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Brazil’s cultural history is an amalgamation of indigenous Indian tribes, Portuguese conquerors, and a wide array of settlers coming from Spain, Asia, Germany, and Italy, thus the overall design aesthetic can share an eclectic mixture of decor styles. Brazilian home decor also differentiates itself thru the use of locally sourced natural elements unique to their country, such as native wood, cultural components of lace and wool, and appreciating the crafts created by local artists.

  • Sustainability is a main focus in this South American country’s home decor process which also keeps designers in touch with Brazilian heritage crafts and practices.
  • Natural materials, stone, fibers, and dyes are widely abundant in this country.
  • They are then partnered with sustainably sourced recovered materials such as recycled aluminum and reclaimed wood.
  • With these materials being featured prominently, each design element produces an authentic outcome. The genuine relationship with nature is absolutely present.
  • The goal is to naturally blend with the sleek and minimalist lines of modern glamor, and vintage furnishings that have become an essential part of the Brazilian lifestyle.
  • The straightforward simplicity merged with the uncomplicated geometry of Brazilian design brings the focus back to the essence of things.
  • There is definitely a strong emphasis on color and maximizing social space.

A common thread runs through all home styles, from city apartments to country homes and secluded beach houses, these spaces are filled with natural elements, texture, and vivid hues. Being south of the equator, the tropical vibe is strong and reflected in color selections of turquoises and oranges. Unlike the Spanish decor style or the vibrant Latin style, the Brazilian style is more subdued, rustic, and pulled together emitting an overall welcoming feeling.



The abundant beauty of Brazil’s natural wonders that surround you at all times keeps the theme on the homefront one of uncrowded simplicity.

  • Decluttered minimalism sets the stage for focusing on displaying a few items that you truly love, such as a unique piece of art or a locally crafted vase with native flowers.
  • This photo shows the perfect Brazilian minimalist style room with the use of wood elements, a bright splash of tropical color in the orange chair, a patterned rug in neutral tones, and simple reclaimed side tables, with the perfect green plant accessory.

brazilianNatural Materials In Decor

The heart of your Brazilian decor design is going to be featured on the natural wonders of this country, the green jungle-covered mountains, the beautiful blue waters, and all the different types of earth-colored elements (wood, clay, coconut, stone).

  • Use natural elements of wood, sisal, jute, and stone as the centerpieces of decor and furniture in your Brazilian-styled home.
  • Brazilian interiors are layered with furnishings and accents.
  • Woven palm baskets, wooden bowls, natural clay accessories, and items embellished with coconut shells all showcase Brazilian craftsmanship and make wonderful styling additions that are simple to change out seasonally.
  • The key to Brazilian design is choosing just a few decorative items that emphasize the beauty of natural materials.
  • A reclaimed wood coffee table or a sisal area rug are easy ways to bring a natural element to your space.


The star of the Brazilian home decor furniture setting is wood.

  • Any type of wood works as long as the pieces match.
  • Furniture made from bamboo is another alternative.
  • Covered sofas and chairs lean towards a Mid-century Modern style, sleek and simplified. The overall style is clean and straightforward.


It makes sense that the main source of flooring in Brazil is going to be wood.

  • Brazil is known for its range of natural and exotic hardwoods so you will have options when choosing your look.
  • Laying the boards out in stylistic patterns is another popular method in South America.
  • Varnished, stained, or whitewashed are looks that all work.


Brazil, like the tropical style of the Caribbean, mimics color choices from the surrounding natural landscape which happens to be the turquoise blues of the ocean, the lush greens of the rainforest, plus a range of oranges from local flora and produce.

  • To showcase these vibrant hues the foundation is set with warm neutrals or black and white that allow brighter colors to pop.
  • To add the Brazilian style color to your home do so with accessories in those brighter, bolder colors (turquoises, green, orange).
  • An accent wall or a piece of furniture painted in one of these bright hues will work as part of your Brazilian design. The goal is a tropical, lush vibe set against an elegant calming background.


Decor in Brazil will first rely on natural light for illuminating purposes. Large open spaces, big windows, and high ceilings are all part of the whole setting.

  • Decorative and functional table lamps, floor lights, and hanging pendants made from those same natural materials referenced earlier will be the other go-to choices. 
  • A perfect example is the sweet lamp pictured here, with an earthy brown base, a touch of bright turquoise, and a natural linen shade. This is the ideal combination of Brazilian colors and natural resources.


The graphic modern and boldly geometric pavement sidewalks found in Rio are an iconic identifier of this country.

  • This same type of pattern is seen in design trends where layering bold black-and-white or color combinations is part of the Brazilian decor aesthetic.
  • The Portuguese-inspired patterns are seen in home decor items such as throw pillows, rugs, drapery, and small furniture pieces.
  • Many patterns have a botanical theme - leaf prints or floral designs.
  • Animal prints native to Brazil are also used. These would be parrots or monkeys.
  • To include Brazilian style patterns in your home apply them with patterned wallpaper or accessories. Especially trending this year are stylized throw rugs.


Brazilian art is mostly steeped in the works produced by their native Indian cultures. But there is also a large contemporary art scene, especially in the photography arena with popular names such as Vik Muniz and Mona Kuhn.

  • Brazilian home decor proudly displays works of their native artists in prominent places in the home.

                                     Vik Muniz                                                             Mona Kuhn

Think Green

Being surrounded by some of the most beautiful plant life in all of the world, it’s no wonder that adding some of this gorgeousness to the interior and exterior of your Brazilian-style home is a cultural necessity.

  • Plants are an absolute must for Brazilian-style themes.
  • Big ferns in a handsome pot on the porch or balcony work.
  • So does an array of delicate succulents. 
  • In smaller spaces, add some miniature potted plants to window ledges.
  • In large spaces add some ornamental trees in larger terracotta pots.
  • Hanging baskets with trailing varieties of plants is a very green look that imparts the jungle lushness; works best with high ceilings.


  • Plants are your first accessory in a streamlined Brazilian-style home.
  • Additional accents can be a wood-framed mirror which adds light and space to a room.
  • Native artwork creates interesting focal topics and points of color in the room.
  • Botanical-themed art and accessories are quite popular.
  • Adding color or patterns thru soft furnishing accents is another way to amp up the decor.

Hammock Nooks

Having a restful and rejuvenating nook in your Brazilian-themed home is another part of this decor style.

  • Hammocks, or redes in Portuguese, are everywhere throughout Brazil.
  • They are installed on patios and decks, by the front door, or by a corner window in the home.
  • Adding a hammock is another way to incorporate the laidback Brazilian vibe into your home.

Inside Outside Flow

Nearly every Brazilian home includes an outside space with a barbecue and dining area.

  • To add an outside entertaining setup to your home start with comfortable sitting areas.
  • Add a reclaimed main table or side table for each chair.
  • Plus some colorful vegetation.
  • The concept is to connect with the outdoors whenever the moments allow.

Example Of A Brazilian Style Bedroom

Following the design ideas and landscapes of Brazil, there are two ways to get the look in your home.

  • One is with a neutral palette base plus a touch of bright color and pattern. This look is understated and calm.
  • Or you can go louder with extra vibrant colors and prints.
  • With either look, the main inspiration is reflecting the natural landscapes around Brazil: the jungle, the waters, and other natural elements.



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