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Tara Dickinson
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Just as your wardrobe will get an update with the spring 2022 season, so does the urge come for a home decor refresh. And the home design and decorating trends that are most outstanding for the season of renewal are all about embracing our newfound freedom and re-engaging with the world around us. The emerging interior trends for spring 2022 are a reflection of hope for literal and metaphorical sunnier days. The emphasis is on merging the desire to enjoy the outdoors and the public domain while also bringing that same nature vibe and worldly excitement into the home.

  • Bold, brave colors.
  • Natural shapes and forms in repeated patterns.
  • Open-plan spaces.
  • Connecting to the environment.
  • 'Barkitecture', the new interior design trend of creating luxury spaces for pets that fit seamlessly in the home.

Probably the most prominent design trend for this spring continues to focus on self-care and making sure you have space in your home for sufficient mental and physical wellbeing.


Color, Texture, & Warmth

This spring’s color palette is all about warmth, exciting color, and feel-good hues.

  • Warm shades of orange are popular.
  • So are lilac and lavender.
  • Besides paint or wall finishes, another way to introduce these colors into your space is through furnishing accents and accessories.

Conscious Consumption

Global warming is front and center in everyone’s life. Thankfully consumers have made a huge shift to understanding the benefits of sustainable practices and purchasing sustainable products when designing and decorating their homes. Thus, consciously designing and responsibly outfitting your home with everything from sustainable building materials to recycled furniture is now a high priority.

  • Consumers are adopting more innovative products that are designed from the start with sustainability in mind.
  • This can involve smart thermostats, recycled water systems, solar or wind power, secondhand furnishings, and much more.
  • Sustainably in home decor is a spring 2022 trend that is only growing stronger and stronger with each passing season.

Cork Flooring

Because of its eco-credentials and the ease of sourcing it sustainably, cork floors have become one of the main home decor trends for 2022.

  • They are available in a variety of hues.
  • Cork has natural thermal properties which means it is great for heat insulation.
  • It can be a much less expensive underfloor heating option as opposed to the other alternatives.
  • This translates to a reduction in energy usage and utility bills, thus more eco-benefits.

Made In America

While the supply chain flow is still stymied for the foreseeable future, the solution is to take advantage of your local economy.

  • American-made design and domestic manufacturers are on the rise.
  • Consumers want to support companies that positively impact their community and their planet.
  • Everyone is seeing the benefit of shopping small and investing in their home town’s businesses and the larger companies that are supporting their workers and local economies.

Intentional Organization

Because Americans have spent most of the last two years inside their homes, many have taken the time to declutter and simplify down to the essentials to help keep their sanity intact.

  • Google saw a 700% increase in searches around decluttering at the end of last year, of 2021, meaning this season will see the ultimate spring cleaning!
  • Uncluttered and well-organized, almost Zen-living, spaces that are “less is more”, with calming clean lines.
  • This trend has been dubbed “considered organization” meaning to display your items in an intentional way.
  • Storage and organization have been revamped and re-thought through.
  • Installing kitchen shelves and mounting floating shelves is another significant trend on the rise.
  • People are taking advantage of their space in new ways as personal and professional lives continue to further mesh.

Organic Shapes & Curves

The appeal of soft, curved, and rounded shapes continues with the spring 2002 home decor trends. These shapes reminiscent of cocoons provide a deep sense of comfort and security as well as filling a visually aesthetic flow. Adding curves and rounded shapes to your spring decor update can include:

  • Adding a touch of softness with a contemporary dimension to your decor scheme by painting a wall arch.
  • Abstract artworks celebrating the curved lines of the human body.
  • Upholstered furniture makes it an ideal medium to explore the burgeoning sculptural, rounded, and organic shapes that are appearing in this developing trend.
  • Curved sofas.
  • Cut-out armchairs. 

Floral Walls

Flowers and springtime literally go hand in hand. Thus it’s quite easy to see how flowers, flora accents, and all things of nature are trending this year, especially adding this theme to your wall decor.

  • Peel-and-stick wallpaper is an easy way to add this fresh style for the season.

Wellness Spaces

With more time still being spent at home than ever before, it’s clear that home will continue to play an important role in your life as you look to spend time on the things that you love the most. How to create a space dedicated to wellness or hobbies in your home was a major search theme throughout all of last year and continues into this spring,

  • People are prioritizing their health and wellbeing over everything else this year.
  • The ‘spathroom,’ or spa-inspired bathroom is on the rise as part of this self-care revolution as well.
  • An indulgent spa-inspired bathroom is created with a minimalist design, mood lighting, a luxurious tub, and/or a high-performance shower.
  • The focus is on a relaxed, calm state of mind.
  • Which is achieved by using neutral colors, clean lines, and natural materials.

Foyer Fun

Spring 2022 is seeing the foyer getting much needed attention. Being the first room people see when they come to your home, it should make a statement, one that gives guests of preview of what’s to come as they venture further inside.

  • The foyer is going to be a major space of impact in the home this year.
  • Don’t be afraid to make it unforgettable.
  • Try incorporating sentimental or vintage items that bring personality to your entrance.
  • For example, a vintage mirror, paired with a stack of favorite books, and collectibles create a styled but welcome vibe. 

Artistic Off-Beat Accent Rug

Fitting in perfectly with the spring season’s trend of bold colors and bright nature patterns, a bohemian-inspired decor accent rug will make an excellent spring decor update.

  • Consider rugs with fun textures as well.
  • Work from the ground up with a multi-colored rug; meaning to use chairs in a shade that coordinates with your rug. 

Outdoor Lifestyle & Garden Love

Home gardens and sprucing up outdoor living areas are another big spring trend. As much as people are refreshing their homes, the same energy is being put towards adding personality to their garage work studios, gardens, and outdoor dining areas.

  • Greenhouse and vegetable patches are gaining popularity.
  • Gardens are getting cozy feeling makeovers and becoming extensions of the home.
  • More comfortable outdoor-use upholstery, lighting, and accessories continue to emerge.
  • An increase in outdoor cinema experiences is another hot home trend on the rise.


The main Spring decorating trend is based heavily on the need to be more expressive, allowing the pent-up energy of the last year to be released. This is being expressed with bold color selections, embracing more patterns, mixing styles, and finding joy in the unexpected. As sustainability continues to remain at the forefront, it feels more natural than ever to reuse, recycle and re-imagine items that might seem out of date. With shipment and stock issues continuing, shopping local and finding the perfect item to refresh your home hidden away in the garage or attic are the perfect solutions.




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