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Tara Dickinson
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Just moving into a new space or looking for an updated refresh and change in your current local? Adding a decorative wall in any room will jazz it up, create a focal point, as well as provide a place for you to express your inner Picasso.

  • Large empty walls, what to do?
  • View them as a world filled with possibilities!
  • They are actually hidden stylish centerpieces simply waiting for your personal creativity.
  • Now’s the time and here’s the place to show off your art collection, your love of nature, a catalog of favored books, or anything else you adore.


Basket Display

  • Many different cultures around the world use handmade woven baskets as part of their everyday life.
  • Thus baskets come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and materials.
  • Having a wall decorated with these gorgeous native accents adds quite a bit of artistic flair to a room.

decorative wallChalkboard Wall

  • This is an ideal decoration for a kid's room wall, a home office, or the kitchen.
  • You can actually paint a wall using chalkboard material and create a writeable space.
  • Another option is a whiteboard which has a more modern look.


Many of us probably had wall collages as kids, but the look carries over into the adult world of home decor as well.

  • Pick a theme to provide a focused presentation.
  • All black and white.
  • All flowers.
  • All architectural elements.
  • Source your materials from magazines, postcards, calendars, photos, etc.
  • Secure with double-sided tape.

Color Blocks of Paint

  • This is one of the easier ways to create a decorative wall in any room.
  • Impressive results are achieved with a few colors and some painter's tape.
  • Pick your color palette, lay out your tape guides, and have some fun.

DIY Canvas Art

You might instantly shy away from this idea but believe it or not it is a super simple process that anyone can do. Not only is it easy, but you will be so proud of your creation and it will always be a talking point in your home.

  • Two of the easiest ways to go are either graphic modern images or abstract.
  • These types of art pieces look great in mid-century modern rooms especially.
  • Tons of image ideas in online art gallery collections.
  • A simple color palette keeps things manageable.
  • BONUS: if not framing, paint the edges of the canvas. Another tip: you can find large framed canvas images for very inexpensive prices at secondhand shops and paint over them.

Faux Paint Patterns

  • Another DIY decorative wall art project is creating faux paint finishes in colored patterns. This too is an inexpensive option.
  • Some of the easier patterns to work with include dots, dashes, lines, herringbone, and chevron patterns.
  • There are many instructional videos you can find online as well.

Floating Shelves

Covering a wall with shelves gives you the advantage of having a place to display many of your beloved possessions.

  • Floating shelves can hold many different items or a collection of similar artifacts.
  • What’s really fun too, is that shelves come in different shapes. You’re not stuck with only straight across looks.

Gallery Wall

This is probably the most popular choice for creating a decorative wall in your living area. Gallery walls are very personalized and individual; really a showcase of your tastes and loves.

  • Presenting a professional-looking gallery wall means balancing your chosen display items in a cohesive layout.
  • You also have to consider the overall effect it will have on the room and how it fits into the decor theme.
  • This guide on Focal Points, which also has many ideas for decorative walls, goes further in-depth with ideas for Gallery Walls design.


Mirrors are wonderful objects to create a decorative wall as they have so many beneficial properties.

  • Reflectors of light.
  • Expanders of space.
  • The two choices for decorative mirrors are hanging one very large statement piece or several smaller units making a decorative pattern of mirrors.


For a DIY home mural, one of the easiest ways to accomplish getting your chosen image on the wall (if you’re not doing it freehand) is a projector. These are usually available at your local library for rental.

  • After a pencil sketch on the wall, merely fill in with your chosen colors.

Neon Signs

A neon sign decorative wall is a fun and different way to add some pizazz to your home’s decor.

Paneling or Planking

We love using reclaimed materials and keeping our homes eco-friendly.

  • Besides looking fantastic, that’s another reason wood paneling makes for a great decorative wall accent.
  • Another choice are shiplap paneling wooden boards which are typically used as exterior siding but add a coastal vibe when utilized in the home.
  • Looks perfect in naval themed living room, bedroom, entryway, or bathroom. 

Photograph Poster Print

The technology available in the palm of our hands with the advancement of smartphone cameras has made many of us quite good amateur photographers.

  • You most likely have one or two gorgeous photos on your phone that would make for a stunning image on your decorative wall.
  • Large-scale prints add an extremely personal home touch to your space.
  • Getting them printed for under $20 is quite doable as well.

Plant Wall or Wall Of Plants

An eco-friendly interior decor item these days are walls of plants, or a plant wall. Not technically the same thing but similar and both with stunning results.

  • A plant wall (also called a Green Wall) is a living organism with an irrigation system, and more with plants displayed vertically. Can find out more in this guide.
  • A wall of plants consists of shelving or shelving units where you can display lots of potted plants in a more horizontal manner.
  • The trick to making this look so elegant is to keep the pots matching and evenly spaced.

Personalized Travel Map

Depictions of the country or the world in map format have always made for attractive home decor accents.

  • Personalize it by adding indicators of places you’ve traveled to.

Textiles: Blanket, Quilt, Tapestry

Quilts, rugs, macrame, ethic blankets, and tapestries are all forms of textiles that will make impressionable decorative wall displays.

  • This is a good tip to employ when you want to cover a large expanse of the wall all at once.
  • Bonus: heavy pieces help to soundproof the rooms.


Removable wallpaper may be one of the top wonders of the design world. The images, textures, colors, patterns, and 3-D art are so diverse that you can probably find anything you desire to decorate your wall with. Some ideas on where to find interesting peel and stick and removable wallpaper:

Wearable Collections

Hanging your wearables as decor can make for a really fun decorative wall.

  • Hats are a popular choice.
  • So are scarves.
  • Necklaces or other jewelry pieces can make an artistic statement wall too.


Remember, it’s all about creating joy in your home. Let your decorative wall be an expression of who you are. Whether that’s through blocks of geometric colors, a painted canvas, collections of precious artifacts, or your children’s artwork, let it fill your space with comfort and love.



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