Redecorating A Complete How-To Guide

Tara Dickinson
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While life is still mostly in lockdown, it is not the appropriate time to take on large remodeling projects even though spending 24 hours a day, 7 days a week can begin to make home feel like a dreary place. It’s important to remember that change and beauty are inspiring and motivating. One way to begin a redecorating process is to browse sites like Pinterest that are literally bursting with inspirational ideas for every room of the house, from the kids rooms, to the bathrooms, and in every decor style and trend. So the question then becomes, how to redecorate with what we have on hand and with what we can acquire easily and cheaply.

Play With The Layout

This option is one of the first interior designers will suggest to clients. You may feel like you have the ideal placement for your room’s designs set in stone, but take a look at furnishings and focal points with fresh eyes. Move pieces from one room to another, switching up the furnishings and their locations.

Paint Touch-Ups

Most of us have left-over paint cans sitting in the storage shed. First, take inventory around the home and do touch-ups where dents, dings, scrapes and scuffs have added age to the walls. If there is enough paint left over, think about adding a colored accent wall to one room. Or possibly changing the color of a room's baseboards, window  and door trims. This is a surprisingly easy and refreshing way to add a new feel and character to a space.


Look At Lighting

Family rooms, living rooms, larger rooms in the home might have lighting that comes down from the ceiling. Cast in this manner, light on a room is a bit harsher and less intimate. To change things up and make spaces more inviting and comfortable, place floor lamps or table lights around the room at varying heights. Up-lighting and spotlights on corners or art pieces also adds a layer of depth to a space. This might easily be accomplished simply by rearranging lamps you have in other rooms or that might be sitting in the attic or garage.


Hanging Collections

A brilliant way to decorate a room is by naturally hanging together collections of photos, art pieces, mixed with musical instruments, dried flowers, pottery, or just about anything that you have been collecting and enjoying. An easy trick to use when choosing how to arrange items on your wall is to first lay them all out on the floor in front of the chosen wall. Using this method gives you freedom to swap positions of items, and look at the arrangement before making that commitment with nails into your walls. Get creative and think outside the box. Anything can be hung and look attractive. A wall of hanging candle holders; a mixture of sculpture and photos; plates, trays and other flatware. Switch up items from room to room. You’ll be surprised at the difference a simple change in wall decor can have on a room's atmosphere.

Second Hand Cheap Charm

Adding pieces that are new to you and new additions to a room- a statement mirror for the bedroom, side tables for the den, table lamps for the living room- of course is another fun way to redecorate. But new doesn’t have to mean a trip to a chain store or shelling out big bucks. Choosing a more eco-conscious option by purchasing items that have been gently used instead of buying new, which harvests many of the eco-system’s natural resources, is another plan to consider. In every city across the country you can find thrift stores, vintage shops, second-hand sellers, and flea markets that harbor countless treasures. And right now, some stores, like The Local Flea, even offer on-line shopping and curbside pick-up (or even delivery for a fee) for everyone's additional safety.


Clearing Clutter

Following the trend of keeping only items that spark joy, sometimes redecorating can come in the form of paring down over-stuffed homes to keeping only things you really love. Don’t need privacy in a specific room? Take down the drapes. Even this one step can open up a space and bring in light and an airy feeling. If you’ve made the decision to get rid of many unwanted items in your redecorating efforts, a hauling, selling, and recycling service like Remoov is available as a one-stop service to help you through this process.

With some simple movement, creative thinking and organizing, you can get the redesign you crave to refresh your space. Get inspired by nature, by things you find meaningful, and enjoy the process of redecorating your personal sanctuary.

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