Ideas For A Cozy Recharging Nook In Your Home

Tara Dickinson
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Most of the U.S. is experiencing a cooler or all-out winter season right now. That’s reason number one to set up a comfy relaxing nook. And reason number two is it’s the holiday season, meaning mini vacation time with days off from work. Those put together mean there’s no better moment to set up a cozy nook in your home for recharging your inner batteries over the break.

Like most of the country, you have probably spent a good deal of time in your house over the last year, many even transitioning to full time work-from-home. So, not only are you super familiar with your home’s layout and functionality, you also could probably use a nook that offers a zone of peace and tranquility away from the full-time chaos of, just LIFE. The nook discussed here is focusing on ‘recharging’.

How is that defined: RECHARGE- restore an electric charge by connecting to a device that draws power from another source of electricity; refill, be refilled; return to a normal state of mind or strength after a period of physical or mental exertion.

I don’t think you will find one person who can disagree. We all need to take down time to recharge. There are no two ways about it. Life has been extremely challenging for everyone. By recharging through rest, contemplation, connecting to nature, meditation- whatever your personal recharge method may be, is a vital part of staying mentally and physically healthy. So let go of any guilt associated with really and truly honestly resting for some time and get your recharging nook setup to refill your batteries. Having a cozy corner set aside as a personal recharging station is something you can enjoy all year long.

The good news is it is possible to carve yourself out a designated nook to get lost in a book, relish a hot beverage while listening to a podcast, practice meditation, or whatever your pleasure. Setting up your nook can be done in a day and with any amount of space no matter how small. So let’s get going!

The How To Create a Great Reading Nook guide set forth the steps needed to design a space that was comfortable, relaxing, and fit into any corner of the home. The basic nook elements were outlined along with some helpful design tips.


In How To Create A Family Study Nook there were suggested steps for designing quiet, productive spaces for work and study. The main components of a table, seating, shelves, and necessary electronics coupled with ideas on what to use and where to place this study nook remain the same for your nook directions.

In this guide focused on a ‘recharging nook’, all the same basic elements that were outlined in the nook guides above still remain. You’re going to get additional tips that make your positive ‘down-time’ even more restful and rejuvenating. So once you have the basics sorted out- location, seating, side table- the following guide will take your recharging nook to the highest level of relaxation and comfort with some fun and creative ideas all designed to take you away to your place of dreams.

Set The Space With Wallpaper

Using highly decorative wall paper is a super creative way to set the stage for your recharging. Because wallpaper literally comes in every design imaginable, you get to use this material to create a forest hideaway; a seaside escape; a hobbit-like cave. It’s like adding murals and paintings all over your nook walls, instantly transporting you to another dimension. So let your imagination go wild and choose some decorative wallpaper that inspires and recharges you. For some it might be the night sky constellations, for others it might be a field of wildflowers. Choose some easily removable wallpaper and don’t be shy to make a huge statement. Fewer walls means it will be affordable and easy to change up in the future.

Fabric Choice Counts

After adorning the walls, fabrics are the next big item that will set the mood for your recharging nook. For a cozy nook feel, you probably want to consider warm colors and textures in seating, window treatments, throws, and pillow fabric coverings.


The wonderful thing about using a canopy in your recharging nook is that you can carve out a space anywhere. Don’t have a little corner or end of hallway available for your nook? Just hang a canopy in your bedroom off to the side. This is especially fun for kids and teens to add in their rooms (they need recharging too!). These gorgeous hanging curtains allow you to really escape from the world in your own little hideaway. They come in many styles. You can even consider layering them and adding a sprinkling of fairy lights on the inside for additional nook magic.

Bean Bags

One of, if not THE, main elements of a nook is a comfortable sitting area, chair, or seat. An idea to think about are some of the newer models of bean bag chairs that are adult-sized, have a back support, come in delectable fabric choices and make for an ideal nest of coziness. These little items can make you feel like you’re floating on a cloud, swaying in the beach breeze, or snuggled in a pool of soft comfort.


Now every nook needs a throw, a comforter, a soft blanket to cozy up to for nap time or cooler winter months. To take your recharging nook blanket to the next level, a full body blanket might be called for. These lovely pieces come made in knit, velvet, cotton, extra warm and lined with faux fur- just about any style, color, and design. They have sleeves, high necks, and shut close for maximum warmth. If the wearable blanket isn't quite your thing, another alternative is a weighted blanket. These heavy throws have weight added to them making the user feel extra safe and secure when under the covers. Perfect for a nook that’s meant for recharging.

Book Accessories: In your recharging nook you may want to spend some of that time reading a good fantasy, self-improvement, or comedy story. To make your reading experience even more pleasurable, here are a couple of accessory ideas to consider.

Book holder: Hold your book or tablet up with a soft formed stand. Made from high-quality cotton and foam, so it'll feel really comfortable on your lap and will look nice aesthetically in your nook area.

Book light: A slide-on book lamp is stylish as well as flexible, turning into a bookmark in addition to a reading light.

Baskets: Choosing some simple or colorful woven baskets to hold your book accessories, throws, or other reading items is a convenient item to include in your recharging nook area.


Mugs: Having a special mug set aside for your recharging nook time will make it feel extra special. Finding a mug with solid level support is a very practical idea that will keep your beverage stable as you settle in your nook for the day.

Mug Warner: In cooler weather, trying to keep your beverage hot is an almost impossible task. If you’d like the comfort of having your cup of coffee or tea stay warm till you finish it, one of these little devices can make a nice difference.

Soft Rugs

Recharging means taking care of all your senses, from taste, touch, smell, to sight and sound. Adding an area-rug that is tactile in its depth of softness will help you relax to another level. Allowing your feet, or back, to rest on a large fluffy rug will add to the coziness of your recharging station and make you feel another layer of relaxation.



Not necessary and it will depend on the style of space you’ve designed for your recharging nook, but installing a creative sign just outside or hanging above your nook might be a great idea to alert others to the intention of your area. These types of signs can also be a relaxing DIY art and creative project.


This idea again depends on the style of your nook, but adding a garland of greenery can enhance the special feeling you’re working to create in your recharging space. If you hang one made from real dried branches, herbs, or scented nature items, it can add another element of enchantment to your nook space.


Speaking of scent, adding the warmth of a flickering flame with an aroma that relaxes (lavender), inspires (amber), or energizes (citrus) is another one of the elements that fulfill your senses and creates a cozy experience. The goal here is to induce a relaxing atmosphere and make it feel like your personal sanctuary. Remember to choose soy based candles for health and environmental reasons or go for flameless ones if you have any safety concerns. The flickering effect of the light makes them look quite genuine. And there are also always strands of tiny holiday-style lights as an alternative as well.



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