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Tara Dickinson
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The world of aviation spans about 120 years now with the Wright Brothers' inaugural flight in 1903. Planes have evolved from the first vintage models to military fighters, commercial airlines, luxury private jets, and you can even include the space shuttles from NASA. Thus, there is a wide range of aviation inspired home decor looks you could choose. From retro to mid-century modern, to contemporary, industrial, and Americana country rustic. Whatever your home’s decor theme, if you are an aeronautical enthusiast this aviation inspired home decor guide with offer you some tips and examples for creating a home world that displays your love of flight and air travel.



While there are some decor themes that can surround pure aviation looks, most of your home flight-related decor is going to come down to the accessories. So let’s start the guide off with some of the best examples to create aviation inspired focal points, accent walls, and strong aviation statements that can fit with most design elements.


Aviation Art!

Other than actual pieces of airplanes (which is an awesome find and a great accent), aviation related wall art, photos, murals, posters, and paintings are one of the best ways to go big and then build the room’s aviation decor around this piece.

  • Scour your local secondhand shops and local online sellers’ marketplaces. High quality vintage, homemade art, and photos of airplanes tend to be popular items. Finding a gently used piece of aviation art this way has the advantage of being eco-friendly and also comes with a story and history all its own.
  • Finding an online art gallery that specializes in printing photos, and exclusive artwork is the next best idea. The extreme high quality, diversity, and range of looks and materials that are available can be the entire difference in your home’s aviation inspired decor.
  • Aeronautical wall art examples:

aviationThis military example could fit a Beach style room or a Las Vegas themed home for instance.

This vintage example could fit in Modern home decor or Industrial just as easily.

A commercial retro jet works with a minimalist theme or even a Napa styled home decor setting.

Aircraft Vintage Posters

More Aviation Accents…


Adding an actual (or modeled after an actual) airplane propeller to your aviation inspired home decor is surely another tasteful way to express your love of flight. The look is both one of old time vintage and rustic, raw industrial.

  • Add to a fireplace mantel decor.
  • Front porch walls.
  • Home office.
  • Basement or garage entertainment area (i.e. man cave).
  • Ceiling fans now come in styles that look like airplane propellers.

Plane Parts

Using pieces of decommissioned planes is a creative way to add aviation accents to your decor. Anything from old airline seats, to the pilot's instrument panel, to artists using salvaged parts to make home furnishings is on the table.

Airplane Sculpture

Most aviation sculptures fall in the airplane model category, but if you do some searching you can find other artistic interpretations. Smooth silver metal, wire, and rusty iron seem to be the favored materials.


Riveted Metal

Starting in the 1930’s most aircraft, even to this day, use riveted metal in the plane’s construction. This look is a very strong aviation statement especially if you are going for a more masculine, gothic, or industrial decor theme.

  • Paired with a black and white palette these riveted furniture accents make a striking statement.

Riveted Paneling or Wallpaper

Riveted metal paneling is available for home decor use and will immediately turn any room, with the right accompanying accents, into an aviation inspired dream. The orderly and structured look of this feature definitely speaks to airplane design and sense. If you’d rather go lighter, the same look is available in a range of wallpaper choices.

Riveted wallpaper example.


Airplane Models

Aviation lovers often tend to build models of their favorite flying crafts. Adding these collections to your home decor in any manner of display makes for a wonderful room decor accent.


The almost abstract depiction of this airplane engine is the highlight of a modern contemporary home’s entryway. This photo is perfect for those who are looking for wall art to match a contemporary aviation inspired interior design.

Aviation Minimalism

Modern minimalism with a dose of aviation-inspired décor. Keep colors neutral with pops of black. Artwork with simple patterns stays with the minimalist theme.


With this retro-looking print, you can add a touch of vintage warmth to your space. Leather furnishings, neutral colors, live plants and switch out the accents for airplane-related ones and your retro aviation theme is all set.


This one is a stunner! A print that makes the viewer seem like they are looking out the window of an airplane. You can find a similar print that had different views that will complement your home’s decor. It’s such a versatile idea that it could fit in a Midwest styled home, a Texas-inspired style that is also an aviation lover, and of course, a Mountain and Woods-themed home design.

Home Office

This style of image is the artistic depiction showing a detailed closeup view inside the pilot’s cockpit. Gorgeous sepia tinted works elegantly for a home office setting. This type of print could work quite well in a fully loaded office with rich leather furniture, brick or hunter green walls, and wood floors covered with heirloom carpets.

  • Countryside cottage is another decor look that would embrace this style of aviation wall art. It’s chic, it’s warm, it’s vintage, and can be played up with surroundings touches of cottage decor.
  • Or it could be the centerpiece of a simply mid-century modern space that compliments the clean straight lined furnishings and no-nonsense accents.




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