How to Create a Great Family Study Nook

Tara Dickinson
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Tips For Organizing & Designing The Perfect Study Nook For Adults & Kids


Busy lives are the norm. Parents, and kids as well, are juggling multi-tasked situations every single day. Currently, much of this is happening from home and looks to be the future for the current time period. So how to provide a space to improve the feeling of disorganization and chaos that many families are dealing with? Set aside quiet zones around study nooks.

These popular little workstations are growing in demand and creativity, providing a way to organize family members, in-home business ventures, as well as remote schooling and homework stations. And they’re perfect because study nooks:

  • Can literally be installed almost anywhere.
  • Take up very small amounts of space.
  • Allows users to focus on a specific task at hand.

Help your home run more efficiently and smoothly, which in turn reduces stress for everyone by following some simple outlines when designing your family study nook.


  1. Table- desk, reclaimed piece (door, wood paneling, anything flat and sturdy).
  2. Seating- to keep long-hour workers and all night studiers happy.
    1. Possibly a bench with storage space inside.
    2. A comfortable chair! No borrowed kitchen or dining chairs.
    3. Ergonomically sound and works in the chosen space. 
    4. Consider a heavy swivel chair.
    5. Gorgeous upholstered chair that invites resting and supports your body.
    6. Stools are an option as well since they can be tucked away when not in use.
  3. Shelves, storage cabinets- floating shelves and cube box shelves work well.
  4. Lighting- table or floor lamps; concealed lights in overhead cupboards or shelving, which flows nicely with a contemporary, streamlined look.
    1. Highlighting your nook as its own separate space is easily achieved with statement lighting, meaning it catches the eye through shape, size, or whimsy.
    2. Hanging light fixtures will add additional ambience to your study nook.
    3. Make the switches dimmable so you can control the mood.
  5. **Printer- this is often a forgotten necessary accessory when setting up a study nook. Printers can be placed inside cabinets and slide-out shelf drawers, or hidden under the main desk area. No need for them to take up valuable real estate out in the open.
  6. Area rug- it will depend on the chosen study nook space, but the inclusion of an area rug can help to ground the nook as a space unto itself. This will define the area and tie it together.


Nooks are often discovered after the home has already been organized and well broken in. A nook will appear in almost any room of the home once you start looking for it. Easily created in a kitchen, under a staircase, in the main room off in a corner or under a window, any place that is easily accessible, tucked out of the way and can accommodate a desk and comfortable chair is perfect for your family study nook. Study nooks are:

  • In informal areas.
  • A great way to save space.
  • Available for everyone in the family to use.
  • Often set closer to busier areas of the family home.

This little tucked away oasis for school work, house work, or creative work can be a welcoming setting for all family members to feel more focused and productive.


As outlined above, finding a place for a study nook in your home is relatively easy once you start looking at the possibilities. The following Style Design Guides will also assist you in creating the perfect study nook look to fit in with your home’s decor style. Follow this LINK to see all of them. Here is a sampling:


Corkboard Wall- cover a wall in cork tiles or chalkboard paint to create a bold look as well as a functional design element.

Reclaimed Study Station- Going with recycled or reused pieces to outfit your study nook is the eco-conscious and sustainable way to go, keeping an environmentally sound circular economy going. For more eco-friendly design tips check this out: How to Create a Rustic Reclaimed Workspace.

Walled-Off Study Station- If your study nook situation allows, or you need additional quiet, include paneling with insulation or in a larger room place some wall frames to create room dividers.



If you don't think you have enough space for a nook in your home, here are several ideas on redecorating and reorganizing to create the space. Custom built, repurposing, or simply transposing already existing furnishings in your home are all effective ways to incorporate a relaxing nook. While you're in the zone, you can consider adding a breakfast nook in the kitchen area too. Be sure to personalize your family study nook and make it your own by adding favorite colors and loved decorative accents. Have fun and think second hand when looking for furnishings and decor to keep it eco-conscious.





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