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Tara Dickinson
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Modern or Rustic, Decor Tips for a Comfortable Mountain Home Retreat


Home is where the heart is. This is the essence of your modern rustic mountain and woods inspired home. It’s the yin-yang balance of comfort and style. Mountain life is rugged. An outdoor life of hiking, climbing, skiing and such; your mountain sanctuary is the place to unwind, rejuvenate, and relax. This modern mountain architectural and decorative style is all about reverence for the land. Featuring fabrics with hand stitching, weathered woods, and antique, gently used furnishings are the elements that evoke warm feelings of coziness.


Simple Design Style

When thinking of a traditional mountain home, bear rugs, dark interiors with stained wood walls, and a stuffed animal trophy over the fireplace might come to mind. Thankfully the modern mountain inspired home has had a revamp, full of light, fresh vibes, and clean layouts. No more walls full of hunting trophies or clutter everywhere. If your cabin rooms are small, all the better to keep the lines neat, the accents straightforward. This will mean choosing furnishings carefully to make the biggest statement with the least amount of fuss.


While you definitely want a mountain inspired home to feel warm and cozy, that doesn't have to mean dark and closed off. That coziness can come from textures, fabrics, and of course light and lighting. If your home is adorned with full-length windows make the most of them by keeping curtains light colored and light in fabric texture. Let as much sunlight in as possible and of course the whole purpose is to enjoy the views of your mountain and woodland surroundings.

TIP: Recessed lighting subtly brightens a room.

Hanging unique light fixtures is one simple way to define your decor as either modern or rustic. An artistic sculptural piece, one in each room- living, kitchen, office, bed-can certainly be the perfect way to display your creative side with modern lighting elements. For a rustic flare, metal fixtures, table lamps, or standing lighting made with more natural elements work excellently in a mountain style that’s closer to traditional. 

High ceilings are best accented with larger light fixtures to draw the eye up while suitably filling the space.

Interesting Textures Vs Color

Homes nestled in the forests and mountains on the west coast are all about texture and the feelings they evoke. It’s the gloriousness of nature brought inside. Woods and bark; pine and stone. Decorating your mountain interior with texture first versus color is the ideal way to create visual interest and share the beauty of your natural surroundings. Let any textures that are part of the home’s build shine front and center first; from glass, to textured concrete, to rough stones, and details in the woodwork.


A more rustic style mountain home displays many items in leather. Rich browns that mimic the mountains and woods color scheme are the perfect tones for this decor. Shades from the fall leaves- greens and reds-are complementary accents. Keep walls and floors in more neutral tones to not overwhelm the decor with too much dark.

Modern-Natural Color Scheme

Mountain modern color schemes are warm, neutral tones used to compliment the beauty of the outdoors. Shades in beiges, browns, and grays with bolder accent colors of burnt orange, deep wine reds, or fresh greens are the standard selections.


Wood, distressed wood especially, is a versatile, natural element that is an essential component in a mountain style home. It makes for beautiful and functional furniture, adding a warmth factor wherever it is installed. Natural wood flooring, wood surrounding window frames, and thin wood planks placed in wall panelings are all ways to incorporate warm wood details. Using reclaimed materials is another way to pay homage to your natural surroundings. Look for locally sourced supplies, metals, stone, and glass.


  • Luxurious, distressed, and embellished leather furniture accents are a perfect choice.
  • Outdoorsy themes, such as:
    • lustrous wood sculptures
    • baskets with pinecones
    • fresh native plants
  • Artwork depicting landscapes for wall decoration with amber shaded accent lamps for a warm glow.
  • Elements in wrought iron add to the overall theme: candle sticks, bookends, photo frames.
  • Wooden rocking chairs with oversized pillows and soft throws.
  • A chandelier made from copper or other burnished metals.
  • An area rug in cowhide or a natural texture like bamboo finishes off the look.

Outdoor Living

A mountain style home denotes enjoyment of nature, the outdoors. Of course making the most of your outdoor space is a logical part of the design process. Installing large patio doors, or a sliding glass door works to that effect of an open incorporating design. To keep the flow and feeling from indoor to outdoor, connect the spaces by using the same decor style throughout. Maintain consistent flooring; same wall colors or wall treatment; some similar accents. Warming lamps, fire pits, or wood stoves of course keep the company warm in this outdoor space. As would the installation of a hot tub, soaking, and sauna area.


Mountain modern homes are your no fuss, relaxing retreat decor style. A low maintenance approach with simple design elements that understand the nuances of weather and wildlife. Taking advantage of local materials, native plants, and the beautiful wild surroundings makes for your ideal mountain and woods inspired home.

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