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Tara Dickinson
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Once the flowers start blooming in your area, it’s time to clear out the winter blues. The cleansing, deep cleaning, and reorganization of your home can be very satisfying. Traditionally spring cleaning happens simultaneously with the Easter holidays, which signifies a time for rebirth and renewal. More commonly, spring cleaning dates and times vary across the country as the climate changes from harsh winters to cool breezes, open windows, and being able to enjoy the outdoors after a long cold season. With a bit of planning and some time carved out into your schedule, this task does not have to be daunting at all. The checklists in this decluttering for spring guide will make this job manageable. Goddess of all things domestic, Martha Stewart even offers a printable checklist with everything you need to know to zip through the process.

PRO TIP Take before and after photos of each area. For example, a hall closet or entryway. Take a photo. Quickly clean and organize. Take an after photo. Seeing the two side by side is motivating and makes it easier to start decluttering the rest of your home.


Decluttering The Living Room Checklist

  • Sort through videos, DVDs, piles of magazines, and bookshelves.
  • Recycle, donate, or sell old electronics, cords, chargers, and wires.
  • Organize your storage cabinets and see what was used last year and what you can let go of.
  • Store away throws, blankets, and quilts that won’t be needed until the fall.

PRO TIP Have your disposal plan in place by organizing your items into three piles: Sell, Donate (giveaway), and Recycle.

Decluttering The Kitchen Checklist

  • Clean fridge and freezer checking for expired foods and condiments. Do one shelf at a time removing everything.
  • Dump out the ‘junk drawer’, declutter, organize, and replace.
  • Get rid of unused gadgets and utensils.
  • Declutter the pantry; give away anything you know your family won’t use.

PRO TIP Mindset for decluttering: imagine you’re moving and have to pack up and haul the area you’re working on. This helps you reevaluate what’s important.

Decluttering The Bedroom Checklist

  • Go through your closet. Anything you didn’t wear this winter think about removing.
  • Pack up winter clothes.
  • What’s accumulated under the bed? Pull it all out and see what you can declutter.
  • Go through your nightstands, drawers, and any under-shelf storage. 

Decluttering The Bathroom Checklist

  • Sort items by type: hair products, body products, makeup, medical, etc. and organize them into easy-to-see storage containers.
  • Toss any makeup that’s more than a year old. Same for old medications.
  • Declutter under the sink.
  • Do the same for your bathroom-related linen closet.

Decluttering The Kid's Room Checklist

  • If age-appropriate definitely get the kids involved. They will enjoy the sorting process, moving things into large bags of boxes for donation, selling, and recycling.
  • Set a time limit to keep it light and focused. Maybe 1 hour each day of the weekend until the project is done.
  • Go through the same things as the adult's rooms: closets, under the bed, dressers, and night tables.

Declutter The Yard

Don’t forget the outside too! Your front and back yards may have been neglected over the winter. Now’s the time for a little decluttering and clean up.

  • Prune, weed, and declutter your outdoor property areas.
  • Take inventory of your garden shed, garages, and storage areas for outdoor equipment.

FINAL REMOVAL & SELLING SERVICE- When you're ready to clear the clutter out of your home, contact Remoov for a one-stop service that will sell, donate, or recycle all your unwanted items for you. Hassle free, stress option that gets cash back in your pocket.

BONUS: Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

As you are decluttering you might also be doing your Spring Cleaning at the same time. Before beginning, take inventory of your cleaning products, and ahead of purchasing anything new, put some thought into what kind of chemicals you do or don’t want in your home. Spring cleaning can also pertain to cleaning your living environment, ridding your home of unnecessary toxins. Going natural might be a wise choice for your family.

  • There are many citrus-based and non-toxic products available on the market these days.
  • Simple vinegar, hot water, and baking soda have always been a proven standby for most cleaning projects.
  • Reuse cotton clothing for rags instead of one-time use paper products.

SUMMARY Clear the Clutter

Nothing feels quite as good as clearing clutter! It freshens up your home, brings a sense of order and calmness, and adds breathing space. Depending on the size of your home, most of your spring decluttering chores can be handled in one weekend, two at most. Get the whole family involved. Plan for one day of decluttering and organization, followed by a day of group cleaning assignments. Then relax and enjoy the change of season and your refreshed home. Once the sorting decisions have been made, look to one of the fastest-growing services in the Miami, Phoenix, and Bay Area cities for taking away the clutter you no longer want. Remoov will sell, donate, and recycle all items for you, leaving you free to enjoy the spring season.



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