How to Create a Great Reading Nook

Tara Dickinson
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6 Essential Elements For Designing the Perfect Relaxing Nook In Your Home


Nook, a recess offering one seclusion and security. This simple one syllable word conjures up images of cozy comfort; rainy afternoons with a cup of cocoa and a good mystery book. Sunny summer vacations, will soft breezes floating thru the air while lounging in the shade with a delicious romance novel. Deliberate alcoves and corners created for the sole purpose of unwinding, escaping, and catching up on personal self-care time are the defining goals of a reading nook. And they are so easy to create you will have no excuse to not assemble one in your home this very weekend!


What else does a nook offer?

  • A private area tucked away from the hustle of the outside for quiet moments.
  • Ideal space to recharge; bonus if next to a window with loads of sunshine.
  • A relaxation region.
  • A space to write letters.
  • Meditation or contemplation and journaling area.
  • An electronic-free zone.

If you don't think you have enough space for a nook in your home, here are several ideas on redecorating and reorganizing to create the space. Custom built, repurposing, or simply transposing already existing furnishings in your home are all effective ways to incorporate a relaxing nook. While you're in the zone, you can consider adding a breakfast nook in the kitchen area too.


Essential #1: Chair & Footrest

The first essential step into creating your reading nook is finding the perfectly comfortable chair and ottoman. This can be a loveseat, a lounge chair, a big plush papasan chair, or any delightful seating arrangement that makes you feel relaxed and secure. An inviting setup that literally calls you to take a break.

Reading nook

Essential #2: Side Table

You usually end up needing more than just your book and a blanket in your reading nook. Such as a cup of tea, a reading light, maybe some pens and paper, etc., etc. Thus a small side table with a drawer or shelving underneath it is another essential element that makes for the perfect reading nook setup.

Essential #3: Lighting

When hunting for nook space in your home, don’t forget to look in the shadows or hidden areas. They may be dark at the moment, but with the addition of a standing lamp or other statement lighting these corners can instantly be transformed into a snuggly reading alcove. Highlighting your nook as its own separate space is easily achieved with a lighting statement piece. ‘Statement lighting’ catches the eye through shape or size, or a touch of whimsy. Choosing one, or multiple smaller fixtures, for hanging over the area will add additional ambience to your nook. Fairy lights, or sting lights, create an escapist mood and are another great way to add some cozy lighting to your reading nook.

Extra Tip: make the switches dimmable so you can control the mood.

Essential #4: Area Rug

To ground the nook as a space unto itself, place a throw rug. This will delineate the area, plus make it feel cozier if you have bare floors. Rugs also help tie a space together and establish a seating arrangement.

Essential #5: Accessories

An easy way to personalize your space is with some cozy textiles like pillows, a throw blanket, and some personal accessories. Even if it’s just a corner in a room, take the time to make it your own.

  • Art- works of art elicit so many different emotions; by adding at least one art element that gives you inspiration, motivation, or allows you to escape into it, will enhance to the overall appeal of the space.
  • Candles- have a calming effect with their gentle movement and relaxing scents, thus another nice accessory to include this relaxation area.
  • Plants- bringing oxygen, freshness, and life to your reading nook. Having green plants around you is always a welcome addition to making the ideal rejuvenation zone.

Essential #6: And, Need We Say...Books!

Make plies on the floor; add a large basket and fill with anything that you’ve gathered to read. Books, magazines, local newspapers, mail, etc. The purpose of a reading nook is to READ. So fill your space with all manner of options so you always feel inspired to take a few minutes and catch up on your current interests. Strive to keep all the material organized so you can easily see what’s on your reading menu. Small shelving units, cubby’s, magazine racks and the like will work perfectly.


Inside, outside, or on the floor in the corner of a room, reading nooks come in all shapes and sizes and are wonderful ways to get comfortable in your home. Be sure to personalize it and make it your own adding favorite colors and loved decorative accents. Simple or luxurious. It’s your choice. Have fun and think second-hand when looking for furnishings and decor to keep it eco-conscious.


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