Top 10 Popular Coffee Table Accessories

Tara Dickinson
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Striking A Balance Between Functional & Stylish Coffee Table Decor


The living room coffee table is often the center of the room thus a major focal and gathering point. At once functional, holding remotes, hair ties, pairs of glasses, and at the same time a display palette for some of your most interesting treasures. There is a method to creating an alluring tablescape, by varying heights, shapes, and textures. In one sense you can even see this space as an art installation.


After picking the perfect coffee table for your living space, accessorising is what makes your house a home, showcasing your own style and personality. To assist you in this important final step in decorating, here is a list of the most popular coffee table accessories. Remember, this space is easily adjustable per season or holiday, or updating as you get an interesting book or another collector’s item. Rotate your coffee table display as often as you feel moved to share new or interesting items.




1. Books. The number one perfect coffee table accessory. Sharing a favorite photo book with your guests can be a conversation starter and a way to impart the topics of life you are interested in. Current event books, fun and games books, deep thought books are all great additions to stack on your coffee table.


2. Candles. Candles add two dimensions to your coffee table decor, beauty (shape & design), plus scent which can change the feel of the room; from calming scents with lavender, or heady scents as wood and musk, or citrus for fresh and clean aromas.


3. Coasters. As well as truly being practical and saving the finish of your coffee table top, coasters come in every kind of texture, shape, and style, thus another fun element to add to your coffee table-scape.


4. Container for Miscellaneous Items. Bowls, boxes, dishes of any kind of stylish empty container that you can use to hold all those miscellaneous things that make their way to living on your coffee table. Even specific remote stands or holders are perfect for collecting all those odds and ends.


5. Edible Treats. Having a jar of exotic candies, a box of chocolates, mixed nuts, or a bowl of fresh fruit is an additional lovely coffee table accessory that satisfies another of the senses, taste. Offering food and drink to your guests creates a welcoming home and makes your friends feel comfortable and special.

Edible Treats

6. Games. An elegant chess set. A gilded edged pack of playing cards. There are numerous entertaining games that are small in size and perfect as a coffee table accessory.


7. Personal Objects. Your home is a sanctuary, a place for you to rest, rejuvenate, and relax. Having objects you find pleasing to look at, touch, and share with others is complementary to those revitalizing actions. Be generous in expressing yourself and using the objects you love to bring joy into your home.

Personal Objects

8. Plants. Flowers, succulents, greeny, plants of all kinds and shapes bring an element of life and nature into your home. Including fresh plants with your coffee table accessory collection will complete any look you’ve established.


9. Trays. Stone, wood, glossy plastic, mirrored, ceramic, marble-- the styles, shapes, and sizes for trays to use on your coffee table display are truly endless. The tray can be the focal point, or a collection of  smaller trays can also work with different arrangements.


10. Vases. By themselves, filled with fresh or dried flowers, vases are statement pieces that work well as coffee table accessories. Again, this is yet another way to express your artistic style and be creative in the use, differing heights, colors, and materials of vases you might choose to display on your living room coffee table.


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