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Tara Dickinson
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Incorporating the alluring world of equine culture into your home decor is much easier than you might think. Love for these gorgeous beasts seems to touch all facets of culture, from home decor design elements to fine arts, to furniture, and everything in between. Equestrian home decor is not one specific style but rather a range of decor themes that can fit many different preferences. Looking around at the various equine-related home decor themes you can find:

  • Modern equestrian style- streamlined furniture, clean looks, and accents.
  • Farmhouse equestrian style- decor coming straight from the ranch homes.
  • Shabby Chic equestrian style- a lighter, fresher equine theme.
  • Rustic equestrian style- iron, leather, wood, well-loved furnishings.
  • Western equestrian style- earthy Midwest decor.

equestrianThe overarching equestrian style can conservatively be summarized as a merging of an all-American refined sort of Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren type of decor mixed with the roots of horse culture which is more rustic, farmland, and a cowboy ranch Midwest style. All-in-all equestrian style can be defined as a timeless American fashion with an appreciation for craftsmanship at all levels.


Pay Attention To The Materials

The home decor style of an equestrian home is not one that is overwhelmed with “things”. The lines are more clean, straightforward, and not quite utilitarian but not much in the way of frills. The goal is to find the best quality crafted pieces that will last generations.

  • Rich mahogany wood.
  • Burl wood.
  • Cultured or weather-worn and used leathers.
  • Polished silver, nickel, and copper.
  • Soft hair-on hides.
  • Luxurious hints of cashmere.

Room Layout & Details

Designing a room’s scheme with equestrian style in mind will depend on the type of decor theme you choose but the following details for design components should help you make clearer decisions.

  • Go for a layered and well-rounded room composition.
  • Arrange furniture in harmony with the room’s dimensions.
  • Choose quality pieces.
  • Let your accents and details be inspired, seeking out craftsmanship. It’s often the smallest details that make the biggest difference.
  • Incorporate diverse inspirations that impart a rich sense of dimension.
  • Subtle luxury, quality, and timeless design.


The decor laying continues with the lighting elements. From theme-appropriate chandeliers to wall scones to floor and table lamps. Using iron, metal, burnished brass, and other tin and steel type looks will fit in with the equine decor theme that comes from the lighting used back in the farmhand and stable era of the early 1900s.

  • The hand-hammered work of blacksmiths and farriers inspired the design of this rustic Antique copper finish.
  • Chandlers use leather, brass, and other equine-related accouterments.
  • Embossed copper and wood are the perfect combination of ranch style and rustic warmth.

Pillows, Throws, Rugs

Any and all of these decor accessories bring in a warm and softening element of the equine world. The range of equestrian-related designs on the throw pillows can fit into any decor style, from the modern to the Americana, to Shabby Chic and farmhouse style. The same goes for area rugs and comfortable blanket throws.

  • Leathers.
  • Tartan.
  • Plaid and checkers.
  • Needlepoint and embroidery.
  • To keep it classy and away from too tacky, be subtle in your selection of pieces with images of horses on them. Less is more in this situation.


You can bring the equestrian element into your dining area by choosing any of the available decor elements. As previously stated though, don’t go overboard. Only a hint is needed here or there to get the decor message across.

  • A statement piece like a large art element becomes the focal point.
  • Or add equine related service ware to your dining table, such as this American quarter horse pattern representing one of the world's top breeds.


The equestrian-related accessories are where this decor’s theme really shines. Once you lay the foundational elements to your chosen design theme you can turn the whole look into one of an equestrian theme by just the accents alone.

  • Sculptures of galloping steeds.
  • Rustic pieces with an artisan touch will fully express this decor style.
  • Mirrors in the stable bunkhouse style capture the rustic charm and sturdy functionality of the basic ranch and farm furnishings.
  • Antique clocks that were used in old stables.
  • Weathered, metal, and antiques are what you’re looking for in your accents.


Like other equestrian accents, equine comes in an entire range of artistic styles. From modern to formal to impressionists, to old-world crafty, and much more.

  • Framed prints are a favorite equestrian art accent.
  • Sculptures of horses in many fashions also make for interesting and timeless art additions to your equestrian-style home.

Equine sculptures in modern, cubist, and impressionistic forms.


Room Example: Equestrian Bedroom

  • Hunter and forest green colors.
  • Wood and leather furniture.
  • Equine accents.
  • Tartan blankets.
  • Framed horse prints and art.

Room Example: Equestrian Kitchen

The equestrian theme is more farmhouse and is cleverly using old saddles to decorate the solid wood-based breakfast nook countertop.


Room Example: Equestrian Home Office

  • Hunter green painted hutch.
  • Horse focal point (the portrait).
  • Solid wood furniture.
  • Plaid upholstery.
  • Equine art and accents.

Room Example: Equestrian Reading Nook

Room Example: Entryway or Mudroom

The foundational pieces for your foyer are good storage, a durable rug, attractive hooks, and a themed light fixture.

  • Add in artwork and a mirror for personal touches.
  • Benches double as storage and offer a place to sit.
  • Add in cushions and throw pillows for a cozy factor.
  • If a tall cabinet doesn’t fit, use lower-based furniture; can also help a space look larger.

 Farmhouse Style Equestrian For Your Entryway



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