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Tara Dickinson
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"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower." — Albert Camus 

Nestled between blazing summer and icy winter, comes autumn, the cooling off season. Temperatures begin to drop, nighttime arrives earlier, and most of the growing season is over. Fall, also known as harvest time, ushers in celebrations for many farming cultures as crops and gratitude are abundant. Fall is a wonderful time to do a mini-makeover in your home, with a seasonal refresh and update. Autumn is a time to create welcoming and cozy spaces, layering accessories, experimenting with rich colors, and weaving in a variety of textures. Here are fall room decor ideas that will add warmth and a seasonal vibe to your space.




When adding warmth into your home, begin by looking at classic autumnal tones that are inspired by the seasons falling leaves. This subtle but rich palette immediately makes you feel tosty, comforted, and safe with the inviting atmosphere it creates.

  • Burgundy
  • Sunset yellow
  • Chestnut & chocolate
  • Gold
  • Oatmeal
  • Rusty orange
  • Vanilla

In whatever way you can bring in some of these hues, with textiles, blankets, pillows, rugs, leather, pieces of furniture, you’ll be inviting in the fall season.


Modem, rustic, or Americana- practically any home decor style can incorporate some knitted accents to spice up fall themed designs. Knits are physically soft and comforting; they add texture as well as dimension when included in layering accents around the home. Items to consider:

  • Knitted pouf
  • Knitted blanket
  • Knitted throw rug
  • Knitted wall hangings
  • Knitted nesting baskets
  • Knitted cable cushions


Warm ambient lighting goes hand-in-hand with fall weather. Inspired by the glow of lit fireplaces, creating that same warm glow in your home can be accomplished with some adjustments in your rooms overhead lighting. Choosing a fixture that spreads light from all angles and illuminates the cozy accents around the room will provide a soothing fall ambience. Fixtures made from wood, bamboo, frosted or muted glass will help you achieve this seasonal look in any room of the house.


From full mountain inspired decor to minimalist interior landscape, a piece of leather furniture can immediately warm up the entire space. Leather is sensual, soft, and warm to the touch by its very nature. You can go big and bold adding a new (used) leather sectional sofa. Or keep it simple with smaller pieces, leather seats for example. What’s nice about leather is that it gets better, more supple and beautiful with age. So don’t be shy about searching for a vintage or gently used leather accent (or couch) to add for your seasonal update.


Maybe one of the easiest ways to update your rooms with fall inspired decor is by switching out the art and photographs that adorn your walls. Visualize an accent wall with a gallery of sepia toned family portraits or candid shots of the kids. Warm-hued photos with gold, black, or contrasting blue frames would look fantastic for inspired room accents. The same can be accomplished with a piece of artwork or printed poster in the fall color palette. Add a reading lamp and create an escapist space with a relaxing reading nook.


Humans are attuned to all five of our senses, easily affected by touch and texture. The environment surrounding us can affect our behavior. As you can imagine, tactile stimulation can induce a positive state of mind. All this to say that adding inviting textures into your fall decor-revamp will make you and your family feel extra comforted as the weather cools and you might be spending more time inside your sheltering. Textures can be added in a myriad of ways, from woven wall hangings, to textured window shades, to weaved baskets that hold furry touchables. Plush or handcrafted throw rugs are another perfect example that allows for touch and grounding sensations on your feet.


Even in an industrial decor setting where the bones of the room are more cold with exposed brick, bare windows, or wooden beams, once an addition of layered rugs is placed the space is instantly brought to life with textile warmth. Layers can also be added in sitting areas, from the floor to the chairs and couches with throws, blankets,  and different sized pillows. Adding layers of greenery works as well. Rows of hanging or potted plants plus flower arrangements brighten up any style decor in the cooler months.


Not just for the front door, seasonal wreaths are fresh, sent-filled accents that can be added to any room’s decor. Choosing wreaths that incorporate traditional fall staples like colorful leaves and berries makes a lovely statement piece when hung on interior doors, above a mantel place, or above your bed, adding autumn flavor to the home.



  • Headboard- If you don’t already have a headboard in your bedroom, the fall season is a great time to make that addition. They are easy to craft yourself from upcycled materials available at your local second hand shops. The autumn part comes in with your headboard coverings- upholstered in velvet, leather, or other warm feeling textiles
  • Plush throw blankets- in a variety of seasonal colors or patterns, placed at the foot of the bed add to the warm and cozy setting.
  • Knits and quilts- lend plenty of autumn style to the bedroom too.
  • Plush pillows- placed on the bed itself, on the floor in a corner, or on your sitting chair, throw pillows can be used to incorporate your fall color palette as well as comfort into your space.


  • Lounge chair- if you have the space to add a comfortable lounge chair and end table you now have yourself a bedroom reading nook for the afternoons when you want to stay inside and escape.
  • Rugs- a unique area rug featuring autumn colors lends stylish flair to your bedroom. This piece can bring visual interest while adding an element of comfort at the same time. Simpler rugs ground the space, while rugs with patterns and details create depth and texture.
  • Stylish storage- drawing inspiration from harvest markets and cozy cottages, having some additional storage around during the autumn and winter months makes organization much easier. Items such as woven baskets, wooden crates, and wooden chests are the ideal complements to keep your seasonal goods close at hand while also being neatly tucked away.
  • Candles- nothing sets the mood for a warm and cozy atmosphere like candles. Creating displays using candles of all sizes, from solid pillar styles to little decorative tealights, autumn ambiance is easily achieved. Choosing the right candle holders or small trays that match your home's decor will be another way to present your personal style.
  • Books- adding a collection of books gives the bedroom a sense of quiet thoughtfulness.

Finally... PUMPKINS

We can’t finish off a fall style guide without the inclusion of the season's most famous gourd, the almighty pumpkin! What’s fun is that these hardly little vegetables come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Small or large, orange or white, use these gorgeous gourds as an accent in any room. Grouped, in baskets, on tables, alone as a statement piece, a pumpkin is the one instant element you can add to your home to welcome in the fall season.



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