Powered by Remoovreperch isthe largest selection of unique quality pre-owned home goods.
Why Reperch existsWe love reuse, keeping stories alive and our planet. No better way to connect all of those than helping make buying pre-owned easy and fun!
We are driven by the impact we have on our planet while enabling our customers to find great quality accessible items for their home.
Your impact onbuying fromReperch
350 tonsof CO2 reduced from the environment
+200Mliters of water saved
600K kgof CO3 (smog) reduced
20,000trees saved from deforestation
by remoov
Remoov - our parent company - is the all-in-one place to declutter. We collect everything that you want to sell, donate or dispose of.And you get 50% of the profits from items sold and donation receipts!How it works?Get a free quote!
Empowering reuseThrough our pickups to help people declutter, we are able to increase the life of amazing items, bringing Reperch into life.
Hassle freeGetting rid of things you don’t want anymore can be a very stressful and long experience. The ease of Remoov pickups process makes it very simple.