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Tara Dickinson
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New York is home to cultures from around the globe. Trying to choose a style that defines a New York method of decorating is challenging. But if we can be so bold as to summarize or generalize a “New York Style” the following few categories can definitely be attributed to New York influence and you will see how perfectly they fit under this style guide title. It goes without saying that New York and her inhabitants are bold. This confidence shows in how their homes are presented, with statement pieces and loads of personality. Interior space may be at a premium but New Yorkers know how to make the most of what they have.


Contemporary New York Decor

Contemporary modern interiors are streamlined and minimalist, but manage to be welcoming without feeling too cold and dark. It is an ever evolving style that works well in business settings, lofts, and apartments. Reinterpreting elements from past periods, these interiors become exciting, celebrating architectural and visual elements.

Contemporary Style Defined

Defined by interiors that highlight the space rather than material objects. Although, keeping paint colors neutral, and furnishings streamlined, it is the ideal setting for showcasing contemporary art installations that become the attention focal points of the home. Contemporary is about clean lines, subtle sophistication, and displaying whatever is trending in the moment.

New YorkElements

  • To achieve this fresh and sleek look, sticking to a palette of black, white, and simple neutral colors is paramount. Keeping it basic allows the space to become a fantastic foundation for bold colored accessories and the deliberate placement of texture.
  • Minimal window coverings; keep space open and airy.
  • Reflective surfaces using mirrors, glass, and metals make small interiors seem more spacious and filled with light.
  • Use furniture with sleek lines and interesting textiles.
  • Designers abound in the city; support local creatives by purchasing from artists and second hand stores in your area.
  • Choose contemporary pieces, art, and furnishings that will increase in value over time.

Eclectic New York City Decor

If one style could be considered the core of New York City decorating style it would be in all certainty called eclectic. Because this universal melting pot has shares style elements from various cultures and time periods, it serves to make the eclectic décor ultimately a personal design expression. NYC apartments are wonderworlds of collections, layers of vibrant cultured decorations all coming to tell a story about their homeowner. The artistry of this look comes from a delicate hand, finding the line that separates overwhelming versus vibrantly layered. With a modicum of restraint, visual excitement will be the final result for your interior palace.


  • An eclectic home finds equilibrium between old and new while balancing color and texture.
  • Go room by room, systematically planning: wall color, surface texture, and furnishings.
  • Starting with a neutral color palette sets the canvas for decor that shines.
  • Choose only one or two accent tones.
  • Then build your vignette displays one at a time.
  • Mastering the eclectic look takes deliberate linkage of contrasting elements using color and texture.
  • The trick to keeping this style from descending into chaos is to continue the same texture at least three times in different spots throughout a home.

Loft New York Decor

Loft living NYC style starts with the bare bones architecture of the space itself. It’s figuring out how to utilize the environment for maximum statement. The overall look is bright and airy with hints of edginess. It’s modern minimalism that incorporates textural accents to add warmth and visual interest. The aesthetic is chic and captivating, using bold pieces to create a unique, hip home.


  • Minimalistic design approach.
  • A monochrome toned color palette sets the backdrop.
  • Carefully blend luxury into an understated environment.
  • Use bold and colorful oversized works of art.
  • This amount of space can handle statement furniture.
  • Add a semi-hidden reading or kitchen nook for an element of comfort and warmth.
  • The key to this creative style comes in the smallest of details.

Mid-Century Modern New York Decor

As the country leans towards fuss-free living, the understated elegance of mid-century interior design continues to gain popularity. Making a return from its heyday in the 1960’s, mid-century modern guidelines are being used to balance out the current day modern design with a softening around the edges. Other than Hollywood on the west coast, nowhere else does mid-century modern decor rule like it does in New York hearts and homes.


  • Plan open layouts to allow for flow and movement, taking advantage of as much natural light as possible.
  • Approach decorating in this style with a less-is-more attitude.
  • Practical and streamlined furnishings set the foundation.
  • If you have a pop of color, or a gem toned piece of furniture, keep its lines clean.
  • Straightforward open shelving is ideal for carefully chosen display items.
  • Warmth and a bit of decadence is brought in through the use of natural woods: teak, rosewood, walnut.
  • Minimalist line art is another feature of mid-century modern decor.
  • The use of elegant lighting is another way to bring in individual style.
  • Finish off with sleek planters and fresh greenery.

Modern Industrial New York Decor

After eclectic, the modern industrial look seems to be the style that is second most connotative of New York interior design. Like loft living, here too the building itself is the center of attention. Concrete foundations with steel supports, exposed beams and ventilation systems; brick and large glass installations. To balance out the masculine roughness of the space’s core, softness and feminine polish is brought in through vintage furniture, in warm leather, woods, and upholstery textures.


  • Flowy fabrics soften unrefined edges.
  • Play off the roughness of industrial by experimenting with time-weathered and worn accent elements.
  • Industrial-sized space is perfect to display oversized works of art.
  • Wild textiles are welcome.
  • Vintage steel pieces contrast nicely with red brick; copper against cement.
  • Cooler colors of the building’s foundation are balanced with warm hues of orange, red, or burnt sienna.
  • Furnishings: look for upholstered modern furniture; reclaimed wood; vintage.
  • Accents in all shades of metal.
  • Worn wooden floors with distressed throw rugs finishes the modern industrial decor.


New York inspired home decor has a wide variety of options to choose from while still retaining common threads.

  • Open, free flowing windows and light.
  • Appreciation for building structures and interior bones of the space.
  • A no-nonsense foundation of monochrome, neutral colors, and minimalist structure of furniture elements.

This allows any one of the styles to show-off art, accents, and other eclectic collections, giving your home or apartment its unique New York style.




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