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Tara Dickinson
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Stylish, budget-friendly, and handy for organizing, all of these kitchen hacks are smart ways to get the most out of your kitchen space. If you don't have the time for a complete makeover, follow along on how to maximize usage of space.

Hanging Pot Rack

Overhead rack for hanging attractive pots and pans (or any cooking utensils) is a super-easy way to add additional storage space in your kitchen as well as keep you organized. Acting as storage and doubling as decor, these racks are a great kitchen organization tool.organized

Kitchen Island with Storage

A smart, space-saving solution that is also a workspace are kitchen islands, normally designed with a solid butcher block top and shelves underneath to hold your various cooking tools and small appliances. Some islands are also built to accommodate sitting stools for kitchen dining.

Expandable Cookware Organizer

These types of in-cabinet organizers vertically store any manner of cookware, keeping baking sheets, pots, lids, pans, and other bakeware all together. Some racks are also customizable so you can tailor them to your kitchen.

Roll-Out Cabinet Drawers

​​These siding shelves are SO convenient! You no longer have to take everything out of the cabinet to get to items stored in the back. Pull-out drawers make it easy to get to everything in that cabinet.

Stacking Cabinet Shelf

A stacking shelf allows you to take advantage of the vertical space in your cabinets; stacking items without making them harder to retrieve. 


​​Placing food and/or spice products on a turntable in a pantry or in a cabinet means keeping like-items organized and easily accessible all in one spot.

Over-Sink Dish Drying Rack

If you don't have a ton of space for a dish-drying rack but you wash a lot of dishes, go vertical. Over-sink racks have plenty of room for dining ware, cutlery, soap, and more.

3-Tier Fruit Basket

Instead of storing your fruit and veggies in a bowl that takes up valuable counter room, take advantage of the vertical space in your kitchen by adding a tiered fruit basket.


To create a truly organized and functional bedroom, take advantage of all the space in the room, including the walls, space under the bed, and empty corners. The following bedroom organization tips focus on reducing clutter, organizing spaces so they are streamlined, and creating a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom.


Under the Bed Storage

Easily accessible and out of sight, utilizing all the space under your bed frame for storage is a great step to take when organizing your bedroom.

  • Look for rolling storage containers.
  • Long plastic bins with lids also work.

Boxes For Off-season Storage

Sorting your clothes for the different seasons is another practical way to keep your wardrobe organized throughout the year.

  • Divide the bulk of your clothes into the different climates you’ll be experiencing in your area.
  • Then, pack into bins or boxes, label, and store them until the proper season.
  • Assess your belongings for items that you rarely use; you’ll be surprised by what you’ve collected over the years but never use.


A wardrobe is a furniture item suited for a bedroom and designed for the storage of clothing. Wardrobes will generally contain both a section for hanging clothing and drawers for storing folded clothing or shoes. A larger piece of furniture that is very handy if you don’t have enough closet space and need another way to keep all your belongings organized.

Blanket Rack

Using a rack-style piece of furniture to hold and organize blankets, quilts, or throws that you’ve collected will free up some closet space as well and display your attractive items. These racks help you keep things off the floor and your bedroom or guest room better organized. BONUS: These also work in the bathroom for towels, etc.

Baskets For Pillows

Keeping numerous throw pillows organized is easy when you use baskets to hold them while not in use on the bed.


This piece of furniture is ideal for keeping all of your home's bedrooms organized and tidy. Placed in the closet, or close to the closet will help clothes stay contained without spilling out all over the room. Choose a hamper that works with your decor.


Keeping workspaces tidy is a challenge as so much goes on in these spaces. To start the organization process, first, you need to remove anything that is not necessary in this area. Purge paperwork, file papers, and then create zones in your workspace. Productivity increases once your home office is free of clutter and fully functional.


Computer Credenza

The ideal piece of furniture for an organized office is a credenza which is laid out for optimal functionality with designated spaces for all office work needs.

Rolling File Cabinets

The storage space and organization provided by filing cabinets is a necessary function for keeping your work area uncluttered and neat. With a filing cabinet on wheels, you can easily push the cabinet under the desk or out of the way when not in use.

Rolling Chair

Utilizing an office chair on wheels will actually make keeping your work area better organized as it allows you to move around with ease and keep your ‘work-zones’ separate instead of everything piled up in one spot. With designated zones in your workspace, you can spread out your different work projects.

U-Shaped Desks

The configuration of a u-shaped desk makes for an ideal workstation. Keep your computer or laptop on one side and designate the other side for non-computer-related tasks. Stay effortlessly organized with this convenient design.

Child Desk With Storage

With many kids being home-schooled or learning remotely, having a desk with storage bins included is a space-saving opportunity for organizing the room. They also come with a work surface, a cup holder for supplies, and storage bins under the seat. Quite effective!


Shelving Displays

Wall shelves are a great way to organize decor accents, book collections, hobby collectibles, etc. Using hanging displays or a set of shelves frees up surface space in the room. Instead of side tables covered with stuff, you can move these items to bookshelves or wall displays for better organization.

Bookcase Room Divider

A sophisticated furniture piece to keep your desk space organized is a room divider that has extra shelf space for anything else that needs to be stowed near your work area. Dividers are visually pleasing ways to keep your spaces divided into clear sections.

Entryway Bench With Storage

Sitting benches with storage under the seat are great furniture items to keep your front (or back) entryway organized.

Storage Ottoman

Footrests or ottomans are another furniture piece that can act as a multipurpose superstar with a lift-up seat top revealing plenty of storage space below. Transform your living room into a no-clutter sanctum by adding a couple of these comfy footrests that also double as serving surfaces when the top is flipped over.

Lift Top Coffee Table

Coffee tables that have liftable tops are wonderful pieces that offer double duty with multiple compartments. Great to stash remotes, game controllers, etc., and more.

Hidden Bar

A portable cabinet used as a bar holds wine bottles and spirits inside plus stemware racks, drawers, and shelves to store other accouterments. A bar cart of wheels allows your drink station to stay organized in one place and move it from inside to outside easily.


A classic furniture piece that is best used in a kitchen or dining room, a buffet server provides for storage needs of serving wear, glassware, tablecloths, etc. Everything can be completely enclosed with cupboard doors or have open or glass doors that allow your housewares to become display pieces.

DIY Patio Storage Bench

If you’re looking to add seating and storage in the backyard, a patio bench is a simple DIY project that requires only beginner skills to complete. Contain the clutter in a handsome wood box with plenty of room to stash grilling equipment, garden tools, or extra seat cushions.


It seems like there’s never enough storage at home. A combined furniture storage piece provides options that meet both decorative and functional needs. They offer a place to display decor and store things inside. Using storage furniture to the fullest advantage will help you create a clutter-free organized home. Choosing multifunctional furniture will expand your home’s storage while creating a decluttered, stress-free environment that rejuvenates your spirit.


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