Teenager’s Room Decor Style Guide

Tara Dickinson
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Trendy Teenage Room Design Tips For Boys, Girls, and Gender Neutral


A teenagers room is their haven, their sanctuary, the private world away from the chaos of everyday life. Thus, it is always an exciting time when they move over the threshold from kid to young adult and get to express themselves through the set-up and decoration of their own rooms.


There are so many options on how to design and layout a room for the multiple uses of a teenagers life: work, study, play, entertain. Parents collaborating with their kids in this endeavor will most certainly result in an outstanding space the kids will really enjoy for the rest of their years at home. A teen's bedroom should be full of everything they love, from color choices, to unique storage solutions, or striking wall display designs.

teenCrafting the perfect room for a teenager may seem like a daunting task, but with the creative and inspirational ideas and outlines listed below you will no doubt find the whole process quite a fun project to tackle together.


Choose Quality Furnishings

  • Furniture needs to last through a lot of use and abuse as your kid grows.
  • Choose beds made for the long haul.
  • Of course, comfort is important too so take the kids shopping with you.
  • Trendy furniture is a good option if there are multiple siblings in the house and pieces can be traded or passed down.
  • TIP: Have some sleeping bags on hand as well for your teen’s sleepover friends.

Removable Wallpaper: Keep Decor Looks Flexible

  • Using removable wallpaper is a fuss-free and simple way to update your teenager’s room in a non-permanent and affordable way.
  • Wallpaper looks come in favorite colors, themes (books, movies, superheroes), and patterns.
  • Actually easier than repainting.
  • Opt for more neutral wallpaper designs and update the furnishings or bedding when your teen is feeling restless with their decor.
  • Canvas wallpaper is 100% removable, making it perfect for indecisive teens and parents who rent.
  • You can also customize the wallpaper to feature a photo collage of your own design.


Gender-Neutral Teen Rooms: Ideas for Everyone


Minimalist rooms can be a beautiful choice for a gender-neutral teen bedroom.

  • Muted color palette; let the design do the talking.
  • Simple accessories.
  • Artistic, uniquely designed furniture and fixtures.


Trendy, stylish and an amazing choice, farmhouse is a rustic style look that is ideal for gender-neutral decor.

  • Think layered neutrals with white, cream, and gray.
  • Furnish with light wood pieces.
  • Add decor accents in light green or blue.
  • Additional accents can include antique-inspired objects, black-and-white photography, gallery walls, vases, candles, plants, and wall clocks.
  • Farmhouse design accommodates a range of quirky decorations, so your teen will have no trouble filling the space with their favorite things.

Nature Lover

Teens inspired by nature will love this minimal boho vibe.

  • A soothing color palette promotes relaxation and creates a perfect backdrop for pops of desert-inspired decor.
  • A patterned throw rug helps enliven the space and give it flair.
  • Plants are essential to this lush decor.
  • String lights offer low-cost mood lighting.
  • Prints hung with poster hangers look classy and are less costly than frames.
  • A minimal, no-frills platform bed has a clean look while being a much lower investment than other bed styles.
  • TIP: this is a budget-friendly design style.

Vintage Cool

Teens are always into investigating the past and are especially interested in the vintage look.

  • Right now a style called “Gran-Millennial” is all the rage as youth are incorporating the hand-me-downs from their grandparents.
  • Finding vintage pieces and whole bedroom sets is easy especially at second hand markets.
  • Vintage looks can work for male, female, and gender-neutral styles as the furnishings are so diverse and malleable.

Sophisticated Fun

Another style many teens might like is a more mature look with darker hues, wood furnishings, and some metal accents.

  • This style feels warm and inviting.
  • Let kids add the ‘fun’ with their own creative accents and mementos.

Casual Cozy Neutral

  • Choose paint tones or wall colors in shades of gray and whites.
  • Walls covered in gallery style image displays in black and white make for a stunning look.
  • Bean bag chairs are perfect for a teen room and ultra-lounging activities.


Seating Areas

Teens spend most of their time in the bedroom churning out homework and other projects, playing games, or hanging with their friends. Besides a comfortable desk chair, consider adding additional sitting options.

  • Bean bags!
  • Floor cushions
  • Body Pillows
  • Hammocks

Provide storage spaces

Teens and organization DO NOT go hand-in-hand. So give them a leg up with some great structures to make organizing and storage for all their stuff easy.

  • Choose storage spaces that would fit their style.
  • Make sure it’s also easy to use without much thought.
  • Under bed, cubical stacking shelves, enclosed bookcases, cabinets higher up.

Gallery Walls

Customizable in limitless ways, gallery walls splashed with art can accommodate anyone's style preferences. Items to add include:

  • Canvas art
  • Framed photographs
  • Illustrations
  • Mirrors
  • Misc. decorative elements 

BONUS: DIY Tape Picture Frames

Here’s a creative and easy project teens can do to customize their gallery wall.

  • Use washi tape which comes in lots of colors and patterns.
  • Will not harm the walls so tape away!
  • Washi tape frames around photos and prints makes individual statements and is easy to switch it up.

Personalized Study Nook

As classes have moved to the home base, ample study space is necessary in a teen's bedroom.

  • Create the ideal work nook by combining design with function.
  • Include all the essentials.
  • Let them add the decorative flair.

Simple Open Shelving

Teen Bookcases

Choosing furniture pieces that provide ample open storage space allows teens to  decorate how they want.

  • Display shelves work too.

Loft Bed

Every kid loves a cave (most adults too!). Since teens' rooms are usually not very spacious, using height is a great way to maximize space.

  • Lofted beds allow for living space underneath, which is great for smaller rooms.
  • Underneath the bed frame is where you can set up the desk or study area.
  • This space can also be turned into an entertainment area for gaming or TV time.

Bedroom Sets

Bedroom Set, Teen Beds, Teen Nightstands, & Teen Dressers

The easiest way to create an instantly unified bedroom space is to furnish it with a bedroom set.

  • A simple teen room upgrade as you move from little kid to young adult would be to opt for a bedroom set that comes with a matching bed, a dresser, and a nightstand.
  • If shopping piece by piece, choose furniture with matching materials and colors. 

Create a Blank Canvas

Instead of furnishing and decorating the space all at once, leave the design choices up to your teen.

  • Set the foundation with robust, high-quality essentials in neutral colors or earth tones.
  • Leave the rest up to your young adult.
  • Creating a comfortable, blank canvas for your teen to express themselves and their unique style might be the perfect way to go and make everyone happy.


Teenagers love their rooms, wanting them to be self-sustaining and usually closed off from the house and outside pressures. This effectively turns their bedrooms into a library, an entertainment zone, a working area, a study spot, and overall friend hangout space. Taking account of the available space, designing a layout for optimal use, and then choosing a decor style together will provide an oasis for your teen that they will appreciate for years to come.


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