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Tara Dickinson
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While life is beginning to emerge into a more normal routine, the majority of our time, for most of the population, still remains at the home front. With this fact being the focal point of our lives, you will see how home decor and design trends are being influenced by that reality.


Back in March we shared some of the top design and furniture trends that were emerging for 2021. These included:

  • BIOPHILIC DESIGN- focuses on connection to nature and bringing the outdoors into the home.
  • COMFY FURNITURE- cocooning furniture gained enormous popularity, offering safety and security in home furnishings. Soft textures and round shapes with deep cushions is one of the current trends.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY DESIGN- a shift towards more conscious consumption, sustainably made products, and buying second-hand.
  • GRANDMILLENNIAL STYLE- a modern day design partnering with retro elements; using Millennial imagination to incorporate inherited pieces in a modern home. It’s a fresh look at trends from their childhood years.
  • JAPANDI DESIGN - a combination of elegant Scandinavian design with Japanese aesthetics to create a style that’s minimalistic with mood-boosting natural elements.
  • HOME OFFICES- organizing a formal workspace with office type furniture into kitchens, living rooms, and kids rooms allows for a more harmonious and efficient home environment.
  • HOME GYMS-  adding some basic exercise equipment, a good sized TV screen, and surround sound speakers to create a home gym is also trending this year.
  • MID CENTURY MODERN- the fifties’ chic of Mid-Century Modern is everywhere, showcasing retro natural wooden designs, clean lines, and luxurious textures. Nostalgic feelings of a simpler, airy, sunny time reign strong right now.
  • STATEMENT VASES- big, bold, dominant shapes that bring instant attention and joy to a space. Think over-sized, bright colors, and unique contours.

Home design trends for 2021 remain vibrant topics of interest on most people’s radars as Americans are continuing to spend a good deal of time at home this year. Let’s begin by looking at the paint colors that are being most widely incorporated. We’ll then move on to some additional home decorating trends that are standing out this year. The main point remains creating a home that feels comfortable, relaxing, and a place for its residents to thrive as well as rejuvenate. In paint colors, this translates to warm hues with pops of bright color.



Grey & Yellow- this combination is gently embracing with the soft greys and then nudges you with hits of inspiration by inserting lively yellow contrasting tones. The grey is grounding and solid while the yellow adds touches of sun and hope.

2021 TrendsEarthy Browns- all complimenting shades of this earth toned pallet are strong contenders for 2021 as they make the home feel grounded, safe, warm, and part of nature. Layering rooms with different shades from the literal earthy pallet work well. From tan, to beige, to burnt umber, and golden sands. Add pops of color with fresh greenery or contrasting accents in reds and blues.

Sun Baked Teal- teal is a shade of blue that you might think of on the tips of a peacock's feathers, but the baked version is toned down. More akin to a shade you would see on doors and shutters of a southern desert home. It feels like faded linen sheets, and cool breezes on a warm summer morning. It radiates warmth and wellbeing, ultimately making your home feel even more like home.


This year as warmth in the home reigns supreme, the trending popular floor choice is terracotta tiles. Once again, the earthy tones of this tile add elements of warmth to an environment. A second benefit of terracotta is that you can quite easily find salvaged tiles, making this option not only sustainable but also environmentally friendly by using reclaimed materials. Plus, using rescued items always adds another dimension of character and story to a space.


Openly and proudly showing off your kitchenware has gained in popularity as a home design trend this year. Being able to gaze upon rich copper pots, handmade crockery, colored glass, and all manner of vintage dining ware that may be hidden in your cupboards is another way to provide a more welcome and comforting feeling at home.


Continuing on the theme of warmth for the domicile, the introduction of texture versus plain walls, does just the job. There are many ways to accomplish this look such as:

  • Plaster walls
  • Large wall-hangings, even rugs on the wall
  • Wooden slats in interesting geometric forms
  • Box paneling


Home design trends of 2021 can be condensed down to three words: retreat, nourish, and rest. Americans are looking for a homely aesthetic, drawing on a nostalgic mix of comfort and security. Most homes are still the main hub for many busy days, including work, school, exercise, and play. Your sanctuary of rest and relaxation now has multiple functions and is a living environment of every individual family member's life. Thus the desire to evoke even more familiarity and comfort is being called forth. It’s a balancing act of holding on to the reassuring past while also creating a sense of uplifting renewal as the world welcomes in a new normal.




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