15 Tips For An Organized Luxury Laundry Room

Tara Dickinson
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For many of us, laundry is a regular part of our personal and family maintenance routines. The more people in the household, the more time spent prepping washing, drying, and folding clothes and everything else we toss in the wash. While most laundry rooms are an afterthought or regulated to a corner in the garage, for a place where so much time is spent, it seems worth it to design a highly functional and attractive laundry room.

  • Let’s look at some beautiful laundry room design ideas to create a comfortable and attractive work area.
  • Also included will be some smart tips for designing an ergonomic space with sustainable and eco-friendly additions.
  • Combining all the necessary elements for a  functional and attractive laundry: a washer and dryer, a workplace station, storage spaces, a built-in wall ironing board, and a large sink.
  • And to round it all out, we must include the best tips for modern-looking decor that can turn an ordinary laundry room into an elegant and inviting space.

#1. Flooring

Definitely, a well-trafficked area, flooring in your laundry room needs to be durable and, preferably, water-resistant. Some stylish and hardy options include:

  • Concrete that is stained or painted is an ideal example as it is 100% solid and of course waterproof.
  • Hardwoods might work if you use some hardy reclaimed wood that already has a rustic and unpolished look. Might need to add a waterproof seal. 
  • Tile because of its strength and versatility. 
  • Vinyl which is inexpensive, easy to install, and comes in many colors and styles with a luxury look.  

#2. Ample Lighting

If you’ve ever looked at a white shirt in your laundry room versus outside in the bright sunlight, you probably noticed a difference.

  • Good lighting is essential for catching any stains that might be on your laundry items.
  • Install ample lighting above all work areas as well as above the appliances.
  • If you have windows in this area, definitely take advantage of that natural light and keep windows shade-free or with blinds that are easy to open and close.

#3. Ease of Use

This might be the first step if you are organizing or designing your laundry room from scratch: creating a functional layout of the space.

  • Visualize the workflow (sketching it out on paper is always helpful); how items are moved from load to wash to dry.
  • Remember to include the prep and fold areas. 
  • A large utility sink is an ideal appliance too. Great for any stain removal and soaking needs.
  • Space for drying and hanging racks is another ease-of-use consideration.
  • Ample countertop space keeps the flow moving so you have room for sorting, folding, etc. 
  • TIP: if extra counter space is an issue, you can include an island as a rolling work table.
  • A place to sit, stool, chair, bench - is another great addition for making work-life easier.

#4. Air Drying Setup

There is always an item or two that can’t be tossed in the dryer so remember to include a space that is specifically earmarked for air drying.

  • A simple folding rack will work.
  • Or another nice option is a roll-out rack that hides back out of the way when not in use.

#5. Utility Sink

Design experts agree that having a sink in the laundry room is a time saver and just overall quite convenient.

#6. Invest In Efficient Machines

In every area of your home, taking the extra action to be as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible is worth the effort in the long run. Not only does it absolutely benefit the planet, but it always saves you money every year.

  • ENERGY STAR-certified equipment is the number one choice.
  • A front-loading washer saves water and energy, up to 45 percent less energy and 50 percent less water than a top-load agitator washer (if it is an Energy-Star grade).

BONUS: Shop Secondhand

If you’re adding new design elements to your laundry space, try incorporating second-hand materials, appliances, and accessories. These types of shops are treasure troves of usable goods. You can find everything from tiles for a backsplash to lightly used garment racks, shelves, and all manner of laundry room necessities.

#7. Sustainability

More on the eco-friendly tips, there are a few more ways you can make your luxury laundry room as sustainable as possible.

  • Sheets versus plastic bottles; this is the new eco-friendly trend in laundry soap. Not only do these soap sheets work fantastically, but most companies are also big environmental activists and give back to the community.
  • A Cora Ball helps reduce the amount of microfiber shedding (from synthetic fabrics) that is released in each laundry load.
  • An LG STUDIO Styler lets you refresh clothes in just a few minutes using the power of steam, saving the water and energy of a full wash cycle.
  • Wool balls are dryer sheets alternatives, improving the drying cycle by allowing air to circulate evenly thus shortening drying time.

#8. Go Vertical In Small Spaces

If you’re designing your luxury laundry area in a tight space or even a closet, a vertical washer-dryer is absolutely a legitimate option.

  • These space-saving units are still full-sized and take up half the room.

#9. Hidden Features

  • A fold-down ironing board hung on the wall or back of the door.
  • Pull out work counters or shelves.
  • Retractable tables.
  • Roll out storage carts.

All of these features will keep your laundry room organized, easy to use, and efficient.

#10. Generous Storage

The more storage space you can carve out or install in your laundry room the better. This allows everything to be properly organized and everything to have its own space.

  • Built-in hampers.
  • Mini closet for the steamer.
  • Shelves or cabinets for linens, cleaning products, etc.

#11. Make The Most Of Your Wall Space

  • Wall-mounted drying rack.
  • Drop-down ironing board.
  • Fold-away or wall-mounted tables.
  • Here’s a fun foldout table example that looks like a piece of art.
  • Shelving units above appliances.
  • Large baskets and bins.

#12. Luxury Laundry Room Decorating

  • Choose a light neutral color palette to keep the area bright.
  • Neutral colors also make the space feel larger.
  • Choose a pop of color for an accent wall. You can use tiles, wallpaper, or paint.

#13. Add Some Greenery & Organic Accents

As part of a multi-use room, having a gardening spot in your laundry room is a fluid addition. This makes for the easy inclusion of green plants for some lively decor.

  • Woven baskets and plants bring warmth to a space.
  • Plants also cut down on dust (by up to 20 percent) and noise.
  • Install a ledge above the sink for plants and repotting supplies.

#14. Art Work

Artwork is another way to bring in color and personality to the laundry room. 

  • Create a focal point with one large art element.
  • Displaying a set of favorite family photos is another option for a homey feeling.

#15. Multi-Use

Getting many uses out of this luxury space might be a need for some home designs. It is easy to incorporate other uses if planned out adequately. There are many inspiring ideas for designing a laundry area that is both stylish and efficient format.

  • A mudroom.
  • A pet room.
  • Crafting area.
  • Extra bathroom.



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