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Tara Dickinson
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Many home decor themes are inspired by nature, from Eco-Friendly style guides to Fall themed rooms to Mountain and Woods inspired decor plus many more. This is essentially because natural elements are soothing, calming, rejuvenating, and make us feel grounded and stress-free. After wood, water is the second most popular organic element to be welcomed into home decor.

  • Water is calming.
  • Imparts a sense of peace.
  • Makes people feel welcome.
  • Its fluidity is connected to intuition and wisdom.

Using the Chinese art and science of feng shui to harmonize an environment, water is one of the five elements that bring energy into a space. The other elements are wood, fire, metal, and earth which each represent a different aspect of nature. Each of these elements represents a different type of energy and comes with a set of qualities, shapes, colors, and materials.

waterWater: The Yin Element

In the perfect balance of yin-yang, water is one of the yin elements with attributes of feminine, cold, wet, yielding, and passive. Metal is the other yin element. Another positive link to the water element is its association with an influx of prosperity, wealth, and meaningful connections. These features will impart a water vibe when used in home decor:

  • Cool hues
  • Darker tones (blue and black)
  • Flowing qualities
  • Gentle properties
  • Rounded features
  • Wavy, curvy, undulating, and abstract shapes


Water features bridge the connection between nature and interior environments. A natural water feature creates a sense of tranquility and brings nature into any living space. There are numerous creative ways to add water elements into your home or workspace.


Nothing like actual water and sealife to incorporate a water feature into your home. Thankfully aquariums come in all sizes, from taking up an entire wall in a room to individually sized personal ones that can fit just about anywhere.


Bubble shapes, colors, and art pieces that mimic the look of these light and airy water elements can make for some creative additions to a water-inspired room. Especially for kids' spaces.

  • Circular bubble shaped objects like light fixtures or artistic pieces are water-related accents that will add to your water-themed decor.
  • A bubble-making machine is fun for outdoor areas.


Water fountains are mesmerizing and stunning features to have in your home. The shapes, materials, sizes, and styles of indoor water fountains are so varied that you might have a challenging time choosing one. Ranging in size from smaller decorative units to full-scale installations they are ideal for any space, from the dining room table to outdoor areas. Its soothing presence with the sound of moving trickling water creates just the right relaxing atmosphere.

  • Smaller designs on a desk or side table add a soothing element to a home office or bedroom.
  • A full wall-mounted water fountain can be a focal point for your living room or entryway.
  • A standing stone-type unit makes the perfect filler in an empty corner of a room.
  • A glass standing floor fountain is one of the more modern looks with a translucent cascade water display.


To carry the water element over into your furnishings, you want to look for soft, gentle shapes with rounded edges. Think about using impressions of water in your home decor as well. This can look like room dividers in wavey, watery shapes, and colors; or resin panels that mimic the curves and colors of moving water.

  • Use gentle features and textures to create a relaxing environment.
  • Delicate accents of colored glass, such as the blue antique variety.
  • Coffee tables with a glass top.
  • Glass vases of flowers.
  • Mirrors are another perfect accent that bounces and reflects light; great if you have outside water elements that can be reflected indoors.
  • Fill glass bowls with water and float flowers on the surface.

Images Of Water

Prints, pieces of artwork, and other images of water will also of course bring this soothing decor element to a room.

  • You can even cover an entire accent wall with photo-realistic water scenes using wallpaper.


For small indoor water features utilizing a pool type of setup, the see-through acrylic models are ideal.

  • Being able to see into the depths of your indoor pool is a mesmerizing experience, bringing an overall sense of calm.

Snow Globes

These unique little decor accents absolutely bring the beauty of the water element into your home.

  • Used as a one-off accent placed here or there is a nice addition.
  • Having a small curated collection of water-inspired globes makes an inspiring display.

The Color Blue

Research confirms over and over again that the color blue (and green) is calming to the human mind.

  • As water is normally associated with happy memories (vacations, relaxation, healing, and rejuvenating), being surrounded by the blue shades of water will elicit the same feelings.
  • A stressful lifestyle needs the relaxing effects of water-influenced home decor.

Water Sounds

Touching upon all the senses, using sound is another way to effectively bring a water element to your home's inner sanctuary.

  • Music of rain, ocean waves crashing, a waterfall surging, deep-sea sounds, or flowing brooks with surrounding nature sounds.
  • Visualize these sounds flowing out of your surround sound speakers all throughout your home, or while spending time in your home spa.


Lakes, Ponds, Rivers, Oceans & Beaches

If your home is close to a water feature of any kind, you can take your inspiration from this setting to decorate your home in that type of theme.

  • Turn your beautiful view into home decor inspired by the tranquil setting.

Window views of a lake, pond, or stream, should be the center of focus for your water-inspired room. Decorate around this focal point. Some related decor ideas include:

  • Canoe or kayak paddles.
  • A nautical theme featuring navy and white colors and related accents
  • A beach cottage vibe brings in many water-inspired colors and decorations.
  • A Key West-themed home also shares the sunny Florida home on-the-water decor to promote relaxation.


Home Gym or Yoga Studio

Your in-home workout space, whether that’s more of a gym-style setup or a yoga studio, is another perfect place to add water-inspired decor.

  • Use any of the blue water tones to add some color to a painted accent wall, some floor mats or rugs, or other smaller room furnishings.
  • A water feature with sound, such as a mini flowing water fountain, will bring a sense of calm to the space and can enhance your practice.

Bathroom Water Decor

Bathrooms can be places of relaxation and rejuvenation, either to begin or end your day. Connecting with water eases your mind and body into serenity and calmness.

  • You can bring the additional feelings and look of water through paint colors, wall art, decor accents, throw rugs, and fixtures in related materials and colors.

Reading Nook

Take advantage of your water view to create a restful reading nook.

  • Use water-inspired colors with your soft additions of blankets, pillows, reading light, and side tables or baskets to hold all your materials.

Indoor-Outdoor Water Features

Indoor-outdoor transitional spaces like front porches, patios, and sunrooms are perfect places to continue the water-inspired decor theme.

  • Small ponds and decorative pools will be the center point of your outdoor garden area.
  • Porches and patios get a boost when water accents are included.
  • Front or back yards can hold larger water fountain features.




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