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Tara Dickinson
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A Home Decorating Style Guide Using Fire As The Inspirational  Element

Fire embodies life, action, movement, and motion. It is a catalyst for inspirational activity. That’s one of the reasons using natural elements in design themes is popular. Natural elements evoke strong emotions from soothing and calming, and to invigorated and grounded. Some other home decor themes inspired by nature are fall themed rooms, mountain and woods inspired homes, water inspired decor, and many more. Using the Chinese art and science of feng shui to harmonize an environment, fire is one of the five elements that bring energy, passion, and vitality into a space. The other elements are wood, water, metal, and earth which each represent a different aspect of nature. Each of these elements represents a distinct type of energy and comes with a set of qualities, shapes, colors, and materials.

  • Fire is one of the five basic fundamental elements. Practitioners of the art of feng shui use these elements to create balance in a space.
  • Sometimes one or more elements are out of alignment and need adjustment. The easiest way to work with this system is to bring in more of the element that connects to the energy you’d like to feel.

Fire: The Yang Element

In feng shui, the fire element is related to passion, inspiration, and expression.

  • Brings forth free expression.
  • Keeps interest in projects fresh and alive.
  • Fire represents fame and visibility.
  • Kindles passion and emotional expression.

Translating fire energy into design elements will look like this:

  • Fiery colors.
  • Angular shapes.
  • Strong intention lighting.
  • Actual fire components: candle, fireplace…


Fire is one of the natural elements that can bridge the connection between nature and your home’s interior environment. A fire feature creates a sense of vitality, warmth, and aliveness. There are numerous creative ways to add fire elements into your home or workspace.



Paint is one of the simplest and most impactful ways to transform a room and introduce an element through color. Your fire-related colors will look great on an accent wall if painting a whole room in these intense shades is too much.

Red: this is the first and foremost color associated with fire for obvious reasons, as are orange and yellow. The three colors you mostly see when gazing at fires. Red inspires courage, and passion, and supports creative ambitions.

  • In many cultures, red symbolizes some of the most important aspects of our lives, such as love.
  • Red is a very powerful color that draws attention.
  • Red can be added as a wall color, in accents, as a statement piece of furniture, drapes, rugs, or anything that works with your chosen decor theme.
  • Painting your doors red is another very trendy decor theme.
  • Since it does have an energizing effect, it’s best to keep it to a minimum in areas where you need deep relaxation or sleep.

FireOrange: another strong and commanding color for fire.

  • Orange can be used as a hot, exotic color.
  • It is less intense than its red counterpart but also elicits a warm, passionate vibe.

Yellow: related to the heat of the sun and flames, yellow is part of the fire trinity.

  • Yellow is an energizing happy color. Seen many times in kitchens and family rooms.
  • As one of the earth tones, yellow has a grounding effect as well.

Purple: the royal majestic member of the color palette.

  • Purple in a fire-inspired home should lean towards a magenta shade or a hue with more red undertones than blue.
  • Purple has a grandiose feel, it's unusual and contemporary.

Pink: in darker and more vibrant shades is an alternative to red in your decorated home.

  • Deep pinks work well in powder rooms and bedrooms.
  • Darker or more vibrant pinks replicate the properties of red.
  • Neon pink should be used sparingly.

White: your compliment color to all these fiery shades is white.

  • White will save your fire look from getting too overwhelming.
  • White can be both a hot and cool color, operating on a more subconscious level.


Lighting is the fire element, so you can boost fire energy by making sure your home is bright and well-lit. Bright light boosts the creative element of fire energy.

  • Incorporating fixtures that direct the light up, comparable to the way flames flicker upwards, is a decorative way to add the fire element to a room.
  • A torchiere (this type of tall standing floor lamp) does a wonderful job of imparting that fire look you’re looking for in a lighting element.

  • A modern take on fire-related lighting could be the use of neon signs and lighting.
  • Add fiery light at night with glow-in-the-dark features.
  • Red, orange, yellow, pink, or purple lamps are an especially fun way to bring in the color and movement that imitates fire.
  • Fine strands of fairy lights add a passionate, romantic vibe to a room.
  • There are light bulbs that look like flickering flames nowadays. These work especially well in outside entertaining areas.


To carry the fire element over into your furnishings you want to look for sturdy and large pieces over delicate and fragile items. Think about using impressions of fire in your home decor as well. Shapes, features, and sculptures that mimic wavering, fiery shapes, and colors.

  • Furniture based on the fire element is going to be more angular, with triangles and straight lines.
  • Mirrors are another perfect accent that bounces and reflects light; great if you have outside fire elements that can be reflected indoors.


If wanting to decorate your home with a fire-inspired theme, the number one element should of course be a fireplace. Live fires touch many of the sensory elements. They are mesmerizing to gaze into; the popping and crackling of the embers titillate your ears; the heat warms and soothes your body; the aroma of pine sap and burning wood is a nostalgic scent to inhale. The joy of having a fireplace allows you to get in touch with all these different energies of the fire element.

  • Even if not in use, a fireplace surround makes for a lovely focal point for a fire-inspired room.
  • How you decorate your fireplace and mantel will depend on your decor theme. This guide HERE offers wonderful mantel decorating tips for many design styles.
  • One tip to point out the works for all themes is painting the fireplace white as it blends with every style.
  • Make sure to highlight any texture that is available with your fireplace, tile, stone, or brick- all of these surfaces add character to your decor.
  • And don’t forget to take a look at all the different hearth accessories that are available to add style and personality to your fireplace.

  • And don’t feel obligated to stay just the brick or tile look either.
  • Wallpaper, paint, and metal embellishments can all transform your fireplace into a statement piece of color and pattern such as this floral-inspired fireplace.


Starting your fire decor theme with smaller accessories can be an easy way to get into decorating if a full remodel with fresh paint and furniture is not in the cards.

  • Smaller designs on a desk or side table add an energizing element to a home office or bedroom.
  • An electric fireplace can be a focal point for your living room.
  • The combination of water and fire in a small fountain display is definitely a way to make an impact in your entryway letting guests know what’s to come in the rest of the home.
  • Art pieces related to fire can make all the difference. Such as curved glass vases, and other sculptural elements that embrace the fire element.

Images Of Fire

Prints, pieces of artwork, and other images of fire will also of course bring this electrifying decor element to any room.

  • You can even cover an entire accent wall with photo-realistic fire scenes or the feeling and movement plus the color of fire (as shown in the marbled image below) using wallpaper too.


Candle accents are quite literally the ideal fire-related accessories to place throughout your home to imbibe the fire spirit throughout.

  • A candelabra or a candle chandelier adds elegance and class to any space.
  • Place candles in study nooks for focus.
  • Candles in the dining area set an intimate and warm atmosphere.


Bringing plants into a space is another nature element that adds a spark of life and energy.

  • Incorporating a vase of red flowers in your bedroom can nurture passion.
  • A plant with red flowers or red leaves in your home office will encourage zeal in your endeavors.
  • Red aglaonema, coleus, polka dot plant, amaryllis, and poinsettia.

Fire Sounds

Touching upon all the senses, using sound is another way to effectively bring a fire element to your home's inner sanctuary.

  • The music of a roaring fire mingled with night sounds or soft falling rain outside adds another element to the fire-inspired plan.


Home Gym or Yoga Studio

Your in-home workout space, whether that’s more of a gym-style setup or a yoga studio, is another perfect place to add fire-inspired decor.

  • Use any of the fire tones to add some color to a painted accent wall, some floor mats or rugs, or other smaller room furnishings.
  • A fire feature of a candle can be used for your focus, meditation, and cool down period.

Bathroom Fire Decor

Bathrooms can be places of relaxation and rejuvenation, either to begin or end your day. Connecting with fire energizes your mind and body.

  • You can bring the additional feelings and look of fire through paint colors, wall art, decor accents, throw rugs, and fixtures in related materials and colors.

Reading Nook Fire Decor

Take advantage of a fireplace to create a reading nook.

  • Use fire-inspired colors with your soft additions of blankets, pillows, reading lights, and side tables or baskets to hold all your materials.

Outdoor Fire Features

Indoor-outdoor transitional spaces back porches, outdoor patios, and sundecks are perfect places to continue the fire-inspired decor theme.

  • Small firepits will be the center point of your outdoor garden area.
  • Back yards can hold larger fire features.






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