Setting Up Spaces For Spring Entertaining

Tara Dickinson
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“Spring is nature’s way of saying. ‘Let’s party!’”

- Robin Williams 

Literally coming from a winter of being mostly indoors to months of freedom in the great outdoors, spring is all about enjoying some of the best weather of the year. Springtime is relished by many as a time for new beginnings. For some, it’s a time of fasting and wonderful celebrations of food; for others, it is a recognition of the seasonal change, a time for planting new crops and celebrating mother nature. It’s a culturally rich season with many holidays and activities. Some of the special days include:

  • Spring Equinox
  • Easter Sunday
  • Ramadan
  • Earth Day
  • Arbor Day
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • Mother’s Day

Setting up your home for spring get-togethers with captivating centerpieces, outdoor entertaining plans, and front door decor is part of the joy of this lively seasonal period.



It’s The Season of Al Fresco Spring Entertaining

Spring calls for as many meals and dining with family and friends outside al fresco as possible.

  • Choose a local park picnic spot, your backyard, or any other community area for open-air dinner parties.
  • The spring season’s colorful fresh produce bounty provides endless options for meals and tabletop decor inspired by nature.
  • Think about what will make your chosen dining area as comfortable and enjoyable as possible for your guests.

spring entertainingOrganization Is Key

Efficient planning and prepping will allow your event to run as smoothly and stress-free as possible.

  • By organizing the process you keep the flow running smoothly.
  • Write down the plans as categorized by food, drink, décor, and overall ambiance.
  • Having all details organized together takes the stress out of the party management.



Spring tables are a time to take advantage of natures’ bounty by displaying fresh blooms.

  • A centerpiece with fresh flowers is the perfect reflection of the season.
  • Use whatever you have on hand or can gather from a hike in your local woods.
  • Add plenty of greens to create a simply awe-inspiring tablescape.

Uses Floras

A celebration of the warmer springtime months means a chance to decorate with florals in all aspects, from tableware to home decor, to patio furniture coverings, to bunches of fresh flowers everywhere.

  • A floral dinnerware set is a classic that you can pull out for spring entertaining.
  • Or use an updated motif with bright, cheerful patterns in pink, blue, green, yellow, and lavender.
  • In the home, add an accent wall with floral wallpaper. Or add floral-covered throw pillows in the living room.


A lovely spring accouterment to add to your entertaining setup are fresh colored linens.

  • This includes table cloths and cloth napkins.
  • Linens will elevate your tablescape to a level of elegance.
  • Mix patterns and colors to add a fresh, spring feel to your décor.
  • For the utmost elegance, fold them in a fleur-de-lis style. This stylized lily will make your table fun and festive for the spring.

Miscellaneous Spring Entertaining Accompaniments

  • Antique ice buckets - can come in all styles and looks. Use anything upcycled or found that can hold ice or bottles of drinks.
  • Cake stands - good for more than cake, holding appetizers, small jars, or gifts.
  • Drink Pitchers - pastel-colored antique glass or porcelain ones found at your favorite second-hand shop are perfect for spring looks.
  • Rainbow-colored glasses - again, these are great items to collect from second-hand shops to make a full rainbow of colors for festive spring looks.
  • Serving trays - in any shape or size are great for outdoor entertaining. Acting as food service trays or extra mini tables to place near outdoor seating areas.
  • Vases - with all the fresh bouquets of flowers you’re going to be displaying, having lots of vases around is a must.

Decorating Themes For Spring

Set the Theme: having an underlying theme for your spring entertaining ties everything together.

  • Keep it simple.
  • Let it come thru in the floral arrangements, the food, ambiance, and music.

Some ideas to get you started:

Moroccan Dinner Party- this passionate international theme will transport your guests to the rich wonders of this world.

  • Set up the decor to match Moroccan style in the flower arrangements and stylistic vases.
  • Use lots of votive holders and hanging lanterns.
  • Bold jewel tones such as ruby red, sapphire blue, emerald green, and amber yellow will emit the ambiance you're looking for.
  • Drape pieces of fabric at your entryway or above the dinner table for a Moroccan tent effect

Spring Harvest- celebrates nature’s bounty by using the season’s fresh produce, herbs, and flowers.

  • For centerpieces use vases of fresh vegetables such as beets and carrots.
  • Roll up spring herbs, tie them with twine and place them around the room to smell spring aromas. 

Rustic BBQ- start the grilling season a little early and have a barbeque.

  • Evoke a relaxed alfresco atmosphere with a table covered in a rustic table cloth linen with small vases of wildflowers and votive candles.
  • Layout blankets and outdoor pillows on the lawn for a relaxing mealtime.


While you may hold some potluck dinners inside your home, a birthday celebration, or a holiday meal, most of the entertaining done in spring are set up outside, mainly in the backyard. So to prepare this space for all the fun it’s going to see, follow these guidelines to be event-ready at any moment this spring. The goal is to create a space that is welcoming, matches your personal home decor style, and has plenty of seating for guests. This extension of your home will now be ready for outdoor entertaining.


Just beginning your outdoor decorating process? Start by choosing a color palette.

  • Keep it simple.
  • Choose a neutral base and add one to two accent colors.
  • Remember, you’re making the yard and patio an extension of your home.


This is the heavy hitter and probably the most impart part of your outdoor entertaining setup.

  • Keep the weather in mind when picking your outdoor furniture.
  • Treated wicker, metal, and marine-grade woods are great choices.
  • You’ll want chairs, benches, tables, side tables, ottomans, and lounge chairs to be well prepared.
  • Reupholster cushions with outdoor fabric so you can leave them outside all year round.


Outdoor pillows make your seating area comfortable and inviting.


Accessories are where you get to add your personal touch and display your decor tastes.

  • For spring, choose vases you love filled with fruit.
  • Lots of elegant candle holders set the mood too.
  • Outdoor art pieces are exciting too- sculptures, mosaics, or other things that can withstand the elements.


It’s been said ad nausea, but spring is all about the blooming plants and flowers.

  • Double and triple up on your fresh greeny display for your outdoor entertaining spring decor.


You have an extra hour of light now so you can enjoy the outdoor time even longer but it’s nice to set the atmosphere with additional lighting elements for your spring entertaining.

  • Extra lamps, torches, lanterns, or a fire pit all work to make the space look alive.
  • Use strands of small holiday lights to keep the vibe lively and fun.


Spring is all about renewal and there's so much to love: spring meadows, clear skies, warmer weather, longer evenings, and spending relaxing time with friends and family. Set the stage in your home with additional outdoor seating, tables, loungers, games, and other accouterments that will make everyone who visits feel welcome, relaxed, and enjoy the time together.


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