Can I come in and look at an item before I purchase?Yes! You can come visit our showroom any time during our business hours.
How do I collect my purchased items?When you complete an online purchase you will select the date and time to collect the item from our showroom.
Alternatively, you can select local delivery or national freight or parcel shipping.
How long do I have to pickup an item after I've purchased it?We will hold your item for 10 days after purchase free of charge. After 10 days, we charge for storage $2 per day for small items (less than 20 cubic feet) or $10 per day for larger items (20 cubic feet or more). The balance will need to be paid before picking up the item. If you decide to cancel your order after the 10 days have passed, the storage fee will be deducted from the refund amount. After 30 days after the purchase, if the items have not been collected, Reperch may take possession of the items without a refund and donate the pieces.Need more than 10 days to collect your items? We know you're busy and we don't want to add to your stress! Please shoot us a message when you purchase the item and we will work with you.
What is your return policy?All items purchased via Reperch have a 7-day return policy.
Do you purchase items?We do not purchase items. The items we have for resale were collected on consignment by our parent company Remoov.
What if my item does not work or has some undisclosed damage?We sell all items as-is. When an item is received we do a thorough inspection and disclose anything we find in the product page. However, sometimes there may be some damage that was not discovered during the inspection, in particular for items like large appliances like dishwashers, laundry machines, and refrigerators that we are unable to "hook up" during the inspection. This is way we offer 7-day return policy on all the items.
I am looking for a specific item, can you notify me if and when you get it in?Absolutely! We receive new items daily. If you are looking for something specific and we do not have it, please use the Contact Form and describe what you are looking for. We will notify you if we receive something you are interested in! You should also sign up for our Newsletter to get special deals and get notified of new arrivals.