Top 10 Home Decor Furnishings Guide Roundup

Tara Dickinson
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Have you ever entered the lobby of a business and it instantly transports you to a Zen-like Asian garden atmosphere, with shades of soft greens, a water feature, some bamboo art, and soothing surround sound music? Or walked into a new friend’s home and been greeted by a charming southern comfort feeling, with a cozy flower-patterned sofa, folk art, and woven throw rugs? These examples are to show you that the correct furnishings can truly make a difference in how you feel in the space you’re occupying.

  • The way your home looks determines the mood and atmosphere.
  • Home decor is an expression of how you feel and live.
  • A purposefully decorated home can have a calming and rejuvenating effect.

furnishingsThen the question is, how do you make your space look great while reflecting your personal sense of style? With some thought and planning, you can end up with a beautifully comfortable home.

  1. Begin your decor planning with some basic measurements. Sketch out a simple floor plan layout.
  2. Take a minute to think about how you’ll be using and living in each space of the home. How many people; what activities; children involved, etc.?
  3. Choose a decor “theme”. There are over 50 to choose from right HERE.
  4. With those steps finalized, now you can begin decorating the rooms. The easiest way to start is by choosing a focal point, an area, an item, or an element in the room that immediately draws the eye to it. Every other item in the room should ideally complement this.

The following summaries of individual furnishings and other home elements as well as accents will guide you through every stage of your decor adventure.


Top 10 Home Decor Furnishings Guide Roundup In Review

  1. Bedroom Accessories: Top 10 Most Popular
  2. Clocks: The Ultimate Guide
  3. Coffee Table Accessories: Top 10 Most Popular 
  4. Coffee Table Guide
  5. Hearth Accessories
  6. Interior Lighting Guide
  7. Lounge Chair Guide
  8. Mantels: A Guide To Creating Amazing
  9. Mirror Guide -Types & Styles
  10. Sofa Guide

BONUS: Electronics and Appliances Gadgets


Bedroom Accessories: Top 10 Most Popular

Whatever your style, there does seem to be some consistency with a number of the most popular accessories used to make a bedroom functional, comfortable, and a place of rest. Here’s a look at the top ten most popular.

  1. Stylish, high-quality, comfortable bedding.
  2. Throw rugs.
  3. Layers of lighting.
  4. Nightstand (side table).
  5. A mirror.
  6. Personal accessories.
  7. Bench, chaise lounge, or trunk at the foot of the bed.
  8. Headboard- adds an element of refinement.
  9. Blackout draperies (or other curtains to fit your style).
  10. Some greenery; a living plant or two cleans the air and adds a really nice touch of nature.

Clocks: The Ultimate Guide

There seems to be an overall love/hate relationship with clocks; they either remind you of time marching ceaselessly on or they give you comfort in the organization and management of your life and goals. For home decor purposes, the breadth of the clock world makes professional designers swoon. So if clocks are on your “yes” list as needed or wanted for decorating purposes, then let this guide help you make the best decision.

  • A listing of the different categories of clocks and how to identify what you are looking for.
  • If you are considering acquiring an antique clock, the list of questions to ask and details to review is ideal.
  • How to use wall clocks, grandfather clocks, and table clocks in different decor settings.

Coffee Table Accessories: Top 10 Most Popular 

Striking a balance between functional and stylish coffee table decor for your decorating needs is a fun challenge to play with. There is a method to creating an alluring tablescape, with varying heights, shapes, and textures. In one sense you can even see this space as an art installation. After picking the perfect coffee table for your living space, accessorizing is what makes your house a home, showcasing your own style and personality.


  1. Books.
  2. Candles.
  3. Coasters.
  4. Catch-all container.
  5. Edible Treats (candy or nut dish).
  6. Games.
  7. Personal Objects.
  8. Plants.
  9. Trays.
  10. Vases.

Coffee Table Guide

This necessary little, or big and sturdy, table for making our lives more convenient, better organized, and absolutely more stylish has many different representations. Holding everything from our all-essential remote controls to mugs of hot beverages, to dinner plates, bowls of movie snacks, and even our tired feet after a long day. Let’s look at the guidelines for choosing the best coffee table for your needs.

  • Before you even begin looking for the perfect coffee table, it would be best to first have your living room’s sitting furniture, sofa, or easy chairs, already in place.
  • That way you can match the ideal height, depth, and width to fit perfectly with these furnishings.
  • A coffee table helps tie together your seating area.
  • Make note of the height and length you need.
  • Choose a shape: round, abstract, rectangular, etc.
  • Choose a material: glass, wood, metal, recycled plastic, marble, etc.

There will be dozens and dozens of choices for you to consider. But as always, it comes down to personal preference and choosing a piece that makes you happy. And to keep eco-conscious and stay within the ideals of a circular economy, choosing gently used secondhand or upcycled items is always ideal.

Hearth Accessories

For much of the world, having a warm hearth is the cornerstone of a welcome and loving home. By literally and figuratively providing warmth, the hearth is a symbol of safety. A fireplace, in the main room of the home, is a common gathering place for families to hang out, connect, and enjoy being together. It is also a great spot for collections of photos, arts, and other souvenirs to add to your decor style.

  • Review the different types of hearts available, from stone to electric.
  • Access the complete list of hearth accessories from stylish elements, to cleaning gear, to chimneys, and more.

Interior Lighting Guide

Home lighting is obviously essential but most people don’t realize how fun it can be as well as totally transform a space. Uplighting, spot lighting, recessed lighting, ambient lighting… all of these choices will affect the mood, the functionality, and the ambiance of a room.

  1. Consider the function: work, sleep, fun…
  2. Think of lighting in layers: from ceiling to wall, to table, to the floor.
  3. Review all the different ways you can light each of those locations, from accent lighting to chandeliers, to flush mounts, pendants, and more.
  4. The fun is in picking the light style itself, with looks across the whole spectrum of decor styles: Modern to Industrial to Futuristic, and more! 

Lounge Chair Guide

A to share the ins and outs of choosing the right lounge chair for support, comfort, and relaxation. Acquiring a piece of furniture that is not only beautiful but functional and decorative as well.  Lounge chairs have the ability to be a statement piece, at the same time they of course promote retreat, rest, and relaxation in the home.

  • Like many other home furnishings, the scope of style, size, and design of contemporary lounge chairs, as well as design classics, are diverse, to say the least.
  • Choices range from ultra modern, to ergonomically shaped and technologically advanced, to Japanese, and Mid-Century designs and everything in between.
  • Well designed lounge chairs exhibit a firm grasp of function with an emphasis on comfort, high performance, and beauty.
  • Things to consider when making your selection: the space available; the shape; the function; the style; and the material.
  • Works for both indoor and out!

Mantel Decorating Guide

A mantel or mantelpiece is the decorative frame and shelf around and above a fireplace. The mantel has become a place in the home to use as a focal point for decor style accessories and a way to freshen up design style looks with the seasons and/or holidays. The right balanced mantel decor can ground a space and bring life to a room.

  • Learn about the history of mantels going back to the 1700s.
  • See examples of mantel styles through different eras.
  • Hoe to choose a theme and a step-by-step decorating guide in different design styles.
  • Layout, balance, and choosing the right accessories.

These are the basic tips for an aesthetically pleasing result:

  • Use varying heights.
  • Layer items.
  • Don’t be afraid to use large elements.
  • Find the middle ground of harmonious balance.

Mirror Guide -Types & Styles

Useful, beautiful, and great for decorating. Mirrors have been in existence since early Egyptian times. The skillful placement of mirrors adds spaciness to a room, bringing light and depth to an area. They are also simply visually stunning in their own rights as mirrors have evolved into a high art form.

  • Just like other decor accents, mirrors come in an extremely wide range of shapes, colors, and styles.
  • Square, round, rectangle, sunburst, abstract.
  • Frames can make the whole look: gold, gilded, metal, mosaic, painted wood, seashell- the ideas are endless!
  • Don’t forget the outdoors and backyard areas too. Mirror inserts in these spaces an additional bit of sparkle and magic

Sofa Guide

​​The sofa is an important piece of furniture for your home, the place where you will gather with friends and family, a place to relax, let’s make sure to get the perfect fit for your lifestyle and home decor design. Since a sofa will be with you for many years, maybe generations to come, consider the future as well. Will your family be expanding? Or downsizing? Moving or staying rooted for good? Things to ponder.

  • Review a list of questions to consider before choosing your sofa.
  • Become knowledgeable about the different types of sofas: sectional, loveseat, sleepers, and modulus.
  • Understand the construction basics of a sofa: the frame, arms, cushions, and materials.
  • Step into the world of sofa style, such as Camelback, Lawson, Tuxedo, and more!

Sofas can easily be a main statement piece for the room, or they can be neutral settings to showcase accents. Functional or decorative; firm and stern or completely enveloping. There is a sofa for every desire and decor.

BONUS: Electronics and Appliances Gadgets

A compilation of everyday electronic and appliance items a home needs to the latest gadgets on the market to make life easier. Here’s the complete list of gadgets to get you started in your home or apartment:

  1. TV.
  2. Stereos.
  3. Gaming- consoles, remotes, and other related accouterments.
  4. Computers- tablets, pads, monitors, and anything else you need for your computer system of choice.
  5. Printer.
  6. Networking equipment.

The latest gadgets that can clean and run your home like a futuristic dream. With the invention of advanced technologies and devices, those dreams are starting to come true. Let’s look at some of the latest home electronic gadgets available.




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