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Tara Dickinson
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Glamor, class, and a touch of sass. That would sum up the foundation of a home decorated in a Texas inspired style. You will find some stereotypical elements that are associated with the southern state: cowhides, rustic decor, copper, stone, antlers, and of course the Texas Star. But stereotypes are born from truths so we can’t turn away from these classic Texas elements. An abundance of hides, horns, and other natural elements with a mentality towards Victorian overstuffed opulence is how Texans might traditionally decorate their homes.


But the generations are changing guard, and with that a sleeker, more minimalist modern look is entering the decor landscape from Dallas to Houston. The new Texas inspired decor uses the previous generations renovated farmhouse style, with local rustic antiques, distressed leather, and large overstuffed chairs trimmed with nail heads, but is now also mixed with modern elements and lighter shades. Moving away from the stereotypes towards a more functional and inviting living space, Texans are appreciating the beauty in simplicity.


The first thing to consider when updating your Texas style home is a new awareness that has been installed in regards to sustainable home building and decorating practices. Environmental concerns are at the forefront of most business and consumer minds these days with everyone looking to go green with sustainable and recycled goods. Help protect the beauty of your natural environment as well as the climate by using eco-conscious, reclaimed, and low VOC products. Buying secondhand and keeping a circular economy going is one of the most easily available green practices you can do.


When it comes to home decor, too much of a good thing can leave one overwhelmed. In this case an over-abundance of rustic, or other farmhouse style, paraphernalia makes a home feel cluttered rather than inviting. If you’re renovating or redecorating your Texas home, give the Marie Kondo method a try. It’s about searching through your belongings and only keeping what brings you joy. (*Side note: if you find yourself with a garage full of unwanted items, check out this decluttering service that takes all your unwanted items and sells, donates, or responsibly recycles for you: Remoov). Once the clutter is cleared, you can now bring your Texas home up to date with modern day accents and thoughtful presentation.

  • Touches of wood from a farming way of life.
  • Ranching style leather.
  • Sliding doors, bringing the outdoors in, merging interior and exterior living spaces.


To withstand the humidity and remain in good shape for years you’ll find most Texas homes, especially in the south, choose porcelain tiles for several reasons. New trends and tile design allow for this material to be installed throughout the house. Benefits include:

  • Absorbs very little moisture.
  • Durable, long-lasting, and scratch-resistant.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Porcelain tiles keep rooms much cooler than other materials.
  • Various textures and styles, even mimicking hardwood flooring.

MODERN COUNTRY- Clean Minimalism

Being a breed of their own, Texans love to mix patterns, colors and surfaces, looking to make a statement rather than being subdued. To get the newer trend of modern country style in your home design means striking a balance between classic country and modern Texas interior decor to enjoy the best of both worlds.

COUNTRY- The traditional ranch, rustic, or country style of design popular in Texas creates a dark, more masculine feeling home interior.

  • Mahogany
  • Tanned leather
  • Brown on brown

MODERN- The modern country aesthetic brightens the mood with a softer aesthetic.

  • White and warm neutrals on the walls
  • Cream and pale pinks shades
  • Matte finishes
  • Materials of quartz and concrete


One unexpected addition to the more modern style of Texas decorating is the woven material of rattan. Taking on a sophisticated tone that makes it fit for a luxury living room, rattan has been elevated from the back porch and grandma’s room to the main house.


Unframed glass doors have also moved from solely being the gateway between the backyard and the home. Including this open, flowing element into your kitchen, bedroom or playroom is a new modern practice that brings the beauty of nature right into the house. Any favorite common space is now turned into an indoor/outdoor entertaining area. It’s all about an open concept of living, allowing for uninterrupted views, natural ventilation, and instant connection with the beauty of nature. This also plays into the penchant for natural elements in Texas interior design.


Artisanal additions are the frosting on the big Texas home decor cake. You’re looking for art made by local artists, one-of-a-kind pieces that give true personality to your living spaces and make them as unique as you. Be bold, more than just a sculpture or piece of art, go artisan with your:

  • Fixtures
  • Furniture
  • Lighting

And don’t be afraid to mix your metals when adding accents either. It’s kosher these days to co-mingle silver, gold, brass, and copper. There’s no need to rely solely on rustic iron accents to bring metallics into your design and décor. As any metal guide will advise, you don’t want to go overboard but variety can work; the single-metal mindset is no longer necessary.


As the saying goes, everything in Texas is bigger. This seems to have carried over into home bathrooms, where in Texas fashion, creating in-home spas to indulge your senses is the new trend. Spa worthy soaking tubs are the go-to accessory for a destination bathroom. Think luxury, greenery, softness, and pampering when designing your Texas bathroom.


A well-designed Texas home is first and foremost about loving where you live. Your space is there to rejuvenate you and bring you joy. A blending of the rustic country style with some of the newer, sleeker modern design elements is the ideal way to create a Texas inspired home atmosphere. Choose pieces from nature, made from natural materials, stone flooring, rattan or reclaimed furnishings, and artisan accents with a mixture of metal and secondhand gems.



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