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Tara Dickinson
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“The Entertainment Capital of the World'', Las Vegas is an internationally renowned major resort city, famous for its mega casino-hotels, gambling, shopping, fine dining, entertainment, and nightlife. The larger-than-life multi-million dollar hotels host thrilling live shows, world class casinos, and restaurants with Michelin star chefs. Las Vegas is over the top in every aspect of the word, with sights and sounds that are bold, pervasive, and varied as the cultures around the world.


The home decor style of a Las Vegas house is just as broad-sweeping, diverse, and full of high class elegance as you might expect from such an opulent city. Every hotel, every casino, every corner of the city is different. There is no way to define Las Vegas home design in one set style; it’s more of an eclectic mix that might be summarized as a merge of vintage glamour with modern high class sophistication.

Las VegasCOLOR

Vegas decor style really comes down to personal preference of the individual. There is no standard outline to follow. What can be gleaned from Vegas decor mantras are spaces that are ultra modern, radiating airs of modern refinement and opulence. That means the color palette can range from sleek and clean black and white to rich tones of royal jewels.

  • Black and white
  • Shades of grey
  • Gold and other metallics
  • Jewel shades of ruby, emerald, and sapphire


There seems to be two styles of furnishings when it comes to Las Vegas style. One is more modern, slimmed down elegance and simplicity in an effort to get away from the spring breakers, bachelor parties, and excessive hedonistic vibe that is Las Vegas.

The other pays homage to the decadence of Las Vegas and brings that aesthetic into the home with excessive grandeur in ornate furnishings and accents, plush textures and bold colors.

The goal seems to be timeless elegance that comes in the form of vintage glamour, desert tranquility, or sleek modernism.

Vegas is a very colorful city, homeowners here are not afraid to allow their colors to shine. This LV style is looking for:

  • Contemporary pieces to fit modern luxury homes.
  • Focused on futuristic, modern-contemporary sofas & furniture.
  • Italian and German brands.
  • Compelling nature elements from the surrounding desert. 
  • Freedom to let your bold and wild side shine.


Because of the extreme heat most of the year, you will find bare floors a common element in Las Vegas homes. This practice works well in the desert and helps keep the home cool during the hot seasons.

  • Tile floors
  • Marble floors
  • Hardwood floors

Carpeting is only usually installed in the bedrooms, and also added with the placement of bold and colorful area rugs.

Different areas of the home work better with different shaped throw rugs. A seating area or a dining table could work with any shape, from square, to rectangle, to oval which softens an area. Runners are ideal for hallways and kitchens.


Of course the accents you stage will depend on which Las Vegas decor style you've chosen to embrace: a bit of desert style, ultra modern, vintage modern…whatever the overall design, the accents will take your home decor to the next level.


From Renaissance style to abstract, and modern expressionism, art elements play a big role in Vegas style home decor. You’re looking for chic pieces that will transform your home into a luxurious respite.


​​There’s no getting away from the fact that Las Vegas is surrounded by desert. Dry, dusky earth tones are part of the landscape and homescape. Thus, bringing in green plant accents gives life and freshness to every Las Vegas home no matter what the design style.

Paintings & Prints

Like everything else in a Vegas home, the art on the walls is overstated, grand, and calls for your attention.


Lighting elements are artworks in their own rights. Vegas homes are not shy about using chandeliers, hanging pendants, starbursts, and other quite expressive fixtures to add ambiance and texture to the room.


Las Vegas outdoor style decor, whether it is placed in your home’s yard or on a rooftop balcony, is, like the rest of LV style, a collection of bold, strong statement pieces that speak of glamor, high-class living and modern sophistication. 

  • Billowing shades
  • Canopies
  • Sculpted greens
  • Glimmering lighting elements
  • Fireplaces



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