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Tara Dickinson
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Interior Inspiration, Design and Decorating Ideas in Techno Style


Techno, short for technology, home interior design style had its beginnings in the late 1970’s. It was during this time of intense technological development with a shift towards valuing man’s triumph over nature that hi-tech or the ‘techno’ style emerged. This clean cut, minimal style with little embellishment and an abundance of technology-infused features is still a highly sought after decor choice.

1970's Techno Futuristic Style

Celebrating all things technology based, techno-style is a modern design look that incorporates new materials and innovations. This furnishing style uses pops of neon colors that became popular in the 1980’s to create a cool atmosphere against oceans of white and black backgrounds. Elegant slim lines, typical of the modern interior style of living, are present along with a fresh look at the industrialization and technical progress of the day.

This techno style is close to the heart of ‘constructivism’ lovers by bringing functional high-tech room decorating ideas to modern homes. Elegant and aesthetically pleasing, techno style is a balance of artistic interior design space inspired by modern technologies in geometric patterns.

Techno elements in modern design include:

  • Cold metal and glass surfaces.
  • Very few textiles or fabrics.
  • Industrial style walls: brick, stone, raw materials.
  • Color is mostly black and white with blue, grey, and brown second.
  • Accent art comes in prints of technology images or abstract canvases.
  • A concentration of reflective elements.
  • Geometric outlines with perfect clarity.
  • Abundant lighting, including ceiling, wall, and floor sources.

Techno high-tech interiors are for those who love to surround themselves with technology and are comfortable using it. High-tech fixtures are made in the spirit of minimalism and have a fairly simple design. It is a very modern, forward thinking design style.


At TKNY Imports in NY, they define techno style as emphasizing small, efficient furnishings and design with a whimsical edge. They’re partial to compact/impact technology where hardware and software is more of attitude and lifestyle; where technology gadgetry is crossed with an emphasis on practical and playful

things that help you live better. "It's about an appreciation for design concepts that are compact yet have a large impact on how we think and live." -New York Times


Although more often seen in modern nightclubs, minimalist style restaurants, and hi-tech office buildings, techno style is still a popular choice for homes as well. Techno’s architecture is based on a strict geometry of space and objects. Light plays an especially important role in the interior with things such as glass panels being used to keep the space open and flowing. Like Industrial Style design, pipes, vents, and plumbing is a continuation of the decor. Wires and piping are painted in bright colors or covered by glass partitions. Furnishings are equipment-like in look: steel cabinets, chairs made from bent tubes; steel rollers are on table legs. Transparent materials and cool colors are combined with straight lines, rough wall surfaces of brick or stone. Modern techno decor is complex, interesting, futuristic but more than anything it is COOL!


Your techno-style home begins right in the foyer, where you will find all the traditional elements of an entrance hall: a mirror, storage cabinet, lighting, and sitting piece, but in slightly different variations. The techno design is minimal, concise, and clean.


As mentioned above, techno-style is clean, minimal, and almost sterile. The furnishings maintain a futuristic look, something you might have seen in your favorite sci-fi movie. If you’d like to keep this overall concept but want to add a bit of warmth, install a light colored wooden element. Adding an earth tone will make the room feel more welcoming. Any upholstered furniture in the living room should be oversized and as low as possible.


In a techno-style home, if using actual technologies and not just the aesthetics of the look, then your lighting systems will be ‘smart’, equipping the home with motion sensors, dimmers, and apps for light control at your fingertips, as well as touch panels around the house. Here functionality usually prevails over appearance.

Techno Lighting Styles

  • Almost complete absence of decorative elements.
  • Geometric forms inspired by cubism are most prevalent.
  • Surfaces are shiny, in the glow of cool silver, chrome, nickel.

  • Lighting placement is based on the functionality of each device.
  • Straight lines, torn and broken lines, sharp and unexpected transitions can be used.
  • Curves and smooth transitions are not usually seen.
  • Unusual futuristic forms in large-sized lighting pieces which may act as an art object are also welcome.

  • Floor lamps and sconces are made of: metal, aluminum, steel, chrome, glass, plastic.
  • No textile lampshades, prints, or decorations.
  • ​​Lamps that fit this style: concise, stylish, avant-garde, rational, and simple.

Pendant lights work well when you’d like to designate a certain space and incorporate  geometric elements into a room. Spotlights are used to create a more urban atmosphere.

Have your heart set on a chandelier? This can absolutely be included, just be mindful of the shape and color you choose; go for cubes, balls, spheres, trapezoids, or a combination of any of the aforementioned.


A techno style kitchen is pretty clean cut and minimalistic in design, distinguished by a strict observance of geometry.

  • Color follows material: steel metals, grey laminate flooring, white formica or glass cabinets. Technology is highly present in appliances, lighting, cooking controls.
  • Eco-friendly faucets are valued for their water conserving design. 
  • A Techno style home will often times be LEED certified or a 'green' home as well.
  • LED lighting is included in these trendy kitchens, inserted under cabinetry; it has a practical use for illuminating workspaces while delivering an awe-inspiring aesthetic. 


Minimal details, maximum reflective elements, spectacular light accents with strict lines are the elements that make up bathroom decor in this Techno style decorating plan.

  • Pipes can be left open or located behind the glass panel structures.
  • Tiles on walls and floors.
  • Marble or steel surfaces. 


Like the rest of your Techno style home, the bedroom furnishings are concise, clean, and streamlined with futuristic looking decor. The vibe is still one of relaxation and tranquility while adhering to the main design rules of techno style: minimum use of fabrics, meaning curtains can be replaced with roller blinds; floors are tile or vinyl with solid throw rugs;  bed coverings are plain textiles in dense materials; side tables and lamps are sleek and functional.


Accents in a Techno home are almost non-existent. Main decorative additions will be art hangings, abstract modern art, minimalist art, prints of high technology items or hyper-realistic images of futuristic objects. High-tech gadgets are the more welcome type of accents in your techno style home. Other elements include:

  • Stylistic mirrors.
  • Futuristic clocks.
  • Abstract monotone sculptures.
  • Single exotic green plant.

Canvas Wall Art Techno Musical Oil Painting HD Printed On Canvas

It is true that this style of decor feels quite masculine, but there is room for it to morph into additional subtexts, for example a child's room where fun design can be streamlined, creating the illusion of organized chaos.


Techno style is a combination of streamlined practicality, while harnessing the rules of extreme precision but not denying whimsy and fun. This decor style removes chaos and creates a sense of comfort through simplicity.



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