A Guide to Mirrors

Tara Dickinson
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How Mirror Shape, Frame & Placement Can Compliment Your Home


Useful, beautiful, and great for decorating. Mirrors have been in existence since early Egyptian times. Before that, polished obsidian stone and volcanic glass mirrors date as far back as 6000 BC. Construction then progressed to polished metal, silver or bronze, as a reflective surface. Today reflective coatings are placed on suitable surfaces, most common being glass.


Decorating With Mirrors

Skillful placement of mirrors adds spaciness to a room, bringing light and depth to an area. They are also simply visually stunning in their own rights as mirrors have evolved to a high art form.


Tiny Space

To visually expand a space, whether bedroom, hallway, entrance, staircase, or main living area, adding a strategically placed mirror will create the illusion of a larger room. This trick can work with one single huge statement mirror, also called impact mirrors, or several grouped together. Because the options are so varied there are styles and groupings of mirrors to fit every decorating preference.

Tiny Space


Wall of Mirrors

One tactic to make a room look and feel larger is by covering a full, windowless wall with mirrors. This action brings light into the space and contributes a layer of depth. You can use suction cups or adhesive hooks to hang art and such directly on the mirrors if desired. If this wall happens to be part of your work space, you can even use dry erase markers to write temporary notes and lists.

Wall of Mirrors



Classy, warm, wood, handmade, bold, or modern; the way you frame a mirror will define its style.

Decorative frames are defined by the more intricate and detailed carvings placed in the frame around a mirror. The feeling leans towards ornate, gilded, Victorian lavishness. Wherever you want some attention, placing a decorative mirror will do just that. Decorative frames will add a touch a royalty to your home


Wooden frames, either rustic or polished, have the appeal of bringing an element of nature into a room. This style is very forgiving and lends itself well to DIY projects, and found pieces, such as driftwood. Aesthetically pleasing in all shapes and can easily be painted to match any decor.

wooden mirror


Round, square, oval, rectangle, diamond, textured, geometrical, the truly unlimited breadth of mirror shapes is inspiring. Which shape is best for you? Looking at the feelings different shapes can impart can help make a decision easier.

Square- is your basic structured shape that will always compliment a room and draw attention. Depending on the frame, this style can work absolutely anywhere. When decorating in a Modern Style, this timeless and classic shape is the ideal accompaniment.

Square Mirror


Round- round mirrors have a more retro or antique feel to them. Still working well in most rooms, they lend themselves to areas above furniture, for example above a living room bookcase. Or above a small bar station in an apartment; or above a fireplace. Another clever and not usually thought-of idea is to add a large round mirror to your outside porch or outside dining areas. Reflecting nature and light back into the space, enhancing the cosy atmosphere.

Round Mirror


Sunburst- this energetic style of mirror is well suited for the Mid-Century Modern style home decor. Still relevant today, this is an artistically styled mirror design that works more like a piece of art than a functional or light enhancing, room enlarging piece. Let the sunburst take center stage and keep other wall art or decor around this mirror’s placement to a minimum.

The Local Flea

Functional Mirrors

This element comes into play when mirrors are added to furniture pieces, such as a storage or wardrobe closet with mirrored doors. A perfect accompaniment as you can dress and check in the same space. Coffee tables with mirrored tops are well suited when decorating in the glamorous Hollywood Style. And many women enjoy mirror topped vanity stations as elegant and useful bedroom additions.

Functional Mirror

A Mirrored Garden

Placing a mirror in your garden is not a design element many people consider. But let's take a look at how wonderful this idea is and how much whimsy it adds to your natural setting. From balcony gardens to full courtyards, a mirror inserts an additional bit of sparkle and magic. You can upcycle window frames by adding mirrors and placing on outside walls.

Mirrored Garden 

Another idea is to use a mirror on a garden wall to create the illusion of a window.

Window Illusion

Or simply inserting a mirror into a small area garden to enhance the space.

Mirror Garden

Whether needed for functionality or wanted as a design element, the world of mirrors is a fun one to dive into when updating or beginning the decorating of your personal sanctuaries.


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