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Tara Dickinson
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Decor Tips For Creating A Mediterranean Themed Home


A Sea In The Midst of Land

Located between the landmasses of Africa, Asia, and Europe, this abundant, gorgeous, ocean has unified these lands for centuries. From this melting pot of a rich array of cultures, comes a mixture of unique art and decor traditions. From Picasso in Spain, to the cave paintings in France, to the mosaics and distinctive architecture of the Byzantines and Italians. Mediterranean style decor is often referred to as “Spanish modern,” covering a range of styles that include simple and functional to decidedly formal.

Mediterranean Home Design

Because of the naturally pleasantly warm climates of this region, the Mediterranean house-plan is geared towards flowing breezes and inviting weather. Some of the defining characteristics of this style include:

  • Courtyards
  • Large exterior windows
  • Low-pitched, tiled roof
  • Open style
  • Stucco and brick siding
  • Shaded alcoves
  • Sunny pools

It is clearly evident why the classic charm and the seductive beauty of this style is popular all around the world, bringing warmth to cold climates and natural vibrancy to more temperate environments. The styles tend to fall into three categories from the dominate counties of that region:

  • Italian
  • Greek
  • Spanish

But we can’t forget the influence of:

  • Western Asia
  • Northern Africa

Then there are also:

  • Moorish motifs
  • Islamic influence

The main feature of them all is bringing nature inside the home. Interior and exterior are carefully blended by using wood, organic fabrics, and refreshing color tones.

Main Décor ideas

  • Abundant patterns and textures
  • Curved doors and windows
  • Handmade accessories
  • Include exterior design
  • Mediterranean curtains
  • Mosaic embellishments
  • Natural colors
  • Rustic finishes
  • Soft rugs


Warm terracotta, calm beige, frisky lime, ocean waves of navy blue, crisp skies, soothing lavender - colors in each of these categories can do well anywhere in a Mediterranean house. From the walls, to the furniture, to the accessories. Each item stirs up feelings of these seaside coastal cities from this cultural basin. The main takeaway is to use colors inspired by nature. It is difficult to pin down one pallet that one can call Mediterranean, but if pressed we would choose warm earth tones of sandy browns, neural beiges, dark coffees, rich yellow hues, ochre, and brick reds.


Mediterranean tailored furniture design is solid and sturdy, ideally made of wood or wrought iron. Furniture pieces tend to be shorter, with ornately carved legs and feet. Rounded arms and corners soften this aesthetic as well as plush, colored accents of cloth coverings, pillows, and fabrics in vibrant shades.


The most visible expression of Mediterranean interior design is the display of mosaic tile work. A taste of this detailed art can be incorporated into your tile floors, into a kitchen backsplash, an accent wall in the bathroom, or a smaller piece such as a mirror frame or a tabletop. The look immediately imparts a unique and exotic vibe. Need a dose of whimsy in your reading nook? Add a splash of mosaic decor. If you want to make less of a commitment or save on expenses, a painted-on stenciled mosaic around floorboards or on a piece of accent furnishing is another creative decor idea.


Home accents and accessories of a Mediterranean home style most certainly include the use of bronze. Whether it be in stunning chandeliers, a set of burnished candle holders, furniture fixtures, artistic pieces, these warm colored metal pieces will put the finishing touches on your modern Spanish decor. You also want to play up the feeling of “ancient” as the long history of this area does equal actual ancient ruins and historic art and architecture. Adding a column-style end table or other vintage-looking piece from your favorite secondhand store will only compliment the room. Other touches include:

  • Crown molding with a Greek key pattern
  • Stone-top coffee table
  • Vintage mirrors or pillows with medallion embroidery
  • Distressed plant pots
  • Or bright glossy blue ones (both styles are considered Mediterranean deco worthy)


A collection of ceramic bowls, terracotta pottery, carved-wood items, baskets, and metal works- all manner of handmade, vintage, and antique relics from the Mediterranean region make perfect accents for your home, aiding in capturing the unique coastal feel around this ocean.


The goal is to let in a good amount of sun and fresh air. Light and modest to ensure brightness in every room. To that end, think:

  • Lightweight fabrics
  • Oversized and flowing
  • White or cream hues
  • Or rich colors in patterns

Add further additional style with specific rings, rods, or finals possibly with those bronze metal finishings previously mentioned.



Hand in hand they go: soft rugs and Mediterranean decor. Welcome variety, texture, color, overlapping, you almost can’t go wrong with the addition of soft throw rugs in your Mediterranean style home.

Outside Too

To create the full package of bringing the Mediterranean to your home, don’t forget to add some related touches to the home’s exterior as well. You can include a water fountain on the front lawn; wrought iron fencing; some terra cotton wall decor on the patio; or some large blue plant pots along a stairway. And remember back to one of the main ideas that surround Mediterranean design: bringing the outside in. That means a flow of greenery everywhere. Plants, plants, plants!


World Wide Appeal

Salty ocean breezes blowing through ancient cities, full of warm spices, multiple languages, and cultures. This is the feeling of a Mediterranean style home. These colors, textures, sights, and sounds inspire feelings of comfort, relaxation, and happy gatherings. Fortunately, it is not too difficult to bring that Spanish, Greek, and Islamic  influenced style into your home with some creative decorating and creative planning. 


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