10 Tips For A Restful Bedroom

Tara Dickinson
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Inexpensive Ideas To Create A Bedroom Sanctuary


You entertain, take care of the kids and the family, host your relatives; the whole house is filled with activity and movement. But the bedroom. This is all yours. The one place you deeply relax, slow down, and recharge. It’s an unwritten rule, when someone is resting in their bedroom, there's an invisible, but all too real, 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the door.


To make the most out of your safe haven, take some time to put a little effort and thought into the atmosphere you are creating for yourself. Ideally the bedroom is primarily for sleep. Good quality deep rest has a major impact on your overall health on a daily basis. So let’s make the dreamtime room your personal heaven room.


1. Clean It

OK, first a little work before the fun. Everyone simply feels better and more relaxed in a clean space. You can literally feel dirt and clutter, versus clean and clear. It makes a significant difference in your emotional state. So do a deep clean a couple of times a year and a dust and vacuum once a week to keep the space in optimal shape.



2. Clear the Clutter

As you’re cleaning, it is the opportune time to also minimize and clean any clutter from your bedroom. As mentioned above, chaos, mess, and clutter can make you feel depressed, overwhelmed and the exact opposite of relaxed and rested. Organizing your books, bedside tables, and closets is a good beginning.


3. Spacious Storage

In the same vein of cleaning and clearing clutter, taking advantage of inventive storage options will make this task much easier when you're organizing and designing a tidy room. With all the modern and chic selections available these days, adding storage furnishings could also add some style to the room.


4. Lighting

You will want to make sure you can darken the room if you require sleep during daylight hours or prefer to sleep in.  Of course, if you live in a home on Lake Lanier or a vacation retreat on the coast, you may want to keep your view unobstructed. Your interior design professional can offer many different solutions for window coverings depending on your need for privacy or light control.


5. Color

Now the fun part begins! Choosing a personal style that resonates with your ideal of comfort. What decorating theme will you choose, and which colors do you love that go hand-in-hand with your vision? As you are probably aware, color has an immediate impact on how you feel. For example generally speaking, red is vibrant and energetic; oranges as well. Softer tones in neutrals, whites, browns, and shades of blues are all calming and rest inducing colors. Of course we are all different, so in the end choose what soothes your soul.


6. Scent

The same can be said for aromas, that they affect our mood immensely. Maybe even more so than other senses. Scents can elicit immediate reactions and bring up emotions on cue. What scent when it hits you creates a feeling of comfort, safety, and love? It could be cinnamon, reminding you of mom’s desserts. Or sea salt and fresh linens, bring you back to beach side holidays. There is no one size fits all when it comes to aroma. But to create a restful bedroom, adding meaningful scents is another element in designing your oasis. A few useful tips: open windows when weather allows, fresh air is a must; consider an essential oil lavender spray for the bed as this aroma induces relaxation.

7. Bedding

Although not listed in order of importance, this item is absolutely number one: comfortable and quality bedding. With an epidemic of insomnia and worsening sleep habits, America is in need of more and deeper nightly sleep. Sleep is one of the fundamentals of life, thus you should be as comfortable as possible during it. If you need more sleep, follow these steps tips to create a perfect place to rest your body. The Better Sleep Council lists these three bedding elements as key:

  • Mattress - an entire article in itself could be written on the importance of the proper mattress. But to summarize, you are looking for comfort, correct size, and support. The world of mattresses is quite expansive, offering all manner of materials, shapes, textures, heating, cooling, adjusting and so on. Do your homework, test drive a few and invest in what you're going to be spending a good amount of your life enjoying.
  • Pillows - just like the mattress, pillows also need to conform to your level of comfort, texture, and support. The correct pillow for your body is actually essential for a good night’s rest. When a pillow breaks down over time, do replace it (for the dust mites and dead skin cells that collect over time too). 
  • Sheets - now the mattress and pillow coverings: good quality sheets. Depending on the climate you live in, the type of sheet will differ. From flannel, to feather light organic cotton, choosing sheets and pillowcases that will aid in your rest and relaxation is all that matters. Blankets, duvets, and comforters are for warmth and comfort too, but with these items you can relax a little and go for style and the look you like and sparks joy.


8. Blackout Drapes

Another important tip to make your bedroom as restful as possible, might be to install blackout drapery. If you have light pollution in your location, this can affect your quality of sleep as your natural circadian rhythm needs perfect darkness to operate at 100%. Blackout curtains will block any incoming light. But don’t worry, they need not be the color black if this doesn’t jibe with your sense of style. These heavy rubberized or thermal insulating curtains come in dozens of different colors. You also have the option of hanging sheer drapes under them so you can open the curtains in the daytime but still retain some privacy. Or hang decorative drapes in front of the blackout liners.

9. Extra Seating

Additional bedroom chairs, seats, and comfy little loungers are perfect pieces to add when designing a restful bedroom. Since the bed itself should technically be reserved for sleep and sex, having another little seating nook in your room gives you an extra local to relax.

10. Art

Art is inspiring, thought-provoking, emotional, and can carry you away into daydreams of wonder. When choosing decor for a restful bedroom, notice how you feel when gazing in your selection. What emotions does it elicit? Does it add to your sense of solitude? One suggestion would be to consider more abstract art pieces that don’t engage your mind too vigorously.


Most people will spend about one third of their life in a bedroom. It seems wise to make this a priority space, giving it your time and thoughtful attention. Enjoy the process and happy restful vibes to you!

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