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Tara Dickinson
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Original Gift Ideas & Thinking Outside the Usual Chocolates & Flowers Box


One of the biggest holidays in the world is Valentine’s Day (who knew right?!), celebrated on February 14th. Starting back in the 1400’s, with a poem of love, now more than 600 million cards and gifts are exchanged with schoolmates, teachers, friends, family, and especially your loved one every year.


When you think Valentine’s present, I’m sure the first three things that come to mind are: cards, flowers, and chocolate. Nice. Yes, no one would complain. But if you’re looking to give a Valentine's gift with a bit more flair and creativity in mind, with the bonus of sharing your stance on environmental impact, then considering your local pre-owned shops as a gift source is an ideal way to go.


To make your loved ones day even more special, showing you care by not jumping on the commercial bandwagon and that you put extra thought into just the right treasure, we’re going to share some tips and ideas to spark your imagination.


Gift Ideas & Inspiration

  1. Cooking- take a cooking class together. Even if one of you knows how and is the designated ‘cook’ in the family, this is still a really fun way to spend some time together and make great memories.
  2. Club- give or join a once-a-month club, such as a book club, wine club, detective search club. This is a yearly subscription that delivers the chosen gift to your loved one’s doorstep and creates lasting intrigue and fun all year long.
  3. Class- ready to learn something new? The gift of an all-access pass to MasterClass will be welcomed with open arms. From cooking with Gordon Ramsay, to basketball techniques with Steph Curry, and scientific thinking with Neil deGrasse Tyson, there is a class to suit all hobbies and interests.
  4. Gently Pre-owned Items- as mentioned above, giving a gift that is not factory made, that uses new processed resources, i.e. avoiding the commercial markets, taking a look at The Local Flea and the wide range of gift options available there is another fantastic idea.

Here are some current listings at the Phoenix market:

  1. Art- Wide selection of art prints, from abstract, to modern, to expressionism, and even NFL sports memorabilia. Prices can range from $https://phoenix.thelocalflea.com/collections/sports-ourdoors10-120. There are choices that speak to every passion.
  2. Electronics- in this department everything from cameras to computers, games, to phones, TV’s, and tools. How about a vintage record player? Or Home Theater Console- these are really one-of-a-kind gifts, especially suited for the man in your life.
  3. Sports & Outdoors- perfect ideas for anyone in your life. Here are just a few of the listings available right now.
  4. TLF Sports & OutdoorsFurniture- if your honey is more of a home decor fanatic and lover of all things vintage, than The Local Flea’s furniture selection is perfect for you. With everything from couches, to dressers, bookshelves, tables and more, you’ll love browsing this collection.

TLF Furniture

Now heading over to the Bay area in California, here are some hidden treasures to wet your appetite in the hunt for your unique and original Valentine’s Day gift. Just like the Phoenix market, The Local Flea in San Francisco has the same categories of products available, from Art, to Appliances, to Furniture, to Electronics, Sports, Outdoor, Apparel and more.

  1. Starting off in the “Liquidation” section, are some immediate first contenders. Look at these beauties, from a stylish mirror, to framed art, to a gorgeous wall clock, and they are all on sale! 50-80% off original prices!
  2. Music- want to get a bit more extravagant? The music section has some incredible pieces that will last a lifetime. Electronic pianos, drum set, digital keyboard- the music lover in your life will be thrilled! 

TLF Music

And some extra bonuses for you last minute shoppers, The Local Flea is available to shop online at the links above; they also offer delivery service (for a fee) and curbside pick-up (free). Plus, if you sign up for the newsletter, you get an extra 20% off your first purchase! Now that’s what you can call a great deal. Happy hunting and shopping, and a very Happy Valentine's Day. Let’s all continue to share the message of love and friendship.



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