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Tara Dickinson
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Loft interior design has come a long way from the 1960s old building habitation in large industrial cities like New York and New Jersey where starving artists would hole up as an inexpensive way to survive. In modern times, these types of ex-factory warehouse-style apartments are sought after for their spaciousness, industrial decor foundations, and luminous bright views. While there are newer definitions of lofts and several ways you could go about the design process, this loft home decor guide will provide many inspired ideas on how to decorate your awesome space.

The definition of a loft is not an exact science, there are a few descriptions out there.

  1. A loft is a building's upper story or elevated area in a room directly under the roof, or an attic.
  2. Then there’s what’s called a ‘hard loft’ also known as true lofts, which are traditional spaces inside renovated commercial buildings with brick walls and exposed ductwork.
  3. Soft lofts are a new style of loft apartments designed for residential use. These buildings feature flats with open spaces and higher ceilings that lack some of the industrial interior design elements of true lofts.

Blank Canvass

For many, loft spaces are open blank canvasses just bursting with potential. Do you go classy, artistic, industrial, minimal, fantasy… the ideas are endless. But remember, first and foremost this is your home so don’t feel obligated to follow any rules that will be outlined. Have fun and let your creative side shine. For others, staring at a metaphorical white sheet of paper makes them freeze up. So let’s look at how to take advantage of those high ceilings and spacious layouts and turn your warehouse into a home. The end result will be a serene space with visual flow from airy open rooms that honor the building’s history ultimately designing an effortlessly stylish décor.


With such a large singular space that a loft avails, you have the option of allowing one area to flow into the next or you can create separations, sometimes referred to as a ‘broken plan’ where you create different zones in the loft home. In achieving these specified spaces your design choices can include:

  • Hang a curtain
  • Partial wall
  • Partitions
  • Screens
  • Sliding doors

Other ways to create separate ‘rooms’ in your loft’s open floor plan can be achieved by:

  • Define a space with furniture groupings.
  • How you place lighting from one area to the next.
  • Use paint and decor color to make one area blend in and disappear so an adjoining area can stand out in contrast.
  • French glass doors to set apart your bedroom area.


One of the main decor features that set original industrial lofts apart from any other type of dwelling is the raw structural components of the building such as:

  • Brick walls
  • Flooring
  • Original windows
  • Pillars
  • Pipes
  • Vents

These unembellished elements set the tone for your space and can be enhanced and played off of or minimized by adopting a singular color palette. So what colors to use to decorate your loft home…


  • Shades of metals: steel, bronze, rust, grey, silver, black.
  • Brick tones from grey to tan, to the authentic deep dusty reds bricks, are known for.
  • Concrete which is more shades of gray, tin, and muted whites.

Basically, you’re going for a neutral or earthy color scheme that works in harmony with the architecture. It preserves the ease and flow of the space. This also allows your furnishings and accents to shine and become glorious focal points when desired.


As mentioned in the opening paragraph, whatever decor style theme you desire you can import it into your loft home. Some ideas on how to handle a large space like this will include big elements that such an open area can handle. Most of these furnishings will be found in second hand shops, flea markets, and estate sales. You want items that have seen wear and tear. Some of the following suggestions include looking for big non-traditional furniture elements such as:

  • Gym lockers.
  • Old restaurant booths, serving buffets, or the like.
  • Trucks, chests, wine barrels.
  • Pieces made from large shipping palettes.
  • Refurbished old pieces of furniture.
  • Bar stools, jukebox, and other lounge type accents.

If you’re enchanted by the more traditional industrial look that many warehouse homes adopt, then loft furniture in that style will include:

  • Concrete piece here or there.
  • Furnishings constructed of metals.
  • Hardy wood furniture.
  • Leather sofas, couches, and chairs.
  • Raw and reclaimed wood pieces.


Our lighting guide shows you the full extent of just how important and mood altering your lighting choices can be at home. From subtle to dramatic the looks and effects can all be elevated stylistic options. Loft apartment lighting ideas:

  • Natural light- because loft spaces come with usually large industrial sized windows you want to take advantage of this natural light. Keep the views unobstructed and allow that light to illuminate all recesses of your loft space.
  • Blinds-for privacy, either slated or vertical blinds make a clean minimalist look, especially when they are back open.
  • Concrete pendant lights; concrete lighting fixtures were made for warehouse decor with its rawness.
  • Metal lighting.
  • Oversized dome-shaped lights.
  • Built-in overhead lighting,
  • Wall-mounted sconces in designated zones.


Concrete - large loft spaces can handle industrial sized accents such as those made from concrete. Some ideas include wall clocks, side tables, and planters.

Fireplace - instantly add some literal and figurative warmth to a large loft home by installing a fireplace. The cozyness of a fire will make any space feel safe and relaxing.

Mirrors - since mirrors come in such a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes they can be really interesting decor accents to add to a loft home.

Vintage & distressed textiles - concrete or hardwood floors are befitting for loft style homes, adding a shot of vintage or distressed textile fabrics not only provides a dose of comfort to soften the rock and metal but also a bit of fun fashion.

Green!- and always, a touch of green with native plants local to your region. That breath of nature and outside life is an ideal balance against the oversized and rough elements of most industrial loft decor.


Lofts are unique homes and deserve thoughtfulness when enriching their foundational beauty. The large scale needs attentiveness so the space feels inviting and not too distant. Think big; add vertical decor; use color to create cohesiveness from space to space. And don’t forget to include your personal creations, collections, or works of art in whatever form they may be. Let your home showcase a piece of your personality.



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