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Glass: translucent; frosted; colored; clear. There’s no other material quite like it. Having been an element in home decor for ages, glass used in all manner of decoration lends beauty, clarity, and simplicity to a home. Glass in home architecture is certainly stunning too! Floor to ceiling glass windows; glass skylights; glass staircases and other built-in glass elements clearly make a decor statement. Glass has that hint of magic that drives artists to render it in all manner of creations, and as such brings character and finesse that no other element can. Using elements of glass in home decor can lend to a bit of opulence and a luxurious feel. Let’s look at the many ways to incorporate glass decor, furnishings, and accents.

glassCompatible with just about any material and decor style, the coolness of glass performs an enchanted dance when married with warm elements like wood. From contemporary to Victorian antique style, glass will find a place in any home design.

  • Glass makes spaces appear less visually cluttered.
  • The transparency factor imparts a feeling of cleanliness.
  • Glass adds spaciousness.
  • Glass reflects light and gives off a sense of clarity and purity.
  • Glass accents are timeless and classic accessories go with any interior design scheme.


Colored glass- different than stained glass, colored glass is simpler and created by adding metal oxides to obtain different hues (depending on the type of metal oxide used). Mostly employed for display in home decorative doors and windows.

Frosted glass- seen mainly in washrooms or secluded settings where privacy is desired but light is still wanted.

Stained glass- colored glass that is used to create decorative works of art (mainly). It takes the addition of metal outlined frames and soldering tools for this kind of glass work. In home decor, you might find stained glass items in a front door panel, a decorative mirror, a floor or table lampshade, and even in furniture pieces that have mosaic-type looks of colored glass patterns throughout. This is definitely a dramatic touch to any room’s decor.

Textured glass- using an embossing or imprinting technique when glass is hot, textured glass provides privacy while still allowing light to flow. The pattern or texture is imprinted on the glass while it’s still in the molten state. Textured glass is mainly used as a decorative element on shower doors, partitions, and other areas in bathrooms.

Painted Wall Colors In Glass Inspired Homes

With neutral and all natural color palettes being quite popular these days in many decor styles, this makes for a perfect pairing with the use of glass elements in your home decor as well.

  • Beige, white, and gray coupled with glass furnishings and accessories make for an open feeling elegant home space.
  • Pairing glass furniture and accents in an all white colored room create an airy, spacious feeling no matter the size of the space.
  • This type of atmosphere is soothing and restful.
  • But just to be clear though, glass is so versatile that it works just as perfectly in a glamorous Hollywood home or raw Industrial style decor (and just about everything in between!).

Glass Furniture

The use of glass elements in home decor, specifically furniture pieces is quite eclectic. Although often found alone, glass also merges beautifully with wood, metal, and plastic. Most contemporary décor styles have glass pieces of furniture as central components. Why? Because glass imparts an elegant and sophisticated vibe. You will find glass furnishings in:

  • Bookcases
  • Chairs
  • Closets
  • Consoles
  • Desks
  • Doors
  • Mirrors
  • Shelves
  • Tables (from main dining tables to side tables and coffee tables)
  • TV stands


This photo captures glass in many forms: windows, chandelier, table, sculpture, and decorative vases.

And the look is one of stunning elegance.


Glass Dining Table

The central reason for choosing any glass table top lies in the table's legs, or supporting element. With a see-through top, you are able to showcase the star of your furniture piece: the table’s base which of course can be anything, from a natural wood element to futuristic techno-formed structures, to artistic complications.

  • Glass-topped tables also make your dining areas, whether it’s a breakfast nook or the main dining room, more open and airy.

Glass In the Kitchen

Using glass in the kitchen is not only practical (very easy to clean) but it is also a very captivating element to include as not many people do.

  • Kitchen cabinets with glass faces make quite the display pieces for pretty dinnerware. This look also makes for a nicely organized kitchen appearance.
  • Glass paneled closets add a sparkle factor to your kitchen and give it a neat look.
  • An island with a glass top would look gorgeous in a beach-themed home.
  • Painted glass backsplashes are also major stunner installations. 

Painted glass backsplash.

Glass kitchen island.

Glass Entryway Table

As mentioned earlier, glass furniture pieces make a space feel larger. As most entryways are on the small size, using glass for your foyer table is a nice choice as it will expand the feeling of the space.

  • With all the other accouterments in a foyer (pegs or coat racks, umbrella stands, benches, storage bins) a simple clean glass table is a nice addition to quiet things down aesthetically.

Glass Lighting

Using glass finishes in your home’s lighting options can lend to an even more enhanced illumination of the space. Glass enriches natural light as well as artificial light, brightening surfaces, and improving characteristics you’d like to spotlight in your home. As lighting sets the tone and mood for a home, it has the power to transform the entire look and feel of a house. Think stained glass, tinted amber or blue glass. Glass lighting elements can be found in:

  • Chandeliers
  • Floor lamps
  • Pendants
  • Scones
  • Table lamps

Table Lamps

Table lamps are mainly used for low lighting needs and setting a tone of warmth. This is an easy way to use glass elements in home decor; just find the perfect glass-inspired table lamp to accent your room.

Glass Chandeliers

From traditionally ornate and over-the-top to modern and industrial (naked bulbs and bare metal rods), glass chandeliers have found permanent places in many styles of home decor themes.





Shabby Chic



Glass Art Installations

Using the element of glass in your home as an art installation is one of the most creative ways to add this versatile material. Almost every art fair, gallery, and hometown show will have a featured glass artist. Let your passion for a piece guide your choice and you will find a creative way to add it to your home’s glass-inspired decor.

  • Glass globes and balls.
  • Glass murals.
  • Glass sculptures.
  • Collections of colored glass objects.
  • Glass figurines.


We’re shared whole articles on the magic of mirrors. And these glass pieces would make the perfect decor accent to bring in another element of glass into your home’s decor.

  • Mirrors make spaces look bigger and brighter.
  • Mirrors reflect the light in your house or light from outside into the home.
  • Available in every shape, style, and size imaginable, you can choose to pick a large focal point mirror or make a gallery wall display of glass mirrors. Either one will make for a stunning addition to a glass-inspired home.

Glass Vases

Vases, with or without flowers, make for lovely glass accents to your home’s decor. Since vases are incredibly diverse in their styles, colors, shapes, and designs, you can have a glorious time finding just the right ones to complement your home’s decor.

  • Collections of small glass vases make a dainty touch possibly on a bedroom self.
  • A large 2-3 foot tall glass vase makes a statement piece for your main room.
  • Or simple cut glass vases with fresh flowers from your garden placed on every available surface will add a connection to nature and keep your home feeling fresh and happy.



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