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Tara Dickinson
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It is probably because of their straightforward beauty that flowers are a popular decor theme in many homes. Flowers make us happy. The rainbow of colors, the exotic makeup of different species, and the wild varieties; there are so many reasons why floral designs are found mixed into decor themes across the spectrum.

  • Gone are the days of grandma’s dainty antique floral patterns covering all surfaces (although the Gran Millennial Style has a healthy dose of those patterns).
  • Today’s floral incorporations are bold and embrace both bring and dark themes.
  • Floral decor gets a fresh update with abstract iterations in prints inspired by cultures around the world.
  • Check out this guide, “History & Modern Use Of Floral Decor In-Home Decorating” to set the groundwork for your success. The history of florals in home decor thru the 20th century decades is fun to reminisce through.


There are a few tips to follow when starting to work with florals, understanding how pattern, color, and scale are strategically used to create a balanced effect.


  • Don’t overdo it.
  • You don’t want overbearing floral everywhere.
  • Pick a few key areas and focus on those.


  • Balance colorful prints with more neutral tones.
  • Combining florals with neutral tones imparts a more modern taste.
  • An opposite look of black and white flower prints, or shades of gray against ivory backgrounds creates a more contemporary look.


  • Go big and bold with a floral statement piece or choose a smaller, more delicate pattern to use in accent pieces.
  • Big and bold: accent wall with flower-inspired wallpaper while the rest of the room is painted in solid colors to balance the look.
  • Smaller flower patterns remain modern by leaning towards more abstract prints.
  • Smaller prints look good on accents: throw pillows, area rugs, or a bit of trim around a doorway.


  • Consider the aspect of scale; with a large floral piece (either on a wall or bed linen) not much else is needed in the way of florals for that room.
  • Smaller-scale floral choices can be used more liberally around a space; remember to incorporate other types of patterns and colors to keep it fresh.


  • In a sleek, modern home, you can add visual texture to your florals with neutral-colored patterns.
  • For example, neutral-colored walls with neutral-colored flower themes will bring another dimension to the room.
  • Textured elements: think headboards, throw pillows with fringe, and accent walls.

Country Style Floral Themed Home

  • Farmhouse or country home style decor lends itself well to the use of florals.
  • Country Frech decor style can nicely incorporate floral motifs as well, especially in wallpapers and furnishing accents such as throw pillows, a French Country coffee table, and draperies.
  • Combining the different patterns that can accompany this decor is a decorator’s dream.
  • Feel free to mix and match stripes, dots, and plaid with your florals.

Modern Floral Themed Rooms

  • Modern design is all about crisp, clean lines.
  • To complement this type of look with florals, think minimal color palette or stylized prints in big and bold patterns.

Shabby Chic Floral Theme- Victorian Antique Look

Shabby Chic is a great decor theme for floral use as the overall look in Shabby Chic is one of a white-washed fresh world with countryside accents, which includes an abundance of fresh flowers and accompanying floral decorations.

  • Dried Flowers
  • Framed prints of flowers or botanical drawings
  • Flower themed linens
  • Flower throw pillows
  • Vases of flowers

Shabby Chic Modern Floral Look

Contemporary Abstract Floral Theme

  • Going bold with abstract statement floral prints is a modern update on the traditional English rose motif.
  • A perfect compromise for anyone who wants to embrace the floral trend but finds that flowers might be a bit too feminine.

Dark Floral Trend

  • Dark lush, gothic, and moody floral prints in designs in deep colors are the current trend.
  • Using this type of floral room decor works well in a Parisian-themed design as well as a French-style home decoration theme.


Kitchen Floral Themes

  • A wall of washable floral wallpaper is a convenient way to add floral decor to the kitchen.
  • Pick a floral print that complements the color of your cabinets.

Bedroom Floral Themes

Asian Inspired Floral Room

A Hollywood Style Floral & A Romantic Themed Floral Room

Bathroom Floral Themes

  • Bringing floral decor into the bathroom can be as simple as a shower curtain, some wall prints, and a vase of fresh flowers.
  • Nowhere is better in the house to use actual plants and flowers than the bathroom (super easy maintenance and irrigation).
  • To create a true floral theme in your bathroom add as many real plants as your hearts desire and your space requires.

Floral-Inspired Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are excellent ways to add a focal point to a room.

  • Using a theme of floral-related things is another lovely way to bring that flower decor into your home.
  • Prints, art drawings, framed dried flowers.

Floral Art

Sometimes just a big and bold enough floral art piece is enough to turn a room into one that now feels floral-themed.

  • You could pick up on the colors in the art element and use those throughout the room in the accents, rugs, curtains, and throw pillows to carry the floral theme a bit further.

Floral Rugs

  • Area and throw rugs are really fun ways to introduce some floral elements into a room. For one, the colors, designs, shapes, and patterns are endless and can fit into a wide array of style choices.
  • And secondly, they are super easy to switch out and dramatically change up the room's look with very little effort.

Floral Furniture

To really dive into a floral theme, starting your decor foundation with some floral furniture is going to make a statement.

  • The patterns, colors, textures, and designs in the varieties of floral furnishings are so eclectic that you can find styles to match any decor theme you’re interested in.
  • As demonstrated earlier, you can fit floral into almost any decor theme style, from Southern Charm (easy one) all the way to Modern and newer contemporary looks.


Depending on what you mix and match with florals they can accompany any decor style theme. Flowers are contemporary, romantic, classic, feminine, edgy, and eclectic. Additional favored combinations with florals are polka dots, animal prints, stripes, geometric prints, and plaid.



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