A Roundup of the Most Colorful Home Decor Styles

Tara Dickinson
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People seem to be quite hesitant to go too bold, too colorful, or too outlandishly creative in their home decor. But, really what’s the worst that can happen? So take a chance and add that bright violet accent wall you've always wanted. Colors, textures, patterns, and statement decor elements all signal your personal taste and how you relate to the world.


Most Colorful Styles of Decorating: Home Decor Guide Roundup (in alphabetical order)

  1. Americana Style Guide
  2. Beachy Themed Rooms
  3. Cuban Home Style Guide
  4. Festive Dining Guide
  5. Floral Themed Rooms
  6. Funky Living Room Decor Ideas
  7. Holiday Home
  8. Outdoor Dining Areas that Rock
  9. Romantic Style Home Decor Guide
  10. Tropical Style Guide


Americana Style Guide

Featuring primitive, patriotic, or farmhouse themes, Americana decor is an especially popular style of decorating for two reasons: its casual appeal to the everyday working, active mid-America family lifestyle home. And two, the furnishings and accessories are easy to clean and care for, which is ideal for full-house families. Within the Americana decor style, there are several subcategories, giving you a wide range of gorgeous American-inspired decorating design themes to choose from.

Farmhouse Americana- This look gives off a welcoming, warm feeling with the use of natural elements from nature.

  • Colonial items and accessories that are almost garish, and boldly expressive of American style.
  • A more modern Farmhouse Americana style using steel, more vibrant colors, and updated accessories are also available.

Nautical Americana - If you have a neutral-based space, with rustic wood elements, most of the decor comes down to accessories.

  • The look shares the New England coastal town style.
  • Think old fishing boats, sea-related elements, and the feel of seasoned oceanside living.

Patriotic Americana- This theme puts the American in Americana. Red, white, and blue all the way.

  • The Patriotic, which is all about the symbolism of liberty, the motif of the American flag takes center stage in this home décor.
  • Woodsy furniture is central to defining this style.
  • Stars, stripes, flags, red, blue, and white color palettes, and anything to do with America’s Independence.

Primitive Americana- Handmade country crafts, folk art, vintage ads, and tramp art accessories, define this style of décor. Features are derived from nature and upcycling wooden material of the 1800 and 1900s.

  • The whole Primitive Americana look comes together with the accessories which add warmth and a homey feeling to the space.
  • Textures such as worn metals, coarse textiles like Berber, burlap, and wool.

Beachy Themed Rooms

From nautical themes with stripes, stars, boats, and sails, to sea life of fish, dolphins, clams, and other underwater animals; there’s a beach style that's perfect for your personal style. There are a few different beach themes to choose from.

Sand & Sea- This concept starts with a base of sandy tones, such as warm ivory walls.

  • Add sea-colored elements in shades of blue and teal on throw pillows, area rugs, and glass decor.
  • A classic beachy style includes natural-looking wood and soft furniture covered in beiges, whites, or pastels.

Sunshine State of Mind- Bring the sunshine in with the yellow, orange, and red palette tones.

  • Be generous with lush houseplants.
  • Add a statement piece of vibrant wall art.
  • A patterned area rug ties this sunshine beach together in a bold way.

Bold Island Patterns- this style embraces beachy motifs, palm prints, and a bold color theme that doesn't feel ostentatious.

  • An island-inspired room can feel playful and modern.
  • A white foundation keeps it simple, while plenty of variety in textures and beachy décor make it an example of an upgraded island style.

Blue Lagoon- Let the energy of a full coastal calm take over within a room colored floor to ceiling in blue.

  • Explore a wide range of blue tones: clear blues, deep blues, and pale blues.
  • Play with it in the furniture, accents, and floor coverings as well.
  • Balance it out with natural elements from nature: white shells, brown driftwood, and green plants.

Cuban Home Style Guide

This little country packs quite an impressive style punch when it comes to all things fashion, design, and decor. The Cuban style is an amalgamation of nostalgia and influences coming from Colonial furniture, African arts, and bright colors of Latin culture. It can also be summarized by combining these elements:

  • 1950s furnishings
  • Chandeliers
  • Colonial furniture
  • Contemporary art
  • Colorful tile floors
  • Stained glass
  • Statues of saints
  • Wicker chairs

Hot pink is also one of the quite popular colors you’ll find in Cuban-inspired décor. It is easy to fall in love with Cuban style as the bright colors, the abundance of greenery, and capricious art make you feel alive and inspired. ​

Festive Dining Guide

Preparing your home to host festive gatherings is a fun and creative way to showcase your design style. To prepare your space to hold these joyful soirees, take into account the amount of seating and dining or table space you have available. Plus of course, the colorful decorative accents that will make your party sign!

  • During the holidays (or any celebration time), living and dining rooms need additional storage now more than ever to hold food and decorative accessories.
  • Thus a buffet furniture piece will add a nice decor touch plus additional storage for your hosting needs.
  • Accent chairs provide seating when you need them and elevate the decor with style and pizzazz.
  • Add an array of floor cushions to encourage lounging and also great for the younger guests to play on.

Floral Themed Rooms

The rainbow of colors, the exotic makeup of different species, and the wild varieties; there are so many reasons why floral designs are found mixed into decor themes across the spectrum. Depending on what you mix and match with florals they can accompany any decor style theme.

  • Flowers are contemporary, romantic, classic, feminine, edgy, and eclectic.
  • Additional favored combinations with florals are polka dots, animal prints, stripes, geometric prints, and plaid.
  • Don’t overdo it. You don’t want overbearing floral everywhere. Pick a few key areas and focus on those.
  • Balance colorful prints with more neutral tones. Combining florals with neutral tones imparts a more modern taste.
  • Patterns- Go big and bold with a floral statement piece or choose a smaller, more delicate pattern to use in accent pieces.

Funky Living Room Decor Ideas

This guide shares the top ten ways to revamp or punch up your space with creative decor ideas. This quick summary only touches on the surface, be such to check out the full guide to see all the examples, images, and detailed steps.

  • Make a focal point of mirrors. One large statement piece or a collection of artistic smaller ones.
  • Bring in some life with greenery, plants, and an abundance of them.
  • Lighting decor has risen to the level of high art and everything in between. There is a style to please everyone. So go bold, go artsy, or stick with a true classic.
  • Gallery walls, rows of picture frames, or hanging art can be switched up for floating or ledge-style shelves.
  • Insert some daring patterns. One way to ease into this idea is to take a single color thread and run it through the room with your pattern selection.
  • Dramatic color bursts- Whether this is with an accent wall, an area rug, or the largest piece of furniture in the living room, a bright pop of color will definitely add some spice to a space.

Creating a Holiday Ready Home

Preparing your dwelling for holiday entertaining, weekend, or longer visits from friends and relatives during the holidays can be a chore but it can also be fun to give your home a sprue-up and polish.

  • First, do a good once-over home cleaning and washing of all linens.
  • Warm welcome- place a personal welcome letter and a small gift or treat basket in their guest room.
  • Stock the pantry- Make your guests feel spoiled this holiday season when visiting your home by also providing a well stocked kitchen and pantry with healthy snacks and treats.
  • For decor, let the surrounding environmental elements inspire the styling of your holiday home.
  • For example, Thanksgiving during the fall might inspire dining room décor that plays on the changing colors of leaves, evergreen foliage, branches, berries, and other fall themed furniture and decor.
  • Whatever the holiday, traditionally the focal point in a dining room will be the centerpiece on the dining room table.
  • Maintain a cohesive color palette.
  • Outdoor spaces might be overlooked when preparing your holiday home, so this is a reminder: don't forget the outdoors!

Outdoor Dining Areas that Rock

Moving from basic lawn chairs and a gas grill to over-the-top outdoor open air dining means taking things to another level. That would be style, ingenuity, and the perfect setting with all the accouterments. Begin the outdoor dining odyssey by determining the space you have available.

  • Appliances- small refrigerator, ice machine, cooler for drinks, mini oven, and warming drawer. All-in-one units are perfect for this rock-star outdoor kitchen.
  • Countertop Bar & Stools- a great place to hang out with the cook, get served cocktails, and munch on grill fare.
  • Grill- For the dining area that ‘rocks’, you’ll want to go all out with a multi-fuel, multi-function smoker grill, added a rotisserie accessory, and electric burners.
  • All-Weather Coverage- sunny climates and outdoor areas that are unshaded need protection from direct sunlight.
  • Ambiance- covered candles, hurricane lanterns, antique style lanterns; protected or covered candle containers instantly bring a level of coziness, and romance, and initiate ambiance to your outdoor area.

Romantic Style Home Decor Guide

To create a romantic decor design without doing the obvious over-the-top frilly look is absolutely doable in many different styles. The goal is to create a livable space with a striking effect. Focus on the senses.

  • Touch using texture.
  • Sight using warm lighting and colors.
  • Scent with fresh flowers, herbs, and perfumed candles.
  • Sound with music flowing through hidden speakers, flowing water features, or letting in the sounds of nature.
  • Any decorating style, from Shabby Chic to French, to Country, can be improved with romantic touches.
  • Unique art objects that display your personal style for romance can be incorporated into the decor’s accents.
  • Furniture that is covered in soft textures: plush velvet, soft leather, or chenille.
  • Outdoor romance- Arrange soft spots for snuggling. Deck chairs can have luxurious blankets and pillows for nesting under the moonlight. Soft rugs and throw pillows allow for extra cuddling space.

Tropical Style Guide

Tropical interior design has been around and enjoys a dedicated following. Different than coastal décor inspired by the seaside sections of California, or Mediterranean décor that reflects styles found in Spain, southern France, and Italy, tropical design harkens more to the warmer climates near the equator in the South Pacific and the Caribbean islands.

  • Modern Tropical Decor takes a fresh turn using clean-lined furniture with wood frames, organic materials, and vibrant colors taken from the lush island settings.
  • A foundation of neutral tones like ivory, beige, tan, light brown, soft gold, and pale yellow make brighter accent colors stand out and appear vibrant.
  • Use the brighter tropical colors in smaller doses with accent pillows, accessories, and plants.
  • Layer different fauna motifs.
  • Use woven materials, on walls, rugs, throws, and upholstery.
  • Mixed metals, especially brushed gold.




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