Romantic Style Home Decor Guide

Tara Dickinson
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Romance for Every Style

To create a romantic decor design without doing the obvious over-the-top girly frilly look is absolutely doable in many different styles.

  • Romantic decor is created by focusing on the senses: touch using texture; sight using warm lighting and colors; scent with fresh flowers, herbs, perfumed candles; and sound with music flowing through hidden speakers, flowing water features, or letting in the sounds of nature.
  • The goal is to create a livable space with a striking effect.
  • Any decorating style, from Shabby Chic to French, to Country, can be improved with romantic touches.
  • Unique art objects that display your personal style for romance can be incorporated into the decor’s accents. 

Balancing The Feminine & Masculine

When designing a romantic interior, you don’t have to go overboard with frills and lace or colors like red or pink. The goal is to balance our two halves, delivering a merging of male and female aspects. By using a combination of feminine colorful details with masculine solid furnishings a lovely romantic design begins to emerge.



Begin your romantic setting decor with color. Romantic vibes are created with warm, cozy hues, soft whites, or diving into rich and deep sensual colors.

  • Red is a warm, romantic color that instantly creates a comfy look in any room. Use sparingly as an accent wall or in your decor elements.
  • Mixing shades of soft whites is another option.
  • Or a room painted in earth and orange tones like a Moroccan style invokes a glowing look and a feeling of welcoming comfort.
  • Embracing jewel tones such as royal purple, garnet red, or emerald green in touches here and there can also add opulent romantic vibes.
  • On the opposite end of the spectrum, soothing neutrals with dramatic detailing speak romance as well.
  • Bedroom walls painted in light blue, lavender, or soft green invoke feelings of relaxation and balance to calm the senses.


Romance means soft ambient lighting, which means turning off or removing any harsh overhead light. Instead opt for wall sconces, table lamps, and natural light. Use tan or off-white lamp shades to complete the soft look.


Nowadays chandeliers come in so many styles, from futuristic to modern to of course vintage and romantic looking styles.

  • A beautiful chandelier giving off soft, warm lighting in the living or dining room is an ideal romantic addition.
  • And of course, a stylish chandelier in the bedroom will set the mood for romance every night.
  • They can even be added to powder rooms and bathrooms if you are creating a romantic vibe all throughout the home.


Nothing beats the warmth and light of a fireplace when romance is called upon. If you want your home to have a romantic vibe any time of the year, use or install a fireplace and cupid will come knocking.

  • Fireplaces are perfect complements to any type of decor.
  • A faux fireplace is a perfectly legitimate option.
  • Decorative wood mantels can be added as focal points in any room.
  • There are many accompanying accents to consider with your fireplace including setting the stage by filling the fireplace with candles for a soft glow.

Twinkle Lights

An extremely easy and quick way to immediately add a romantic vibe to your home is by adding strands of delicate fairy lights which impart a flirtatious glow to the space.

  • In the bedroom around a headboard, over the canopy, or with the curtains.
  • Across a mantle place over the fire.
  • Along a staircase banister.
  • Around the perimeter of the living room.


What would romance be without candles, flickering flames scattered around the home? Everyone looks good in candlelight and the atmosphere becomes warm and relaxing.

Birdcage Holders

These candle accents add a vintage romantic look to a room.

Glass Holders

Using glass candle holders lets all the warm light shine through and bounces more of it around creating a sensual atmosphere.


What furniture you use will depend on the overall decor style you choose, but here are a few tips to follow if you want a romantic vibe in every room of the home.

  • Furniture that is covered in soft textures is ideal. Think plush velvet, soft leather, or chenille.
  • Recliners and lounge chairs call for comfort and relaxation.
  • Dining rooms with comfortable cushioned chairs in soft fabrics create a more romantic and cozy look and feel.
  • Tufted upholstered ottomans in the sitting room or bedroom aid in the ambiance of putting your feet up and resting.

Vintage Vanity

Refurbished Cabinet

Pastels, whitewashed, and rustic looks on wood furniture pieces add to the softer romantic look.


There are several ways to use drapes and curtains to complement your romantic decor style. Obviously, you’ll want flowing fabric, nothing too stiff or formal. And textures can be sheer and breezy or heavy and opulent such as glorious velvet or brocades.

  • Sheer and simple softens a room and creates a relaxing, restful feeling.
  • Heavy jewel-colored curtains block out light and make for a cave-like cozy atmosphere.


Soft Pillows

Having an abundance of throw pillows in the rooms sets the stage for getting comfortable, for relaxing, letting your hair down, and putting your feet up and you snuggle into softness.

Wooden Plaques

White-washed, rustic, vintage, with flowing fonts, are the styles to look for when hanging sayings painted onto wooden panels.

Black & White Prints

There’s something charming and arresting about black and white images. This straightforward presentation evokes feelings of intensity and depth aiding in the decor feeling of romance.


Flowers and romance are synonymous. Thus, as many bouquets, and arrangements of beautiful flowers you can include in your home’s setting will enhance the romantic mood. Any color and variety of combination work; there’s no need to stick to red or roses.


Scents are aphrodisiacs, igniting our passions and stimulating our senses. An essential oil diffuser is a nice gadget to enhance the air your choice of spice. Some romantic scents include:

  • Bergamot
  • Cedarwood
  • Jasmine
  • Lavender
  • Musk
  • Rose
  • Sandalwood


Vintage Trio

Baroque Mirror Set

Draped With Flower Garland


Adding throw rugs or area rugs brings in another element of texture in your desired decor space. Choosing styles that feel plush and soft feels good on the body. Choosing styles that have a certain look with color and shape can also enhance the look of romance.

Plush Faux Fur

Romantic Image Rugs

Flora Rugs


Some home decor styles lend themselves more towards the romantic look. The following images are shared to spark your creative juices and see what type of style plucks at your heartstrings. Concentration on bedroom decoration is heavy as you can obviously understand.


Royal-Hued Bedroom

Shabby Chic Versailles-Inspired Bedroom

Rustic Country Romantic Bedroom

TIP: Lovely way to use a repurposed farmhouse barn door, turn it into a rustic-looking headboard.

Antique Accents For Your Rustic Country Look

Framed Initials: Subtle way to add a hint of romance to a room. Notice the soft orange-colored wall, lots of comfy pillows, and supple bed linens.

Canopy Bed Lights: This magical bed cave of fairy lights is romance on hyper-drive!

Canopy Beds: There’s something so romantic about curtains surrounding a bed. It’s cozy, sexy, opulent, and just begs for days and nights spent in luxurious relaxation and intimacy.

White Winter Style Romance: A romantic look can come in simple and clean colors and styles as well.


And lastly, don’t forget your outside areas when designing your romantic-styled home. The front porch, the backyard, all are spaces for enjoying time together in nature and sharing romance. Open outdoors, under the sky, beneath the stars with blankets, wine… and your romantic-themed home life is complete.

Porch or Balcony

Romantic Backyard

Set the mood with soft, magical lighting.

  • Decorate the edges of your deck with lit tea light candles.
  • String twinkle lights on railings, in planters, or in low-hanging trees.
  • Arrange varying candle sizes as a centerpiece to your table.
  • Consider adding dimmable accent lighting to your decking or post cap lighting to your railing.
  • Arrange fresh flowers and fresh herbs from your garden in mason jars placed around your outside hangout area.      
  • Arrange soft spots for snuggling. Deck chairs can have luxurious blankets and pillows for nesting under the moonlight. Soft rugs and throw pillows allow for extra cuddling space.  

Edible Romance

There’s no double that food plays a part in the romance games. Having an awesome outdoor space to whip up something delightful for your honey is another way to keep the vibe going.


These romantic style decor ideas can easily be had on a budget when you shop the eco-conscious choice of secondhand finds. Consider reassessing an old vanity, a bedside table, or a blank wall with these fun romantic style tips. From flower garlands to gilded mirrors, and even your own constellation of hanging lights, your home will be staged as a romantic getaway.


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