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Classic, contemporary, and timelessly modern. Ethan Allen home style has been a beacon of quality design decor for over 90 years. Ethan Allen sets itself apart with a vision for American style, which means a commitment to crafting about 75% of its products in its own North American workshops plus its dedication to social responsibility and sustainability in the furniture and accessories business. These efforts safeguard the quality of its products from start to finish. By browsing this Ethan Allen Home Style Guide, you’ll come to see that they have a wide range of home furnishings that can fit into many different decor themes. The overall consistency from theme to theme would be classic, contemporary, and modern looks. Other aspects to note in Ethan Allen products are:

  • It's an ever-innovative journey of American style.
  • Iconic wood furniture pieces are handcrafted in its Vermont workshops, where master woodworkers use traditional techniques handed down for generations.
  • Artwork and home accents are hand-painted, hand-sculpted, and hand-finished. Many of its artisans apprentice for a decade just to perfect their techniques.

Ethan Allen Sofa & Living Room Guide

Look at the variety of styles available in its living room sets. With over 20 choices you can see how defining this style is a little challenging. The looks range from modern to contemporary, with a classic overarching feel to everything.

  • The looks are definitely clean and stylized.
  • All collections are elegant and chic.
  • That means streamlined design and high-style function.
  • Tuxedo sofas and contoured couches and chairs.

COMFORTABLE FURNITURE STYLE- Comfort meets style to create a beautiful and livable space.

  • Mix and match details such as wood-finished furniture in varying degrees and upholstery in contrasting or complementary colors.
  • Casual family dining areas in the Ethan Allen style use multifunctional furniture such as kitchen carts, storage ottomans, bookcases with doors, and media stations.


  • Refined
  • Bold.
  • Elegant
  • Clean-lined contemporary classics.

Ethan Allen Coffee Tables

RECTANGLE- For a typical sofa, a rectangular coffee table is your best all-around choice. Basically, you can’t go wrong with this shape, fitting well with a traditional, standard-size sofa.

  • Rectangle shapes have a grounding element.
  • Offers a lot of surface area.
  • A rectangular coffee table gives you more space relative to the rest of your seating arrangement.

ROUND- A round coffee table, either one large or two smaller ones, is the most versatile shape and best choice of coffee table for any sofa style. It breaks up the angle of an L-shape sofa and adds an organic element that brings some breathing room to your layout.

  • A round coffee table adds visual interest and creates a bit of a statement in your space.
  • You can add supplementing side tables next to other chairs or seating areas in the living room for extra surface area.
  • An additional option is to have two round tables, placing them side-by-side or staggering them, with one closer to the sofa and one further away.
  • Staggering creates varied walking space around your tables and sofa and more visual interest.
  • Round shapes are also the most kid-friendly as there are no hard edges or corners.

Dining Room Ethan Allen Style- rich, sophisticated shapes, textures, and colors make up the Ethan Allen dining decor style.

  • Dining tables with a relaxed modern update.
  • Perfectly angular rectangles from slim to bold and study designs.
  • Each with precise lines, polished surfaces, and a feeling of elegance.

Ethan Allen Design Themes

Classic Decor Idea

Structured, balanced, and rich with timeless or antique accessories, a variety of textures, and polished finishes.

Contemporary Decor Idea

Ethan Allen furniture comes in some contemporary styles inspired by Regency Era design: tapered legs, trimmed with gold-toned collars and ferrules.

Las Vegas Decor Idea

Ethan Allen has many furniture and accessory combinations that would outfit a Las Vegas-style home with classy, glamorous decor. A high-class elegance that’s an eclectic mix of vintage glamor and modern sophistication.

Modern & Mid-Century Modern Decor Idea

Many of the Ethan Allen furnishings come in modern and mid-century modern designs. This style seamlessly blends functionality and sleek composition. Pieces are practical while also making a decor statement with their understated elegance.

Napa Decor Idea

Look at this dining set from Ethan Allen. This would be ideal in a Napa-inspired home. And Ethan Allen has furnishings in this style that could outfit every room of the house.

Shabby Chic Decor Ideas

Ethan Allen has bedroom sets that will work perfectly in homes with a Shabby Chic decor style, a romantic style, or even a beach-themed bedroom. The sets come in a white-washed weatherworn finish that complements the charm of these design themes.


Ethan Allen shines in the accent department! They specialize in collections of:

  • Baskets.
  • Bottles.
  • Boxes.
  • Bowles.
  • Candles and lanterns.
  • Dried & faux flowers.
  • Lamps.
  • Mirrors.
  • Pillows and throws.
  • RUGS!
  • Sculptures and figurines.
  • Trays.
  • Vases.
  • Wall decor, art, and garlands.

Rather than going overboard on your ornaments, take time to choose pieces that will add that sweet touch to a space and be noticed. There is no excessiveness in an Ethan Allen styled home.

Ethan Allen Rugs

We have to mention the Ethan Allen flooring collections which are quite vast and diverse.

  • Damask and floral rugs.
  • Geometric and striped rugs.
  • Indoor Outdoor rugs.
  • Luxury vinyl flooring.
  • Modern patterned rugs.
  • Woven rugs.

OUTDOOR Ethan Allen Style

  • Classic, timeless, all-weather wicker.
  • Clean color sets for summer.
  • Neutral color sets for fall and winter.
  • Accents same as inside the home: baskets, candles, throws, pillows, planters, and side tables.

Ethan Allen For Sale at Reduced Prices

To find preloved and gently used Ethan Allen home furnishings, check out these brick-and-mortar shops in your city. Nationwide shipping is also available. A great way to keep your purchases eco-conscious and stay within the ideals of a circular economy, is to choose gently used second-hand or upcycled items such as those available at The Local Flea.

  • Bay Area- Look HERE.
  • Miami- Look HERE.
  • Phoenix- Look HERE.                        


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