Spring & Summer Interior Design Trends 2022

Tara Dickinson
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Like butterflies materializing from their cocoons, people are slowly emerging back into the world with renewed exuberance and a newfound appreciation for nature and life in general. This same creativity, joy, and eco-friendly awareness are seen in home decor as well. And the interior design trends for spring and summer 2022 are looking lovely!



Pantone, the color system used around the world, announced ‘Very Peri’, a bold blue-violet hue, as its color of the year for 2022. And this lovely lavender color is being used in all manner of decor styles. The feeling this color imparts is one of abundant joy while making a dynamic statement. It fuels courageous creativity and innovative expression for the year ahead.


While the mood for interior decor is fresh and lively, it’s still not too outrageous, looking for an overall calming and supportive environment.

  • A two-tone scheme permits additional definition and interest without overcomplicating a theme.
  • Paint charts are arranged in families of colors, making it easy to find two shades that work together or contrast.
  • Remember, light and dark colors affect space differently so take those guidelines into account when planning your two-tone colors.
  • Darker colors below the eye line and lighter shades up higher will break up large furniture pieces (cabinets, storage, bookcases) and feel calmer and less blocky than a high-contrast scheme.
  • Use paint as a backdrop, rather than the main event.


Being homebound for the last few years has left everyone lusting for travel and immersion into new locations, distant lands, cultures, and vistas.

  • This spring and summer, homeowners want their dwellings to do the transportation for them if travel is still not an option.
  • Wallpaper patterns of Africa, Egypt, the jungle, the ocean, or distant mountains (depending on your local) all provide a sense of escapism and make people feel relaxed and in vacation mode.
  • These exotic landscapes also offer a sense of decor drama to a room.


The nostalgic red and white stripes of the 1950s are trending now as people are still wanting the comfort of what was considered a safer, more home-grown time in American history.

  • The past is a soothing balm during challenging times, thus winding back the clock is still a key theme for 2022.
  • Eliciting memories of barbershops, Mainstreet, peppermint hard candies, and good ole’ Norman Rockwell USA are the happy memories the red and white candy stripes remind people of.
  • The red and white stripes evoke feelings of warmth and harmony of a more innocent time.


Many professionals are calling 2022 “the year of the rug”. Famous designers are putting forth more of their own collections and home decor lines. Thus it seems the statement rug is trending heavily and is an essential decor item to complete chosen style theme this year.

  • Collections are eclectic in all manner of shape, style, and texture.
  • The new looks are translating three-dimensional objects onto a surface.
  • Collections are featuring themes related to nature: ocean, art, abstract…


In the art world, experimenting with abstract shapes is the current trend. And what happens in the art world usually filters over to the world of home interior decor which 2022 is seeing.

  • Uncertainty and overwhelm lead people to seek soothing surroundings which are exemplified in home decoration.
  • It’s about the use of soft shapes. This was seen over the last two years in rounded furniture shapes.
  • Abstract shapes help people communicate the uncertainty of feelings that may not be able to be expressed more literally.
  • It is also a form of escapism from that reality.
  • Abstract ambiguousness is a liberating way to communicate and open to personal interpretation.


Not quite new for 2022 trending home decor, but eco-friendly and sustainable options for everything from wall coverings to furniture to all manner of accessories are HOT TRENDS and growing (thankfully!). Handmade items add a unique sparkle to modern-day interiors. It feels good to get away from mass-produced products and instead honor simple handmade items.

  • A new generation of sustainable textiles continues to expand.
  • Add natural touches to your space that matches the aesthetic of the room.
  • Some examples include a biodegradable plant-based leather alternative made from pineapple leaf fiber.
  • A furniture brand using textiles and upholstering seating from salvaged linen and hemp and eco-focused fabric.
  • Home accessories made from found materials including Hungarian linen sacks and 19th-century French linen sheets.
  • Upholstered furniture is working on eliminating foam and replacing it with coconut hair, wool, and feathers.
  • Rice paper is especially well-suited to contemporary or Asian interiors.
  • Jute looks great in cottage and bohemian styles.


The influx of Latino immigrants continues to expand in America and the home decor trends are seeing the benefits of these colorful and exotic cultures.

  • You can bring some of the exotic flavors to your home with no need to travel abroad.
  • Use bright and rich colors in a combination of upbeat patterns.
  • Latin American palette includes jungle green, palm leaves, jazz time accents, and Havana-inspired tiles.


On the opposite side of the coin, there is also the trend of very neutral colors and home decor decorating for spring and summer 2022.

  • This look is steering away from the intense maximalist look or the romantic interiors favored by boomer ladies.
  • This season's neutral style is calling for balanced spaces, finding the middle ground between soft and robust décor elements.
  • Palette is basically evenhanded using taupes, beiges, and greens.


Few decorating styles speak to summer as well as beach interior design.

  • To keep your beach summer decor classy versus tacky, stick with the minimal and simple plan.
  • Using just a few touches of nautical-inspired decor will get your message across.
  • A neutral color palette helps keep the look elegant and not tasteless.


With some of the spring and summer home decor of 2022 leaning toward gender-neutral colors and natural materials, designers look to incorporate additional touchable texture throughout the home.

  • Tactile additions can make an interior come alive as it enchants more than one of the senses.
  • Interiors are not only aesthetically pleasing but also dimensional.
  • The added sensory experience makes textured summer décor an excellent addition to any interior.


The icing on the spring and summer 2022 decor trends: oversized artwork!

  • Large, floor-to-ceiling length, art in a living room design or spacious entryway make a feature wall pop above all else.
  • Let one piece take all the attention; this is an ideal accent for toned-down interior styles like Mid-Century Modern.
  • Abstract, contemporary, realistic, or typography artwork can adorn the walls of any style home interior this summer.



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