10 Funky Living Room Ideas

Tara Dickinson
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Ready for revamp or refresh of your living room area? If it’s been a decade or so since you changed up the decor, here are some fun ideas to insert a little perk and life back into the main stage of your home.


1. Dramatic Color Bursts

Whether this is with an accent wall, an area rug, or the largest piece of furniture in the living room, a bright pop of color will definitely add some spice to a space. This of course works best if the other walls or flooring run more in the neutral tone palette.

10 Funky Living Room Ideas

2. Daring Patterns

One way to ease into this idea is to take a single color thread and run it through the room with your pattern selection. You can even pick a natural shade in beige or brown that pairs with your furniture or architecture and highlight the chosen shade in the pattern details you add to the room.

Daring Patterns

3. Change Up Displays

Gallery walls, rows of picture frames, or hanging art can be switched up for floating or ledge style shelves. This will allow you to easily rotate the personal items, cherished collections, and other decorations you so love.

Change Up Displays


4. Make It Shine- i.e. statement lighting

Lighting decor has risen to the level of high art and everything in between. There is a style to please everyone. So go bold, go artsy, or stick with a true classic. Whatever you choose, this is a simple and immediate way to add some funk to your living room decor.

Statement Lighting


5. Shape Shift

The most used and loved piece of furniture in the living room is no doubt the sofa. Most likely it is also a traditional shape and style, straight or L-shaped. By being daring with a new furniture shape, shifting to round, curved, or custom you add a unique and funky element to the space.

Shape Shift


6. Bring On Nature

It seems many people feel hesitant to add live greenery to their homes, fearing proper care techniques and such. But rest assured, there are dozens of different types of houseplants that do well inside in all different climate zones. Bonus- these same plants also clean the air and give you more CO2.

Bring on Nature


7. Right-Sized Rug

For those living rooms that are not carpeted already, you most likely have throw rugs in place. To instantly make it an updated remodel, choose a rug that is BIGGER than the designated area. Usually smaller throw rugs are placed, actually making the space feel fragmented. One large rug with wild style can make the entire area feel cohesive and larger.

Right sized rug


8. Mirror Marvel

There’s no two ways about it. Mirrors are magical. They can open up a space and create illusions of dimension that work in every room. A funky way to freshen up your living room is to place one large mirror or a collection of smaller ones all together on a central wall.

Mirror Marvel


9. Divided Spaces

Another tip to change up living room style is to divide the room into two or more sections. This can be done by strategically placed furniture, by using decorative screens, shelving, or by creating smaller ‘nook’ areas for relaxation and conversation.

Divided Spaces


10. Collection Displays

Here is where creativity and thinking outside the box can really shine. Second-hand stores, flea markets, and yard sales are all great places to find collections of items to use as display centerpieces for your living room. From baskets, to musical instruments, to framed book art, to items from nature. The ideas are endless and can run the gamut of classy to exotically funky. 

Collection Displays




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