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RH (formerly Restoration Hardware) was founded in 1979 on the foundation of high quality in conjunction with affordability. This American home-furnishings company reinvented itself in 2010 to a more posh and expensive market, looking to differentiate itself from competitors. The RH “Gallery" showrooms are now full-scale examples of home design displays that make it exciting for people to get off the internet and back to shopping in person. RH defines its range of furniture, lighting, textiles, and home décor in these four distinct design collections that the company calls:

  • RH Beach House - contemporary coastal inspiration.
  • RH Contemporary - bold forms, both geometric and rhythmically curved in neutral tones.
  • RH Modern - minimal and clean with a focus on natural materials.
  • RH Ski House -inspired by old-world European design.

Putting together a Restoration Hardware home style guide means looking at the different components of color, texture furnishings, and accents that are combined to create a home that is timelessly classic in a merger of old world design and craftsmanship with a modern aesthetic.


Top Attributes Of RH Products

Inspired by vintage collections that have a more modern silhouette and construction. As a result, you’ll see a mix of traditional and contemporary elements in most RH spaces. To bring the Restoration Hardware style into your home follow these main qualities of the RH look.

  • Abstract artwork.
  • Emphasis on quality materials and construction.
  • Gilded mirrors.
  • Glamorous lighting.
  • Modern luxury in clean lines, simplicity.
  • Neutral hues.
  • Oversized furniture.
  • Quality craftsmanship, built to last for years to come.
  • Soft, luxurious comfort.
  • Symmetrical spaces.
  • Use natural materials: wood, stone, and iron.

In the design world, Restoration Hardware’s style has been defined by quite a few other descriptions as listed below. But overall, most people agree that the RH style is timeless, casually elegant, and elevated chic. It’s the beautiful balance of yin yang, hard soft, rustic refined, and light dark. This combination makes a home feel stylish, modern, but also comfortable in its high class elegance. Other design themes that work with Restoration Hardware collections:



Beach House colors- Ash woods, light tans, off-whites, navy blues, dark grey, natural woods, black pops of contrast.

Contemporary colors- soft, neutral color palette, calming tones of beige, camel, white, honey brown, bronze, and gold.

Modern colors- taupe, black, white, cream, grey, with metal accents.

Ski House colors- all shades of brown, stone, wood, soft whites, and light and dark greys.

Restoration HardwareTexture

  • The fabrics are luxurious, soft velvet, and supple cashmere.
  • Raw-looking wood or chiseled texturized tables.
  • Patterns are mostly seen in texturized rugs, rattan furniture, or woven baskets type accents.
  • Bold solid planes of the theme colors are used.
  • Some roughly brushed metals in lighting or decor accessories.
  • Sheepskin throws and fluffy accents in the ski collection.


There are slight differences between the collections, for example, you’ll see less structured furniture in the Beach House series than in the Modern home pieces. But overall Restoration Hardware furniture is bold, with smooth flowing shapes, or bold and angular with structured frames.

  • Big! RH is super-sized in a majority of their furniture and accents, even lighting pieces.
  • Matching pieces; pairs of side tables, same seating chairs, nightstands, cabinets, and other storage structures used symmetrically in a room.
  • Even sofas facing set in layouts where they are symmetrical.
  • Marble tables.
  • Brass furniture frames and other brass and metal accents.

Beach House Sofa

Contemporary Sofa


Modern Sofa

Ski House Sofa


Restoration Hardware rugs are big too. To mimic the RH aesthetic add an oversized rug in the center of your room for all furniture pieces to sit on. Go for natural fiber materials such as cotton, jute, and wool.


RH has an impressive inventory of lighting elements and most of it tends to be oversized and dramatic, artistic pieces.

  • Chandeliers - The chandeliers have very geometric shapes overall. Quite bold and substantial decorative pieces.
  • Floor Lamps -very modern and minimal.
  • Flushmounts -from clear glass, metal, and marble basic structures to flowing artsy mini flush-to-the-ceiling chandelier-type pieces.
  • Pendants - look mostly modern and industrial in design and material.
  • Sconces - round to rectangular, very simply styled and elegant.
  • Table Lamps -The table lamps too are solid in structure, straightforward, and elegant.


Restoration Hardware accent’s their rooms with a combination of contrasting elements. If you have harder furnishings, such as marble tables, solid wood chairs, etc. Then the accents will be a balance of softer elements. Plush rugs, a flowing art piece, soft textured accent pillows. This marriage creates visual interest and a sense of opulence.

  • Accent throw pillows to soften the more modern edges of furniture pieces.
  • Artwork- go big and bold here. Pro Tip: Let your creative side have some fun and make your own oversized artwork. Tons of ideas online.
  • Brass accents are very popular in the RH home design style.
  • Bowls and planters filled with greenery, small succulents, moss; this brings in a touch of color to the room.
  • Coffee table books - chose large ones highlighting photography in any manner.
  • Throws in soft materials, cashmere, sheepskin, and velvet.


Restoration Hardware carries its elegant home decor collections to your outdoor living space as well. This creates the same look in your outdoor kitchen or dining area, follow some of these tips.

  • Strong solid furniture pieces.
  • White and black furniture.
  • Wicker details.
  • Neutral colors, natural wood.
  • Clean simple designs.
  • Green plant accents and topiaries.
  • The Beach House is a more classic Americana look with wingback chairs and bench-style seating.


Looking through the many elegant collections of Restoration Hardware styles is a fun way to get inspired to create a luxurious home decor design in your personal oasis. Since RH's new pieces are on the pricier side, this is one of the great brands to go shopping for in secondhand markets. And you don’t necessarily need the RH brand either; you can find similar-looking pieces to get the same style at a more cost-friendly budget.



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