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Tara Dickinson
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The tranquility, vacation-type vibe, or similar spa-like deep relaxing feeling that a beach themed bedroom can transmute is quite a desirable decor theme these days. This design style is actually rather easy to assemble and there are many options to choose from when deciding on the specific style of beach themed bedroom you’ll most enjoy. Follow along for a step-by-step guide as well as several beach theme alternatives to choose from.

How to Create a Beach Themed Bedroom

The tricks to creating a restful, reflective bedroom start with a chosen style theme and then setting out a plan. The rest is accomplished with color, texture, art, and accessories.



The very first step before you start redecorating is to have a clean canvas so to speak. By decluttering, not only will your bedroom feel all that more relaxing but you’ll also now have an organized space that you look forward to enjoying. To make life that much easier, in the Bay, Phoenix, and Miami areas there is a one-stop service that will pick up and sell, donate, or recycle anything you no longer want. Check out Remoov and their sister site The Local Flea where you can also purchase any beach themed bedroom furnishings you need at a reduced rate while supporting sustainable shopping practices at the same time.

beachBeach Themed Bedroom Colors

Feelings to consider when choosing your beach themed bedroom colors:

  • The sun’s warmth.
  • Cool ocean breezes.
  • The supportive calmness of tranquil blue waters.
  • Soft sand between your toes.

You can recreate these beach-related feelings in a soothing home environment by using colors that will invoke those same sensations.

  • Cool blues.
  • Shades of white.
  • Light, neutral earth tones.
  • Contrasting colors of sea green, yellow, and coral.


As much as a beach themed bedroom is about color and ocean-inspired accents, it is also about the feel and the texture of the sea. From soft and silky to rougher sand and towel-like textures, look to incorporate them all.

  • The main bedspread is an ideal place to include a large portion of your favorite texture, whether that is a soft satiny one or a blanket with scalloped like patterns in woven cotton.
  • Area rugs are also a great element for texture; from jute to fluffy carpet, to bamboo mats.
  • The window coverings are another place to add a texture of choice, such as bamboo or wooden blinds or gauzy breezy sheer curtains.

Modern and Traditional Accents

Beach themed bedroom accessories can be the only thing you need to create a room full of seaside vibes, or they can be the crowning accents on a gorgeous tranquil ocean room you’ve created.

  • Beyond seashells and starfish, there is a world of modern accents available as well.
  • Mixing modern and traditional accessories can work very nicely with any one of the chosen beach theme rooms.
  • From a turquoise glass sculpture to nautical rope hangings, to a well-loved surfboard, the range of beach themed bedroom accents is wide open.

Accessory Planning

To keep your beach themed bedroom classy versus tacky, it’s especially important to not overdo the beach-related accents.

  • Take your time in choosing just the right pieces.
  • Allow the beach decor to flow naturally, don’t force it. 
  • Consider the best options that work with the room's layout and floor plan.
  • Pick furniture that fits the desired theme and add accents that show your personality.

Let Natural Light Shine

The sun's glory is one of the other main elements that make the seaside so attractive. The pure bright light, the warmth, and the way everything looks and feels good in this natural element are simply seductive.

  • Take advantage of any natural lighting that might be available for your beach themed bedroom.
  • PRO TIP: Mirrors are magical accents that enlarge spaces, create depth, and of course reflect light. If you want more light in the room, use mirrors to bounce the light from a window.



When you dream of the ocean and fantasy vacation getaways, it’s probably with images of aquamarine clear colored waters. Visions of calm light blue seas as far as the eye can see. Bring this color into your beach themed bedroom design while adding some textural accents.


The uniqueness of this design radiates the love for the beach in an artistic way. The added character from the accessories of this interior is especially unique.

  • Woven weave wall hanging.
  • Bed on the ground, sans bedframe.
  • Sea-colored linens, lots of pillows.
  • Rattan bedside tables.
  • Fresh green plants.
  • Jute or other such woven throw rugs.


Expressing your artistic side in a creative beach themed bedroom is a lot of fun. How you decorate the walls in this style room can make all the difference.

  • Think abstract ocean-like murals.
  • Unique pieces of sea-related art.
  • Use a variety of blue colors.
  • Look to strike a balance between masculine and feminine qualities.


Contemporary design is more clean-lined, with fewer frills and more elegance and simplicity. Modern touches can also be included in the accents of this beach themed bedroom style.

  • Light steel blue paint
  • Metal modern designed bedside lamps or wall sconces.
  • Wood headboard.
  • Leather and tan plaid baskets.
  • Steel-blue and white throw rug.
  • Royal blue & white bed lines.
  • Coral-colored throw pillow for a splash of color.
  • Simple clean-lined dresser in light wood or steel blue painted wood.


A relaxing cottage style beach themed bedroom will bring the feeling of summer by the shore. Where furnishings have been weather-worn by sea salt and time.

  • Paint colors in washes of white and light blues.
  • Seashells are appropriate accents in this theme.
  • Unfinished furniture.
  • Wicker and rattan accents.
  • Woven textiles.


This decor style uses a lot more earth color hues.

  • Beige, tans, browns, earth green.
  • Much of the Hawaiian feel comes from the textural elements.
  • Woven blinds, bamboo fans, linen lampshades, bamboo floor mats.
  • Accents with subtle pops of color using flora native to the area.


A beach themed bedroom in a Key West style is one that will showcase Bahamanian immigrant and British Colonial influences in the decor.

  • Both bright and pastel colors.
  • Painted reclaimed furniture.
  • Seaside accessories.
  • Whimsical touches.
  • PRO TIP: Don’t forget the ceiling as a focal point and a great way to bring in another layer of color and texture. 


A minimalist beach themed bedroom looks for minimal accessories with more focus placed on texture and color to set the mood.

  • All one-colored bed linens, usually white or a subdued shade of blue.
  • Let those bed covers shine with their textures, such as a scalloped duvet for example.
  • Linen-style textured beige wallpaper.
  • Light breezy curtains.
  • Solid color or single pattern area rug.
  • One or two simple beach-themed accents make the room, such as wall art, a shell accessory, and one or two sea-themed throw pillows.


Bringing a nautical seaside look into the room is easily accomplished with the right colors and related seafaring accents.

  • Naval, royal blue, and white are your colors.
  • Stripes and chevrons are your patterns.
  • Then choose a few navel accents to finish off your maritime beach themed bedroom.


Shabby chic meets bohemian ease by the seashore in this style of beach themed bedroom. The look is achieved with a washed-out color palette, surfing accessories, and some well-loved textiles.

  • Actual surfboards add authentic character to this decor.
  • Wallpaper with related surfing images is a fun accent wall addition.
  • Going a retro 70’s surfer style can be achieved with a muted color palette and some sepia-colored images or throwback framed T-shirts.


This type of beach-related decor is a bit trickier to pull off in an understated elegant way. The look might be best suited for children’s rooms, but if you use a minimalist hand you can pull it off for adults as well.

  • Having a large water feature or aquarium is an ideal way to bring the actual sea elements into this beach themed bedroom.
  • Framed images of underwater scenes can also set the stage.
  • Covering one back wall with underwater designed wallpaper would be all you need to establish the look as well.
  • Then compliment with a few underwater inspired accents: coral, starfish, sea turtle.


Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. The place for deep rest and relaxation. So creating a space that brings you joy, and makes you feel calm and supported is worth the effort. Choosing a beach themed bedroom decor style can do just that. Allow the cool ocean colors and soft textural elements to merge with accents from nature that remind you of joyful times spent by the sea.


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