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Tara Dickinson
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Tips & Ideas For Summer Home Decorating Trends


Tropical paradises, cool breezes, water, sand, and sun. Welcome to summer, the season of relaxation, laid back hangouts, outside barbecues and picnics. Summer decor style centers around bright cheerful colors, looks and pieces that easily flow from inside to outside and back again. Comfort, fun, and serendipity are the yardsticks to measure your summer design creations.



Remove the hard edges from your furniture pieces to achieve the more chill vibe of summer time. Round, soft, and curved are indicative of comfort and informal gatherings. Curved couches, round tables, circular outside sitting areas are all invitations to kick back and relax.


As with most other design trends over the past two years, people are seeking the comfort of nature, bringing the soothing seduction of the natural environment inside. This trend continues with the change of season into one of the most welcoming for outdoor living. Using raw materials in the makeup of your summer decor collection is the perfect foundation for a refreshing update. Raw woods, warm stones, wicker, simple glass, and recycled materials create that relaxed, less structured feel.



The most beautiful and delicate part of nature is big in this year’s summery style guide: flowers. Especially used on accent walls. The new designs in floral wallpapers can instantly bring the tropics to life in your home. Large exotic designs, smaller passion fruit colored flowers sprinkled across the bedroom wall, and all sorts of arrangements are instant summer design hits. Bright botanical prints on your throw pillows, or seasonal bedding are also simple ways to bring the summer flora theme into the home. And of course wild fresh-picked flowers placed all around the home spread summer spirit too.  


Want an instant and modern summer boost to your bedroom? Add a luxurious and dreamy canopy bed. What could express exotic vacations in faraway islands better than the flowing, breezy soft drapery style of a canopy bed. Canopy styles range from the traditional, to the ornate and romantic, to the more streamlined and modern. The fabric, color, texture, and weight will be the determining factor in expressing a specific summer look and feel.


Tropical refreshments full of fruity, icy concoctions are practically required for perfect summer entertaining. The ultimate addition to update your home for the summer months is a moving kitchen island. These rolling carts are so excellently functional, with additional storage, extra counter space, and of course the ability to transport right into the backyard or sun porch for easy entertaining, that adding one to your summer home update is a no-brainer.



Nautical- The traditional seashore theme of a summer beach house on the east coast has many foundational elements to update and personalize for your summer style. White and navy blue striped furniture coverings; large sea shells; rope and nautical themed accents can only say summer is here. 

Festive- Extra long hours of sunshine allow for extended outdoor entertaining, creating mini-parties and gatherings as often as possible. Think multiple side tables, floor pillows, and strands of paper colored lanterns set the mood for festive days and nights. Cheery turquoise, lime, peach, and white hues create a festive atmosphere. Make sure to set up your outdoor weather-proof furniture. Add more planters to the front and back porches. Fairy-string lights and tiki torches add the final touches to your summer festive decorating.


Tropical Accents- Pretty glassware, extra serving platters, colorful cloth napkins and spreads for the lawn. Interchange your normal dishes for some tropical or seashore themed pieces. Hand-painted wood signs, palm tree throw rugs, or palm fronds in large glass vases work for summer homes. Coral, Caribbean turquoise colors of mixed sea glass objects... let your creativity and imagination run free into the lush tropics from Hawaii to Jamaica.

Upcycle Refresher- Parakeet bright greens, reds, blues, and oranges- choose a favorite color and spray an old set of chairs or side tables with some glossy paint. Or reupholster furnishings with sunny patterns, maybe a hint of gold here and there to refresh or update old items for a fun summer look.;-ottomans-&-benches A summer makeover is full of bright colors, lightweight, flowing fabrics, and of course beach-inspired decor. Updating your home for summer can be done by simply exchanging heavy draperies, bedding, and smaller accents or pieces of art with lighter, brighter options that speak of summer sun and fun. Go bigger by adding outdoor dining furniture, kitchens, ovens, and hangout-designated areas. Whatever you choose, keep it easy; the whole point of these lovely summer months is to relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy life.




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