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Tara Dickinson
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The look, feel, and especially materials used to create furniture is ever evolving as designers continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in today’s world. The range of function, form, efficiency, and overall aesthetic appeal of futuristic furniture varies quite a bit. But there do seem to be some consistencies that run through most designs:


  • Technology is paramount- whether this comes in with the actual structural materials of the furniture piece or in the incorporated elements with light, sounds, touch control, etc.
  • Shape- the shapes used in futuristic furniture definitely mimic the smooth flowing forms found in nature.
  • Surfaces- are ultra-sleek and smooth.
  • Lines- are mostly curved and round with few hard edges, while others are geometric in nature. Lines are long and dynamic.
  • Colors- are extremely minimal, sticking with the neutrals of white, black, and grey. Color comes into play with technological elements of user selected colored lights for example.
  • Efficient- running at high efficiency rates, futuristic furniture is extremely aware of power source and energy expenditure.
  • Multi-Functional- another consideration that has been taken into account in futuristic furniture designs is the concept of pieces that are multi-functional. Meaning chairs that can turn into tables. Tables that can turn into benches. Couches that shift into beds. This is not a wholly unique concept, but the new applications have taken a leap into dynamic worlds. 


Bench- furniture that can morph and change into a variety of shapes and looks absolutely fits into the futuristic category. Elegant loop designs allow for many different seating options. The style is ultra modern, expressing lines that flow like a winding river.


High-Tech- using every tech trick in the book, some chairs take on starship-like features, such as creating a camouflage or cloaking effect with the use of light, mirror film, LEDs, and sensors. The chair can blend into its environment as well as interact with people and motion detecting light sensors.

Magnetic Floating Chairs

Misc. Chairs- every color, shape, and style of chair is available in the category of futuristic design. Decide on the overall look you're going for- minimalistic, masculine, industrial, Asian, or even some of the forest and mountain styles- and then futuristic pieces can be  incorporated depending on the materials of construction.


The futuristic look of the table begins with the Modern decor trend that started back as far as the 1920’s and further evolved in the Mid-Century Modern era. Taking that minimalist foundation in form and function, current modern iterations of tables have been elevated to heights of technological masterpieces.



Eco Friendly- made from upcycled and recycled materials, designers are embracing sustainable methods of production to further enact a circular economy.


Built-in garden.

Recycled plastic.


Couches and sofas of the future are apparently decked out with the latest in technology functions as well as looking like they have landed on earth from another dimension. Shape is economic, there are no superfluous lines or details. The look is clean, striking, and ultra modern giving off an almost sculptural appearance.


Ecotypic Beds- have been designed as miniature power sources and are the ‘green’ socially conscious choice of future furniture. Energy that you exert in or around the bed is stored and converted into useful energy to power the beds lighting and sound systems as well as growing plants in the built-in garden.

Cocoon Shaped- these rounded sleeping nests offer users a haven of safe feeling comfort. Newer models come with therapeutic lighting, surround sound, and weightless waterbed mattresses.

Canopy Style- the newer versions of a canopy bed are, once again, seen built with smooth flowing lines, curves and all manner of technology included. From more cube-shaped, to open mouthed structure, and others that conform to body lines. These ‘smart’ beds are the ultimate in modern comfort with all amenities included: audio, video, lighting, game console, and remote blinds.


Dramatic shapes using metallic details and cutting edge form are what you’re going to find in the futuristic design of your lighting elements.


Table Lamps

Floor Lamps

Wall Mounted Lights- like futuristic furniture, lighting elements in this style are also interactive, allowing users to change the shape and/or light emitting options.


​​Humans have been entranced with outer space and other worldly dimensions since the beginning of time. Bringing the imagination and feel of the science fiction, sifi, look into home design involves selecting colors, shapes, and technology that fits your personality.

Futuristic modern decor plays with long and flowing dynamic lines. Colors are mainly monochromatic with splashes of mystical neon lights. Hi-tech is the fabric that runs throughout a futuristic home, where everything from light, to music, to window shades, fireplaces, and temperature can be controlled in the palm of your hands.

Ergonomic furniture pieces combined with creative lighting elements, mixed with a touch of personal expression will bring your futuristic home decor to life.




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