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Tara Dickinson
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The home bar took a generous upswing in trending these past few years as staying at home became a common routine. Designating a specific space in your home for a wet bar setup can be a really fun decorating opportunity. Your home bar can stand out and stand aside from your primary home decor theme. Wherever you choose to place your home bar, you can get creative with color choices, wallpaper, or other textured patterns, and convert furnishings of all sorts into bar-wear. You can literally install any type of style wet bar such as a rustic-themed, a beach bar, a classic old-timey look, or an all-American style home bar. Once you’ve chosen your perfect home bar style, picking out the glasses and other cocktail accouterments is another fun venture. Especially searching vintage and second-hand shops for one-of-a-kind and other unique pieces for your entertaining space.

 home barA home bar can start as simple as an inverted wooden crate and build from there.

Vintage suitcases and stacked boxes have also made chic boho home bar setups.

A home wet bar can be as simple as a bar cart on wheels that can be easily moved from one area to the next when entertaining. Or if you have the space and are ready to set up a full-blown home bar, this guide will offer you different locations around the home to place this addition as well as some various styles to employ.

Bar Cart

This handy piece of furniture has been a common addition to apartments and homes where space is limited or where a full built-in bar was not wanted. Having your drink station set up on a rolling trolley makes for super easy entertaining moving from an afternoon on the outside deck to the living room or family room later in the day.

  • Stock it with a range of glasses, your basic beverages, an ice bucket, and maybe an artsy accessory or two.

Basement Home Bar

Depending on how you’ve chosen to use your basement space, the inclusion of a home bar might be the perfect accent. A basement home bar that’s part of an entertainment room is like having your own local pub without the drive into town.

  • Basement home bars are great if it’s a ‘man cave’, a game room for adults, or a general hangout space for the grown-ups.
  • If it is more of a family area, you can set up a wet bar in an armoire or similar type of furniture piece that can be closed and locked.

Kitchen Home Bar

As is true in most homes, people tend to migrate to where the food is. Hanging out in the kitchen seems like an impromptu thing but happens all the time. So prepare your kitchen for some relaxing and entertaining time when those spontaneous moments occur.

  • You can set aside a corner counter space and set up bottle service there.
  • Having a few narrow shelves for decanters, glasses, and beverages makes a stylish statement as well.
  • If you have an actual bartop type of counter with bar stools, you are already halfway there in your kitchen home bar set up. Just add a butcher block with storage underneath and you’re set.

Living Room Home Bar

A living home bar setup can go several different ways. As we mentioned above, having a bar cart full of your needed accessories off in a corner is one practical and easy way to have a bar in your living room.

  • The same little nook that can be used for reading or studying, can also be used to create a bar nook. Couple of chairs, low light, and an area rug plus your bar makes for the perfect setup.
  • A side console table or small buffet storage type of table off to the side against a wall are other ideas for a living room bar.
  • Additional ideas you’ll see below include installing a bar in a cabinet, a closet, or a sectary type of desk. 

Outdoor Patio Bar

If your group spends a lot of time in the backyard, enjoys being in nature, or holds plenty of barbecues or pool parties then it’s time for the inclusion of a backyard bar.

  • Outdoor home bars are easy to set up. There are a lot of DIY options posted on Pinterest that use reclaimed materials so you have a sustainable setup as well as a pretty inexpensive one.
  • When first creating an outdoor dining area, take into account your desire for the inclusion of a wet bar and you’ll be able to fit that into the overall layout.

The Secretary Bar

Converting an antique secretary into a home bar is a stylish and brilliant idea.

  • The shelves store glassware and other collectibles.
  • The accessories can be laid out for presentation or tucked away if you want to actually use the desk as a workspace.

The Closet Bar

Sometimes apartments and homes come with odd little storage closets tucked away here and there throughout the home.

  • Converting one of these small closets in a room where you’ll be relaxing or entertaining into a home bar is a simple way to add effortless access to your drink station.
  • A pantry can double as both a storage place and a beverage serving station.
  • Make the effort to dress up the space with some jazzy wallpaper, maybe a wall scone light, and a textile or two.


The benefits of home bars are many from staying safe, avoiding driving, saving money, and being a great host when entering guests. ​​Home bars can come in as many styles as you can dream of. Your home bar can be classy, with fine crystal, top shelf spirits, and velvet covered lounge chairs. But your home bar can be equally as fun when setting up a drink station in a vintage carved out TV and a well-stocked sidebar cart. Have fun with it. And remember to provide a variety of non-alcoholic libations so everyone can be included. Cheers!





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