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Tara Dickinson
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How to Decorate in Napa Valley Wine Country Style

Napa Valley in Sonoma county, north California is one of the foremost wine grape growing regions in the world. The rich volcanic soil and perfect Mediterranean climate make the area ideal for vineyards, of which there are over 400 producing about 4% of California's wines. Napa’s history is rooted in European family legacies that began in the late 1800’s. You’ll see this influence in the unique architecture of the older wineries which are built like castles with a true Victorian age feel.

NapaVineyards and farm life are the elements that influenced the region's home decor style as well as the surrounding economy which caters to the tourist crowds who come for the grand estates, luxurious tasting rooms, spa treatments, quaint towns, music festivals, outdoor activities, and elegant lodges then Napa Valley is now famous for.

Elements That Influence Napa Home Decor Style:

  • Tuscan-style estates.
  • French countryside warm hospitality and simple but elegant cuisine.
  • Spanish heritage, such as the Artesa Napa Valley with a 500 year history.
  • 400 vineyards, wineries, and outdoor tasting rooms.
  • World-class culinary dining and tasting experiences.
  • Charm and history.
  • Fall harvest season.
  • Exquisite architecture.
  • Lush landscapes.

The Alpha Omega estate in Rutherford is a perfect example and one of the great wine estates in the world. Surrounded by fountains, vineyards, mountains and woods, the beauty of this modern, farm-style winery is captivating and shows us the essence of Napa Valley style.


Much of what the Napa home decor style comes down to starts with the materials; materials used in the building, the home, the furniture, the flooring, kitchen counters, and accents. When decorating in Napa Valley style you want as much natural material as possible, such as the following which are all found in Napa homes:

  • White washed wood
  • Natural wood
  • Reclaimed wood
  • Brick- lighter colors versus the red brick used more often
  • Natural greenery
  • Marble or granite, especially in kitchen countertops


Paint and wall color is clearly white with accents of white. No really, Napa decor style is mainly white. You’d find subtle pops of color here and there with possibly some dusty blue or green accent walls but any other color than white will come in with the furnishings and the greenery added for a breath of freshness and life. Or a local artist's work will quite purposely adorn a specific space. All shades of white are welcome, from your walls to the upholstered furniture to the dishware and other accents.


When lighting your Napa Valley home it’s first and foremost about natural light. The weather is so wonderful all year round that Napa residents take advantage of open windows and doors which allows bright sunshine to light the house most of the time. Other lighting accents are either quite elegant as in the use of chandeliers or they are extremely Zen-like in their minimalism.

  • Chandeliers- from rustic, to Victorian to modern, all styles welcome.
  • Minimalist table and floor lamps.
  • No window coverings, natural light is key.


Furniture pieces in Napa homes are a little bit vintage, with a touch of rustic country and everything is influenced by the agriculture surrounding the area. The style can be summarized as Americana traditional meets French country, with the whole feel coming off as comfortable yet refined. You can call it an “upscale farmhouse style” that has defined Napa Valley’s decor; the essence of dynamic simplicity. 

  • Heavy natural wood pieces, sturdy chairs
  • Fabric covered chairs in light shades
  • White leather
  • Wood benches 


Having an indoor/outdoor space is essential in a Napa style home. The views are breathtaking and grand in this region so goes a home’s architecture and decor, all centered around enjoying and embracing what nature is offering. Open air flow with indoor/outdoor spaces that are open and move one into the next from inside to outside with no hesitation. Follow along in these style guides to an outdoor kitchen and dining area or all the elements you need to create an awesome outdoor entertaining area for the perfect outline to create this space. To get started:

  • Use an outdoor rug or plants to define the area.
  • Add furniture that fits comfortably in the space (seating, side tables).
  • Place accents such as electric lanterns, shade coverings, and pillows.


Accents in the Napa home are a homage to the earthy spirit of Napa-style entertaining. It’s a collection of found treasures from local artists, vintage discoveries, and European imports. All-in-all bringing a rustic and casual elegant charm to your home. Sweet details to help add that domesticated rural warmth in the Napa style are:

  • Copper pieces
  • Fresh green plants- adds a nice contrast to all the wood and brown elements
  • Local arts & crafts
  • Weaved baskets
  • Wrought iron


As an accent, it feels like wine racks need to be in their own category when discussing Napa decor style. You will be hard pressed to find a home in the whole of Napa country without a wine rack at the least and more likely wine coolers, barrels, bars, and other wine related accents. Looks for racks that fit the overall rustic and wood centered style of the Napa home.

  • Floor racks
  • Hanging racks
  • Wall racks


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