How to Work with a Interior Decorator Virtually

Tara Dickinson
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Looking for a Overhaul or A Tweak, Virtual Design Assistance Is the New Way to Go


Your first thought when looking for the assistance of an Interior Designer or Decorator for your current project would be to get a referral from a friend or call up a few local professionals and invite them into your space.


Alas, the pandemic and safety concerns have changed our way of doing business, especially face-to-face meetings. We have moved into the magical world of the internet. On the plus side, your options have opened up to working with a designer from anywhere in the world. Now that’s exciting! Here are some guidelines to make the most of your virtual visits.



Since the design staff cannot be in your home, some of the hands-on work comes back to the customer. If you don’t mind doing some of the leg-work, this will save you money and make the process with your decorator flow smoothly. They will most likely ask you to provide measurements for each room they’ll be working on as well as sending photos. In addition, you will probably be responsible for placing a few of the orders or assembling some of the furniture yourself.


TIP:  When taking the photos, stand in one corner of the room and shoot a panoramic view.


TIP: Many cell phones come with a tape measuring app; these are actually quite effective and can save you a lot of hassle when collecting the dimensions of a room.



Come to your meetings prepared; it’s best to have a folder or such with all your thoughts and ideas gathered together. A virtual folder is even better, such as joining Pinterest and setting up some design idea pages for each room of your house. This allows you and your decorator to look at the ideas together on the web. There’s no need for you to figure out the details of how all the elements you desire will work, that’s your decorators job. The type of pictures, colors, and textures you choose will give your designer a foundation to understand your style.


TIP: Many designers these days offer their virtual clients a Design Kit, sending you a physical package that will include a space plan, fabric samples, a mood board, and shopping checklist. When looking for your design partner, ask if they supply this type of product.


TIP: Really do take a look at Pinterest. They offer pages and pages of creative ideas for every single style design you can imagine: Boho Chic, Farmhouse, Modern, Traditional, Rustic, Mid-Century, Beach and so on. Then within each style, pages of ideas are shared for every single type of room in your preferred type: bedroom, kitchen, outside, bathroom, etc. WARNING: People have been known to get lost down the Pinterest rabbithole, losing hours and hours of time!


Working virtually is definitely going to save you dollars on your designer fee costs. But some of these services might still seem quite extravagant. Remember to stay connected to your original goal for re-designing: are you looking for a complete remodel, or just wanting to freshen-up the style of your space? In addition, bear in mind this is a solid investment and adds value to your life. Needless to say, there truly is a designer for every budget. Current prices range from $300 -$600 for small rooms, to flat fees around $2,500.


As we are all spending so much more time at home, now more than ever it is important to take time to create spaces you love and feel safe and comfortable in. Happy decorating! And don’t forget the value and sustainably aware choice of choosing gently used items for decorating purposes.


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