How To Create An Office In A Small Space

Tara Dickinson
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Small Office Placement Ideas & Furnishings For Success


Now more than ever, most homes, apartments and dwelling spaces are in need of a designated work space. One that is separate from the other household activities, simple, quiet and set up for productivity. You may be space-challenged and think there is no place to add a workstation in your home. But read on for several ideas on how to fit in a home office space just about anywhere and how to outfit that space with the proper tools to make your working hours the most focused, inspired, and productive.




Considering the attic for a workplace will of course depend on the structure of your attic space. Some are just too small or too short for any person to fit in a functional manner. But if the attic space allows for a small office set-up, this can actually be a very conducive space for work purposes. It’s hidden, quiet, and probably has a unique vibe and atmosphere all its own.

Small OfficeBehind The Couch

If your small space is an apartment or open layout living, readjusting your furniture set-up might be easy enough to afford you the space to add a small table and work chair behind the sofa for a functional workspace.

End Of A Hallway

Anything happening at the end of your hallway? This might just be the perfect little space to install a floating desk to create a work area. Add a shelf or two, and your new functional workspace has just been created.

Nooks- Nook: a corner or recess, especially one offering seclusion or security.

One of the greatest definitions and use of space when looking to set up your home office in a small environment. A reading nook, study nook, kitchen nook, and home office nook can be found by looking around your home and finding a little corner spot that’s sitting naked waiting for purpose. Reevaluate your current layout and see where this small office space might fit:

  • Alcove
  • Bedroom
  • Hallway
  • Kitchen
  • Living room
  • Unused wall space

You only need enough square footage for a small desk and chair. Induce storage ‘in’ the desk or add some shelves above it. There are many varieties of compact corner shaped desks and corner shelves to fit these types of situations perfectly. With great lighting and simple decor you are set to take on the work week!


Trending among those living in small spaces, the ‘cloffice’ is repurposing a walk-in or any other sized closet into a workstation. Can you rearrange half your closet, if you can’t spare the whole thing, to fit in a small desk that can hold a computer and fit a sturdy chair? If you can, this might seem like an odd office place at first, but some benefits include the insulated space for noise reduction and a location where you are likely to find peace and quiet away from other household chaos. Remove the closet doors for additional ease and access.



There are actual scientific studies that prove a clutter-free zone is conducive to higher productivity. Mess, clutter, and disorganization can cause stress and get in the way of your highest functionality. A clutter-free space will also make your small office appear large so keep it simple! Once you’ve decluttered your nook, closet, or side room for your home office, there is a one-stop service that will remove all your unwanted belongings and will sell, donate, or recycle them for you.

Desk Alternatives

When creating your small office space, you might have to think outside the traditional ‘office’ box. Such as what you might use for a desk. When space is tight, other table options might function better. For instance use a round bistro table; a simple wall; or a piece of reclaimed wood that you can cut to exact specifications. When square footage is at a premium don’t be intimidated to go custom made of DIY upcycling.

Desk With Storage

Being honest, work clutter can easily accumulate, from files, to research materials, to electronics, and all manner of miscellaneous office supplies. Thus adequate storage is always needed in your work area. If possible, when choosing your small office desk look for one with storage shelves or drawers included. If you have a closet or space for a filing cabinet nearby that is great as well.

Double Desk

Do you have a need for more than one work space in your home? If so, an easy solution is repurposing a tabletop supported by filing cabinets to function as a custom workstation office area.

Ergonomic Chair

A comfortable and supportive work chair is almost worth it’s weight in gold. The amount of hours your body will spend in this chair is considerable and is the one item that you might want to invest properly in. These chairs can be costly but remember, there’s no need to buy new. With the massive downsizing of businesses across the nation, gently used high-quality office chairs are available at almost any of your second-hand shops.

Ergonomic desk chairs have been designed to fit the body in best support, comfort, and overall well being. You want a chair that’s:

  • Is the right size for you
  • Padded for comfort (no plastic or wood)
  • With or without wheels available
  • Aesthetically pleasing to you
  • Will fit under your desk
  • Keep your legs at a 90-degree angle.
  • Spine support and alignment is important, back shouldn’t be twisted.
  • Ergonomic arm rests so laptop is eye level and keyboard height supported

Folding Wall Mounted Desk

Most affordable, most convenient, and easiest to install practically anywhere. A fold-up desk maximizes space and is perfect as  a place to write or for simple laptop use. Folds up when extra space is needed and allows you to keep things super simple.

Ladder or Leaning Desk

Ladder desks are perfect accompaniments to small office spaces as they are efficient in square footage covered and come with built in storage. Readily available in all manner of styles, colors, and materials you should be able to easily find one that suits your small office needs.

Laptop Stand

Laptop stands can be a neck and shoulder saver. You may not realise that you’re craning your neck up, down, or forward all day but in the long run this type of strain is going to take a toll on your body. Having an adjustable stand is ideal for different styles of at home workstations and situations.


Proper lighting in your work area is truly vital. Eye strain from low light is a consideration as is too harsh fluorescent light that taxes the nervous system over time. Natural light is always a wonderful option and increases alertness and productivity. So any chance to set up your home office close to a window is ideal. If that’s not an option, natural light therapy lamps will bring in positive energy and brightness to the space.


To keep your small office space feeling functional and stress-free, going for the less-is-more approach works best. This means keeping the area clean and clutter-free and well as simple and zen like in appearance. A simple color palette will look professional and chic, and assist you in staying focused.


Easy to care for indoor plants make your work space feel alive and keep the oxygen flowing for ideal brain function. A decorated space feels good and a pot of greenery sparks creativity. Plants have that vibrancy, bringing warmth to your workspace.

Standing Desk

The standing or walking machine desk has been trending for a while now. Humans are not designed to be sitting for hours on end, so this type of setup is great for keeping the body healthy and moving more than one would sitting all day. If your small office space doesn’t allow for something this large, an adjustable desk-riser is another option that can be used with a regular desk. They are affordable and accommodate laptops, monitors,  and keyboards perfectly. ​​

Vertical Wall Storage

Storage space in small offices can be hard to come by, thus going vertical is a great solution. Pegboards, wall shelving units, or storage cubes are all options to make storage for your office supplies easily accessible.

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