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Tara Dickinson
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When first decorating or tackling a re-decorating project, it is always best to start with as clean a slate as possible. This means first declutter and get rid of anything you can’t live without. Once unnecessary junk is gone, you can visualize easier the layout and style you desire. Choosing a decor theme would be your next move. Once that is established you can now go about the fun part of picking out furnishings, wall colors, and accents to make your home shine. This style guide roundup gives you the best of the best room by room to help you create a home oasis.

roomRoom By Room Home Decor Guide Roundup In Review

  1. Breakfast Nook Guide
  2. Dining Room Style Guide
  3. Entryway Style Guide
  4. Exercise Room Trends
  5. Home Office In Small Space Guide
  6. Indoor Outdoor Kitchen &  Dining Areas
  7. Luxury Laundry Room: 15 Decor & Organization Tips
  8. Library Home Guide
  9. Mud Room & Lobby Style Guide
  10. Porch Finds


Breakfast Nook Guide

Nook: a place to gather, take in sustenance, and possibly do some work, for both kids and adults. The usefulness of breakfast nooks is many:

  • Family gathering spot, a place to spend one-on-one with the kids.
  • A quiet area tucked away from the hustle of the outside for quiet moments.
  • Ideal space to begin your day; if next to a window with loads of plenty of sunshine.
  • After school homework station.
  • Intimate spot for a candlelit dinner.

Elements of your kitchen or breakfast nook would do well to include:

  • Comfy textiles. Upholstered seating, chairs, or benches, or add extra throw pillows and lap blankets for cooler climates.
  • Use a statement lighting piece to denote your breakfast nook as its own separate space.
  • Keep it more casual than formal through color and texture.
  • To ground the nook as a space unto itself, place an area rug.

Dining Room Style Guide

Designing your dining room is about crafting an intriguing and comfortable space. The idea is to cultivate a unique space that encourages the free flow of conversation while maintaining the ideal balance between creativity and functionality.

First: Determine Function- It will ultimately serve you well by thinking about how your dining rooms will be used before you start to design and layout.

  • Formal dinner parties.
  • Large group conversations.
  • Casual gatherings.
  • Intimate conversations.

Second: Understand the Focal Point- This may seem obvious, but the focal point of your dining room should be the main table. Everything else in the room is going to compliment this focal point. This leads us to… the main table, choosing the shape, size, and material. Things to consider:

  • Shape, construction, material, and durability of the main table.
  • Lighting, area rugs, nearby storage units, and wall decor.
  • Your dining room is a place for you to present your creative side and make a statement.
  • Let it represent your personality.
  • All the decorating tools of paint color, artwork, and accessories are at your disposal.
  • Share what brings you joy and makes you feel comfortable.
  • This allows you as a host to be at ease and focus on your guests.

Entryway Style Guide

Your entryway or foyer sets the stage for the rest of your home. It’s your chance to make an impactful first impression. Ways to make a big statement in this smaller space include:

  • Punchy wallpaper.
  • Works of art.
  • Mirrors.
  • Area rugs.

Necessary items to make the most use of this space include:

  • Sitting area.
  • Storage cabinet or bins.
  • Catch-all table.

Exercise Room Trends

Reasons for having a gym in your home are personal, from wanting to keep socially distanced, to a preference for working out alone, to saving some cash for the entire family. Crafting a sanctuary where you can escape everyday routines will help you stay on track and reach your fitness goals. Some of the latest fitness trends:

  • Virtual fitness games.
  • Training virtually with a coach.
  • Whole-body wellness.

Tips to get you started on designing your home gym.

  1. Designate a space and paint it a different color than the rest of your house. Will make it feel like “going” somewhere and make it feel special.
  2. Install floor protection (padding).
  3. Check out the full list of home gym essentials and how choosing gently-used workout machines is a smart investment. 

Home Office In Small Space Guide

There are several ideas to carve out a place in your home as explicitly designated for work, a “home office”, such as:

  • At the end of a hallway.
  • In the attic.
  • A station behind the living room couch.
  • Unused corners.
  • Convert a closet.

The elements best suited for a small home office are things such as:

  • Folding table.
  • Ladder table.
  • Wall-mounted desk.
  • Ergonomic chair.
  • Vertical wall storage.

Indoor Outdoor Kitchen &  Dining Areas

Meeting a friend, hanging out with coworkers, family celebrations, and countless other social functions are centered around food. Eating delicious food feels good, and doing it with others reinforces those good feelings. Merging those happy sensations with the element of being in nature and the outdoors makes it all the better. Outdoor kitchen and dining areas take some planning.

  • Consider what types of gatherings you’ll be hosting, the space you have to work with, and your budget.
  • Since you’re outside, lighting is an important issue; this guide shares insights on that.
  • Then a list of all the possible appliances and such you’ll need for a rockin’ outdoor area.

Don’t forget to consider purchasing affordable second-hand appliances and furnishings: grills, small fridges, coolers, and furniture. This is an eco-friendly and sustainable practice that keeps good quality products out of our landfills

Luxury Laundry Room: 15 Decor & Organization Tips

While most laundry rooms are an afterthought or regulated to a corner in the garage, for a place where so much time is spent, it seems worth it to design a highly functional and attractive laundry room. Review some beautiful laundry room design ideas to create a comfortable and attractive work area.

  • Decor tips include how to choose flooring, lighting, theme designs, art, and plants.
  • Functional tips include looking at many of these elements: space layout, appliances, sustainability, wall storage, and how to make the room multi-use.
  • Ease of use- This might be the first step if you are organizing or designing your laundry room from scratch: creating a functional layout of the space.
  • Visualize the workflow (sketching it out on paper is always helpful); how items are moved from load to wash to dry.
  • Remember to include the prep and fold areas. 
  • A large utility sink is an ideal appliance too. Great for any stain removal and soaking needs.

Library Home Guide

The following in-home library design guide will offer you tips, ideas, and inspiration for installing a study room, reading nook, or mini library in your home. Having a designated quiet space is essential for every member of the home. Offering the kids a place to study, adults a place to relax and escape, and guests a place to rejuvenate.

  • TIP: Before beginning, choose an organizing system that you can adhere to and will easily remember, either by author, subject, or favorite collections.
  • TIP: If you love the flipped look of white pages, an easy way to find your favorite titles is to arrange the library with spines facing up to read titles from above while keeping the forward view feeling sleek.
  • Then check out the full guide for the top ten places to add a library in your home such as in a kitchen nook, under the stairs, or in a home office for example.

Mud Room & Lobby Style Guide

How to organize and decorate your mudroom so it is not only functional but attractive as well. This unacknowledged hero of the home is the high-traffic area is the place that deals with the household’s mess. For an organized home to run efficiently, having a well-stocked and planned out mudroom is paramount. Organization ideas include:

  • Storage bench.
  • Utility closet.
  • Cork or chalkboard.
  • Hooks and hanging racks.
  • Key rack and mail station.
  • A place for pets.

Organizing your mudroom is a simple way to streamline your life moving in and out of the house, saving valuable time simply because everything is in its right place.

Porch Finds

Great porch accents are available for every sized space to enhance the look and feel. With a few inexpensive decorative elements, an artistic DIY project or two (if you’re the creative type), and these guidelines will show you the way to a gorgeous and inviting porch update.

  • TIP: Focus on one key element you love then build the rest of the space around that item.
  • Make a small porch look bigger- paint the ceiling, paint the front door white, and add a mirror.
  • How to make a porch inviting- doormats, wreaths, potted flowers, small chairs, and cozy extra accents.
  • Lighting- another often overlooked porch installment that adds a considerable amount of character is an interesting light fixture.





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