and adding decor accents that reflect your connection to the coast. Besides the traditional blue and white striped, ropes, and fish decor, there are several other styles of beach-themed and coastal decorating looks to consider: beach cottage, coastal farmhouse, Key West, Mediterranean, Nantucket style, and a few others. The colors, furnishings, and accents will all depend on what style of beach cottage theme you choose. Some common elements are summarized here.

  • Colors- Coastal colors reflect the seashore, the beach, and the sky. Paint is one of the most affordable, versatile, and simplest ways to change the atmosphere of your home immediately. White, blues, tans, sunsets.
  • Floor Coverings- A beach cottage home does well with tiles, stone, or the new age of vinyl flooring options that are weather resistant.
  • Furniture- Beach cottage style is going for a laid-back, yet sophisticated look. There should be a welcoming, comfortable feeling. Wicker and rattan furnishings are also quite typical tropical pieces to impart a beachy vibe.
  • Lighting- Look for lighting that is embellished with sea influences such as twine, brass, wicker, glass, coral, and seashells. A beach cottage with a chandelier made from shells or wicker adds both a warm style and casual comfort.
  • Accents- Stay away from too much of a matchy-matchy look. Personally-made artwork works very well in a beach-decorated home. Baskets, wicker, rattan, canvas; driftwood; navigational elements (compasses, clocks, maps); seashells, starfish, sea glass.

vacationCalifornia Inspired Style Guide

Northern California style is defined by certain elements that are dead giveaways reflecting back the living style of the region, which is inviting and casual, with a thread of elegance running through it all. Combining eco-conscious choices using natural materials, neutral colors, and lots of light; where light is almost a color itself. A seamless line between the indoors and out. Because of the chilly weather in this region, bringing light and warmth into the home is ideal. Natural lines lead to open wood decks, reclaimed wood hot tubs, and large chairs with cozy textured fabric throws. It's a deep appreciation for nature, almost an obsession for the outdoors.

  • Choose colors that echo the sea, sand, and mountain forests. Sandy beige, crisp whites all to reflect the magical natural light of the California coast.
  • Layer textures in natural tones using sisal and jute with cottons and linens as well.
  • Clay patterned tiles came with Spanish and Mediterranean style design influences.
  • Furniture is simple and functional.
  • Accents incorporate pottery, botanicals, wood, and sea elements.
  • ​Light textiles in rooms celebrate the relaxed vibe of California style.
  • Mixing patterns, prints and solids are design elements used in many California homes.

Desert Style Guide

Traditional desert decor is influenced by the culture of the Southwest states as well as the history that transformed those areas throughout time. This distinctive decor has been almost entirely shaped by the surrounding nature and unique setting. The desert environment offers vibrant flora, open vistas, and historic influence from the original tribes of those regions.

  • Color- You can't go wrong in your desert design using a color palette full of earth tones. Neutral shades in all ranges of brown, clay earth, and brick red are the traditional Southwest colors carried over from the Mediterranean/Tuscan influences.
  • Sturdy Furnishings- Home furnishings in the Southwestern desert-style are practical, heavy, solid pieces that can stand the test of time and tough environments. Think rugged sensibility. Pieces can be made from leather, tin, weathered wood, patinated iron, woven branches and grasses, distressed texture painted pieces, and upholstered furnishings in natural and durable materials like cotton and burlap.
  • Rugs-​​ Authentic geometric patterned area rugs.
  • Accents- When adding accents to your decor think desert chic, running from traditional to modern styles. Keep it classy, meaning don’t go overboard with dreamcatchers, everything in turquoise, or an overabundance of silver tchotchkes.
    • Native American icons.
    • Animal hides.
    • Earthen pottery in rich terra-cotta and earth tones is just right for the Southwestern desert home.

Disney Themed Home Decor Guide

Disney World and the world of Disney films have enthralled and captivated people around the world for over 50 years now. While guests can visit a theme park to ride iconic attractions, see their favorite characters, and feel that unparalleled fantasy of the Magic Kingdom, many are mostly touched by the Disney movie franchises. With literally hundreds and hundreds of Disney films that touch all different genres of adventure, fantasy, science fiction, comedy, animation, and animal-centered features to choose from.

How To Decorate Your Home In Disney Themes: To decorate adult spaces in your home in Disney decor choose to style each room in a different themed movie theme rather than the whole house in one theme (although that is certainly an option!).

  • Design each room to represent one of Disney’s classic films.
  • The goal is to step outside reality and into fantasy.
  • Allow each room to feel a little bit of that Disney magic.
  • You can purchase Disney memorabilia and other decor items sold on websites.
  • But most self-prescribed home designers make their own themed furnishings and decorations.
  • Many say scouring second-hand shops and redesigning furnishings to fit their chosen theme is the way to go, only adding minimal prefabricated Disney-related items.

Latin American Home Style Guide

Mexican and Central American style furnishings are characterized by colorful patterns, vibrant hues, and bold prints. This South-of-the-border-inspired décor is a contemporary way to energize your home with some handmade and cultural accessories that boast serious flair. In contrast, to say, Asian Home Decor which is structural and deliberate, while Latin American home decoration is relaxed, free, and full of warm vibrancy.

    • Wall decor- Accessories for wall décor inspiration such as straw hats or traditional artifacts. Other elements are exposed cement, enhancing wooden walls, and adding Talavera tiles.
    • Colors- Latin Americans are known to be exotic and daring. Blue, red, orange, yellow, white, and purple.
    • Textiles- Add in the bedroom as a headboard, on the sofa as a blanket, at the foot of the bed, entrance hall, in children’s rooms, and more.
    • Accents- The Peruvian art of Cusco painted glass can be seen in these beautiful handmade mirrors. Sunburst mirrors with gold leaf applications on wood are another typical design you’ll find.

    London Themed Style Guide

    The modern London interior has become less rigid than its classic foundational structures, but not to go as far as being bohemian either. It is truly and elegantly a balance of old and new. This more sophisticated look comes from the emergence of a combined contemporary and historical theme that has been sweeping the city over the last several years. It is mixing some of the classic elements of old London style:

    • Marble fireplaces, oversized gilded mirrors, upholstery in multi-colored and patterns sheen; large display hutches
    • Colors- Historically the London color palette has been well defined in a certain range of cool, neutral shades that promote a calm and subdued mood.
    • Blue first and foremost- from light blue, to navy blue, to any blue in-between the two. Plus the palette of neutral greys.
    • International Furniture- The elements of modern London furniture started with these traditional themes: decorative carvings; heavy wood dressers and bookcases; rich fabrics.
    • Accessories- The music, art, and creativity that flows all throughout London have definitely found their way into interior decor. Large scale sculptures; custom display units for unique art; artistic and elaborate mirrors can also be looked at as part of the art collections. Modern coffee table books are stacked with deliberate attention.

    Midwest Themed Style Guide

    With much of life simply focused around farming, the Midwest home decor style is going to reflect that. Thus if we had to choose an overarching style for the regions it might be considered Country, Rustic, Americana, Shabby Chic, and variations of each one of those themes where you can have old-style Country and modern Country for example.

    • Prairie Style- This look is all about horizontal lines; you’ll want to emphasize long, straight, lines throughout the house. Other elements include living plants, natural materials, vintage vases, and geometric patterns in tile floors.
    • Color- Neutral earth tones and all the different shades of the browns that wood comes in are the most common and overall palette of colors used. Additional accents come in brick red, iron, and sage green.
    • Wall Decor- Midwesterners are humble, gracious people. Their homes are not showy or over-decorated. Simplicity is where it’s at. Gallery walls are not quite as common and if they are, it’s the less is more approach.
    • Sports Memorabilia- Midwesterners have a deep-rooted love of sports, it’s a way of life and culture, and this is reflected in the home. Sports memorabilia is part of family history and is proudly displayed as decoration.

    Mountain & Woods Inspired Style Guide

    Mountain modern homes are your no fuss, relaxing retreat decor style. A low maintenance approach with simple design elements that understand the nuances of weather and wildlife. Featuring fabrics with hand stitching, weathered woods, and antique, gently used furnishings are the elements that evoke warm feelings of coziness. Taking advantage of local materials, native plants, and the beautiful wild surroundings makes for your ideal mountain and woods inspired home.

    • Light- For a rustic flair, metal fixtures, table lamps, or standing lighting made with more natural elements work excellently in a mountain style that’s closer to traditional. High ceilings are best accented with larger light fixtures to draw the eye up while suitably filling the space.
    • Texture- It’s about the gloriousness of nature brought inside. Woods and bark; pine and stone. Decorating your mountain interior with texture first versus color is the ideal way to create visual interest and share the beauty of your natural surroundings.
    • Wood- Natural wood flooring, wood surrounding window frames, and thin wood planks placed in wall paneling are all ways to incorporate warm wood details. Using reclaimed materials is another way to pay homage to your natural surroundings.
    • Accessories- Luxurious, distressed, and embellished leather furniture accents are a perfect choice. Outdoorsy themes, such as lustrous wood sculptures, baskets with pinecones, and live native plants.

    New York Inspired Style

    It goes without saying that the cultural melting pot that personifies New York and its inhabitants is one of a bold style. This confidence shows in how their homes are presented, with statement pieces and loads of personality. Interior space may be at a premium but New Yorkers know how to make the most of what they have.

    Contemporary New York Decor- To achieve this fresh and sleek look, sticking to a palette of black, white, and simple neutral colors is paramount. Keeping it basic allows the space to become a fantastic foundation for bold colored accessories and the deliberate placement of texture.

    • Minimal window coverings; keep space open and airy.
    • Reflective surfaces using mirrors, glass, and metals make small interiors seem more spacious and filled with light.
    • Use furniture with sleek lines and interesting textiles.

    Eclectic New York City Decor- Mastering the eclectic look takes deliberate linkage of contrasting elements using color and texture.

    • Go room by room, systematically planning: wall color, surface texture, and furnishings.

    Loft New York Decor- Loft living NYC style starts with the bare-bones architecture of the space itself. The overall look is bright and airy with hints of edginess.

    • A monochrome-toned color palette sets the backdrop.
    • Carefully blend luxury into an understated environment.
    • Use bold and colorful oversized works of art.

    Mid-Century Modern New York Decor- As the country leans towards fuss-free living, the understated elegance of mid-century interior design continues to gain popularity. Approach decorating in this style with a less-is-more attitude.

    • Practical and streamlined furnishings set the foundation.
    • If you have a pop of color or a gem-toned piece of furniture, keep its lines clean.
    • Straightforward open shelving is ideal for carefully chosen display items.
    • Warmth and a bit of decadence are brought in through the use of natural woods: teak, rosewood, and walnut.

    Rio De Janeiro Style Guide

    On the tropical southeast coast of Brazil, the metropolis most famous for the outrageous and flamboyant Carnival festival, Rio de Janeiro is one of the most visited cities in South America. Similar to the decor style found all over Brazil, Rio’s home design canvas absorbs all the surrounding elements found in the tropical jungles and beaches of the area. From those components, you get jungle-themed prints, bold botanical patterns, rich colors, and natural accents plus an array of local culturally artistic injections.

    RIO DE JANEIRO COLOR- Black and white foundations also allow brighter colors to command center stage.

    • Turquoise blues of the ocean.
    • Lush greens of the rainforest.
    • Sunny oranges of local fruits and flowers are woven into its interior style.
    • Plus an array of warm neutral backdrops.

    NATURE & JUNGLE THEMES- Any depictions of the Amazon jungle plants in Rio decor are welcome additions.

    • Botanical theme accent walls are perfect illustrations of this strategy.
    • Good for creating a focal point in any room.

    PATTERNS- A popular Rio design trend uses layers of bold patterns with both black and white plus other color combinations. 

    NATURAL MATERIALS- Rio is completely surrounded by natural wonders, from mountains to jungles to the sea.

    • Look to layer accents.
    • Woven palm baskets.
    • Wooden bowls.
    • Natural clay accessories.

    ACCENTS- Mix up the accessories, combining an ornate metal piece with a rustic element, and a modern item. Now you have the ultimate Rio look.


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