10 Most Popular Bedroom Accessories

Tara Dickinson
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Now, some would think this a very subjective subject matter as the “perfect bedroom” is whatever meets your idea of boudoir heaven. Some feel the bedroom should be a very Zen, quiet, simply furnished and decorated room used solely for essential rest and rejuvenation. Others are most comfortable in an opulent and decadent setting, where they feel completely pampered in their own hidden oasis, with four-poster beds, draperies, rich colors, and heavily accented with plush accessories. And of course there are those who strictly believe the bedroom is “where the magic happens” and furnish it accordingly.


Whatever your style, there does seem to be some consistency with a number of the most popular accessories used to make a bedroom functional, comfortable, and a place of rest. Here’s a look at the top ten most popular.

1. Bedding: Besides a quality mattress, number one has got to be bedding in most popular bedroom accessories. Whether it’s microfine sheen sheets, organic cotton, or warm flannel, layers of comfortable good quality bedding, from pillows to blankets and comforters, bedding is most essential as a bedroom accessory.

10 Most Popular Bedroom Accessories

2. Rugs: If you don’t have wall-to-wall carpet, throw rugs are an important accessory in creating a bedroom atmosphere that is soft and quieting. And this accessory is a piece that has so many options available. From plush and comfy, to textured and patterned, the styles and choices available in throw rugs are so versatile that there will be several options for everyone.


3. Lighting: As with layered bedding, layered lighting is another wonderful accessory to set up in your bedroom. From overhead, to side tables, to night lights, different wattage in your lamps and lights are part of the formula that creates a space for rest and relaxation.


4. Night Stands: Also called side tables, night stands for each side of the bed are really essential for a well working room. Holding smaller, softer lamps, evening routine items, from medications, to water, and other conveniences needed overnight, night stands keep a bedroom well organized, clutter-free and stylish.



5. Mirror: Just about everyone gets dressed in their bedroom. Choosing the right look for work, outings, or special events can hardly be accomplished without a mirror to offer feedback. From full length to a statement piece, the mirror can also expand the look and feel of a space and add light to the room.


6. Personal Expression: As mentioned before, bedrooms are a place for rest and rejuvenation. One way to accomplish this goal is by adding personal accents that inspire, move, or create happy feelings for you. This element can come in many forms, from photographs, to books, to glass collections- any element that brings you joy and comfort should be included.

Personal Expression

7. Bench: Having a bench, lounge, or trunk at the foot of your bed adds a not only extra storage space, but also an additional place for relaxation and reflection. Having a chaise lounge brings an element of decadence and can create a tone that sets the mood for self care and nourishment.


8. Headboard: Having a headboard is a signal that you have firmly entered adulthood. A nice refinement element for bedrooms, headboards come in every style and shape imaginable. These are also fun pieces that can be made from upcycled materials quite easily. Covered in cloth, using wood scraps, antique metal, or leather, there is a headboard suitable for your individual expression and comfort.


9. Curtains: Sleep experts across the nation are touting the importance of ‘black-out’ curtains, which do not allow any light to enter the bedroom thru windows. This helps the natural sleep cycles to work in your body. But this style is just one option. Curtains run the gamut of stylish creations. Bejeweled, full length, sheer, layered- there really is no limit when it comes to drapery choice other than that it is an essential accessory to add when building the perfect bedroom.


10. Plants: Not many people think of this last accessory, but having living greenery in your bedroom not only adds a live element, but a functional one as well. There are several varieties of plants that clean the air, adding more oxygen to the room than you might normally get, allowing for a deeper level of relaxation.


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